Republican Party (Red)

After a bitter fight with Manhattan District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey and isolationist Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft, darkhorse businessman Wendell L. Willkie won the nomination on the sixth ballot and tapped Senate Minority Leader Charles L. McNary of Oregon as his VP nominee.

Democratic Party (Blue)

After token resistance, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was renominated to run for an unprecedented third term. Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was nominated as his VP nominee.

Democratic Vote at Convention

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt - 946
  • James A. Farley - 72
  • John N. Garner - 61
  • Millard E. Tydings - 9
  • Cordell Hull - 5

Electoral College Result

Willkie/McNary: 283

Roosevelt/Wallace: 248

Popular Vote Result

Willkie/McNary: 50.78%

Roosevelt/Wallace: 48.74%