The US Virgin Island debate was a large debate on whether or not to make the US Virgin Island should be a state.

Pre Debate

The idea of the US Virgin Islands becoming a state came up several times in the past, but it was always turned down. Every four years, there would be a vote that only citizens of American territories could vote in. This vote would be on whether the territory should be a state. Porta Rico, another island that was once US territory became a state giving the US Virgin Islands the same idea.

A Map of the US Virgin Islands

The Debate

Votes weren't to make the US Virgin Islands a state wouldn't be until 2016, two years later. Buy as population in the Virgin Islands grew, so did the number of residents wanting the Virgin Islands to be a state. Campaigns were thrown trying to convince people to whether or not vote for the islands to become a state. When 2016 came, it was voted that the US Virgin Islands should be a state making it the fifty ninth state. The state would be renamed, West Virgin.

Year Event
2009 Porta Rican Expansion
2010 Porta Rican Separation
2011 Texan Struggle, Alaskan Uprising
2012 Baja Rebellion, Texan Expansion
2013 South Texan Rebellion
2014 South Texan Expansion, South Californian Expansion, US Virgin Island Debate, Technology Islands Creation
2015 Hawaiian Separation
2016 Alaskan Separation

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