1952 US flag 48 stars 1960
US Presidential Election of 1956
Douglas MacArthur
Nominee Douglas MacArthur TBD (Stevenson or Kefauver)
Party Republican Democrat
Home state Arkansas Missouri
Running mate Richard Nixon TBD (Stevenson or Kefauver)
Electoral vote  ??  ??
States carried  ?  ?
Popular vote  ?  ?
Percentage  ?  ?

The United States Presidential Election of 1956 saw an attempt by the Democratic Party of the United States, headed by former Illinois Governor Adlai E. Stevenson, to replace popular incumbent Douglas MacArthur.


After the 1952 defeat of incumbent Harry S. Truman, the Democratic Party looked to defeat the new Republican president.

Since the 1952 election, a number of foreign affairs events had changed the Cold War atmosphere. MacArthur was widely regarded as a stalwart anti-communist, and had been responsible for raising the US involvement in the Indochina War. By the time the election came in November of 1956, the US and the French had secured victory in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

The MacArthur Doctrine and creation of the Asia-Pacific Treaty Organization also were major events in the pre-election atmosphere.

Additionally, less than a month prior to the general election, the Hungarian Uprising took place. MacArthur's reaction and skillful way of handling the crisis - which came extremely close to nuclear annihilation - was the 

Republican Primaries

Democratic Primaries

General Elections




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