common design of a U Class Submarine (CSS Providence Plantations shown)


The U Class Submarine was based off of the older U-Boats bought from Germany to give her money to make new submarines.

The U Class design is fairly simple with a diesel engine and a newer snorkel attached so they could charge their batteries underwater.

Armament Complement Manufacturer Name of Vessel

6 torpedo tubes (2 aft)

2 .50 caliber AA guns

1 140mm deck gun

41 Electric Boats CSS Providence Plantation

4 torpedo tube (2 aft)

4 .50 Caliber AA guns

1 155mm deck gun

32 Electric Boats CSS Mobile

7 torpedo tubes (4 aft)

1 .50 caliber AA gun

37 Electric Boats CSS Montgomery

2 torpedo tube

6 .50 caliber AA guns

2 160mm deck gun

49 Electric Boats CSS New London

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