<1948 1956>
Turnout: 72,772,108
Nominee Robert Taft
Party Republican Democratic
Running Mate
States Carried 43 17
Popular Vote 39,859,670 32,912,438
Percentage 54.77% 45.23%

Republican Nomination

The question of Dewey's successor had troubled the republican party ever since his close victory over truman in 1948. Vice President Warren made it clear that he would be a candidate, as did former vice president Bricker. Dewey's chosen successor was Harold Stassen, the man who had helped him to victory in 1948, and Stassen made it clear of his intention to run. General Douglas MacArthur also ran, having failed in his attempts in 1944 and 1948. Robert Taft entered the campaign as the only anti-Dewey republican, making his 5th run for the presidency.

Opinion polls before the primaries put Taft, Stassen, Warren and MacArthur on a more or less equal footing, with Bricker trailing behind. Former Secretary of State Dwight Eisenhower was seen as another favorite for the Presidency, despite declaring that he would not run.

Democratic Nomination

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