UberScience and its role in the 20th Century.

The victory of the Third Reich over Britain and the USSR, and its continued survival until the 1980s could largely be attributed to Nazi UberScience. The essence of UberScience lies in utilization of Extra Dimensional Matter and Energy. The original technology, including primitive Pulse Engines, was powered by a complex Power Array around a core of Visiting Matter and Coal.

After the wars end in 1947, this was modified to a Power Array around an UberWasser Core. UberWasser was produced in secret production facilities, refined from a meagre store of Visiting Matter (two tons). Production ceased in 1979, when the last reserves of Visiting Matter were converted, and with the fall of the Third Reich, the EU and Britain reverted to petroleum.

UberScience was primarily responsible for development of Pulse Engines, Computers and Robotics. Below is a list of technologies that owe their existence to UberScience:

- Messerschmidt Aircraft and Vehicle Pulse Engine

Used in a variety of armoured vehicles and aircraft by the Third Reich. The Messerschmidt Pulse Engine is fueled by Uberwasser, and capable of powering a vehicle for 24 hours non-stop until it needs a replacement Core.

- Heinkel Industrial Grade Pulse Generator

Used to produce numerous UberScience military items, including rifles, computers and VolksPanzers. These Pulse Generators are used to power factory production lines, allowing for rapid, efficient and high quality mass production.

- Fokker Civilian Pulse Engine

Used in most Nazi civilian vehicles

- SturmPanther 2

- SturmTiger 2

- SturmVolksPanzer

Powered combat exoskeleton

Titanium / Composite Armour

Twin MG42s, NebelFaust Rack

Pulse Engine Power Array

Designed for use by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS as a special issue infantry force multiplier. Heavy armour is capable of absorbing ten times more damage than an unarmored soldier. Dual MG42 machine guns provide powerful burst fire abilities, while a NebelFaust Rack with ten guided rockets provides anti-armour abilities.

- UberVolksPanzer

Powered combat exoskeleton

Titanium / Composite Armour

Quad FN MAGs, Twin ThermoBaric Missile Launchers.

Pulse Engine Power Array

The redesigned successor to the SturmVolksPanzer, the UberVolksPanzer can endure twice as much as its predecessor, and packs a far superior arsenal. Quad FN MAG machine guns can put down a withering hail of fire, and dual ThermoBaric Missile Launchers are capable of turning light armoured vehicles and tightly packed troops into paste.

- UberLeopard

- WandernPanzer

The first ever Walking Tank to be put into service anywhere in the world, the WandernPanzer is regarded as one of the reasons for the triumph of the Third Reich. Despite having several rather complex, high maintenance systems, it was extremely reliable, not to mention powerful. Heavy armour of steel/composite plate is capable of enduring as much damage as a Tiger Tank. Armoured gyroscopically actuated legs make the machine tower 6 meters tall, and can endure a beating before being compromised. The WandernPanzer mounts an 88mm Main Gun with a recoil compensation system on it's right arm, and a quad battery of MG42 machine guns provide lethal close defense weaponry.

- WandernSturnPanzer

- WandernJagerPanzer

- AutoGewehr 42

Production facilities were powered by Pulse Engines, made out of lightweight alloys. Chambered to fire a 7.92x40mm kurz round, and fed from a removable box magazine. Gas piston actuated.

- AutoGewehr 59

Production facilities powered by Pulse Engines, made out of lightweight alloys and polymer. Chambered to fire 5.56x45mm, and fed from a removable box magazine. Gas piston actuated.

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