<1944 1952>
Douglas MacArthur
Nominee Douglas MacArthur James F. Byrnes
Party Republican Democratic
Running Mate Joseph McCarthy Harry F. Byrd
States Carried 21 39
Popular Vote

Republican Nomination

Democratic Nomination

There were several front runners in the democratic party. With 1944 nominee Harry S. Truman looking like an early front runner. However, he faced opposition from the deep south and from below the Bible Belt. 1944 vice presidential nominee James F. Byrnes was the main contender, faced with opposition only from fellow south Carolinan, Strom Thurmond. Thurmond advocated the same policies as Byrnes but demanded a younger candidate on the ballot, notably himself. However, Thurmond was unable even to make it onto the ballot. Byrnes was nominated unanimously on the 1st ballot. He chose Virginian Harry F. Byrd as his vice presidential candidate.

Liberal Nomination

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