<1960 1968>
Turnout: 108,415,724
John F. Kennedy, Sr
Nelson rockefellar
Nominee John F. Kennedy Nelson A. Rockefeller
Party Democratic Republican
Running Mate Lyndon B. Johnson James Stewart
States Carried 51 9
Popular Vote 65,247,014 43,168,710
Percentage 60.18% 39.82%

Republican Nomination

Democratic Nomination

President Kennedy was easily renominated by the party, being virtually unopposed and being very popular in the north. However his popularity in the south was somewhat questionable and his liberal leaning policies had made him many enemies among the stalwart conservatives that still had considerable power within the party. They refused to renominate Brown for the vice presidency, and wanted a "fresh face". Kennedy personally demmanded that no conservative southerner should be on the ticket, pointing to the failures in every election from 1940 - 1960. A compromise was reached with Lyndon B. Johnson, a popular Texan senator who was moderate on most issues.

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