<1964 1972>
Turnout: 129,205,157
Barry Goldwater Portrait
37 Lyndon Johnson 3x4
Nominee Barry Goldwater Lyndon B. Johnson
Party Republican Democratic
Running Mate Robert F. Kennedy
States Carried 41 19
Popular Vote 69,356,757 59,848,400
Percentage 53.68% 46.32%

Republican Nomination

Following Rockefeller's landslide defeat in the 1964 election the liberal wing of the GOP was heavily discredited. Then in 1966 when it became apparent of his numerous affairs and tax avoidance a public scandal occurred and Rockefeller was subsequently investigated and fined. He decided not to continue his political career. This left the running right open for Goldwater who announced his candidacy in late 1967. Goldwater faced only token opposition from Governor George Romney. Goldwater won the first seven primaries with Romney only winning in his home state of Michigan. Republicans rallied behind Goldwater, unlike the Democrat party who were bitterly divided over the Burma War and civil rights issues. Goldwater was referred to as the Republican candidate from April onward, although it wasn't until June that the primaries finished (he won 59 of the 60 primaries).

Democratic Nomination

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