There are several key differences in US Politics

  • American Public opinion is very conservative, both Republican and Democratic parties are considered right wing.
  • All US presidents from 1941 onwards (with the exception of the maverick Al Gore) are considered conservatives.
  • There are 75 states (thanks to US annexation of Canada in 1818, these territories become states in 1898).
  • Since 1900 all but 7 US Presidents are Republicans.
  • The conservative renaissance of the 1980's in OTL instead exists from 1969 - 1997.
  • The democratic party faced a major schism in 1940, and split between liberals and conservatives. The liberal party became very popular in the 60's and 70's but has since declined with the democratic shift to centre.


Racism is still a major factor in US society. Thanks to President Goldwater's States Rights policy many southerrn states still implement segregation. Neither of the major parties have ever endorsed a black candidate and no southern state has ever had a black governor. Even so called mavericks like Kennedy and Gore meerly turned a blind eye to racial segregation.

The KKK and extremist groups are virtually non-existant due to the terrorism act of 1995. There is no great racial prejudice in the north, this led to a vast exodus of black people in the mid 50's.

Black culture is largely suppressed, with gang culture being suppressed by successive conservative governments. Rap and R&B are virtually non-existant, with their place largely being filled with various teen pop groups.

Plastic Surgery/cosmetics

Plastic surgery is much more common. Plastic surgery first became fashionable in the 1950's with stars like Marilyn Kennedy wholeheartedly endorsing procedures. But plastic surgery really took off in the early 2000's and is now very popular.

Many teenagers have minor procedures with botox being particularly common in the 15-20 age group. Procedures are seen as something to boast about.

Plastic surgery has created the so called botox moms, women in the 35 - 60 age group who are heavy botox users and have had at least one facelift.

Cosmetic's are very common amongst women, much more than in OTL, due to heavy advertising.

Men growing beard's is heavily frowned upon and beard's are usually associated with foreigners and being un-American.



Technology has advanced rapidly since the 1950's. Primitive mobile phones first became available in the 1960's and by the 80's small compact devices had been developed. Touch screen phones first appeared in 2000.

Teen Culture

Although the 60's saw great social changes amongst teenagers, their views never become politicised. There is not great anti war movement outside of the liberal party and left wingers in the democratic party. The era of "free love and music" does happen although drug use doesn't become widespread due to strict government control. Teen fashion also developes, with girls skirts becoming shorter and shorter and boys T shirts and jeans becoming common.

The period of 1920 - 1922 saw a massive baby boom, consequently a ripple effect has been caused, causing baby booms in several periods

1945 - 1948

1977 - 1984

1997 - 1999


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