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The President decides to send troops to Panama to protect the canal. The Panama government is notoriously unstable, and if it were to fall to SAFA, then they would have control of the Canal there. US troops have been sent there as a precaution. They can also stage a US backed coup if need be.

The troops go in, with little attention from the world. Ther Panamanians wonder why this is needed, but whatever. Soon however, Costa Rica joins SAFA, and they take a jump up Central America, bypassing Panama completely. Meixco holds out however, thanks to massive US influence. The US begins a military buildup, and signs an alliance with Mexico, deploying troops to the Guatemalan border.

Inevitable as it was, the Panamanian government responds to external pressure, and joins SAFA. Contingency plans go into effect, and troops move out from the Canal Zone, and overthrow the government, putting USA hardliners in power. They ask that the USA move in to restore order. The troops do so. This has consequences. What happens?

SAFA demands the US leave Panama

SAFA invasion of Panama and Mexico

Guerrilla war starts in Panama

Created by: Azecreth 19:09, September 7, 2011 (UTC)

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