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US Presidential Election 1972 (Vive l'Emperor)

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<1968 1976>
Turnout: 117,911,782
Barry Goldwater
H Humphrey
Nominee Barry Goldwater Hubert Humphrey
Party Republican Democratic
Running Mate Spiro Agnew George McGovern
States Carried 53 7
Popular Vote 75,221,371 42,690,411
Percentage 63.79% 32.21%

Republican Nomination

Democratic Nomination

The democratic primary was a tough race between moderates, liberals and conservatives within the democratic party. The party wanted to avoid what happened in '68 and wanted a strong, respectable moderate candidate. However the democratic party soon found itself facing the same problem it had faced for over a century. The south wouldn't support a northern liberal, the north wouldn't support a southern conservative and neither wanted to make a compromise with the other. If the party did choose a moderate the chances were he'd be too moderate to take on Goldwater.

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