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The President decides that the authoritarian government of Mexico must be removed before they can threaten the US borders with the full force of Himmler's armies behind them. With that in mind, the United States launches a preemptive invasion of Mexico. the Mexicans put up a good fight, but their army is not strong enough to resist the might of the US military. Within three months, the US army is in Mexico City. They then replace the Mexican military government, and replace it with a Democratically elected one. Many Mexicans are unhappy about it. The former government was doing a fine job. The rest of the world universally condemns America. Especially harsh statements are from SAFA, and some members of the Allies. Confronted with this wall of angry reactions, America is forced to withdraw from Mexico, which collapses into civil war between the military government, and those loyal to the new democratic government.

With Mexico in anarchy, Himmler decides that it is time to take a jump up the Central American continent. He promises military support to the Mexican fascists, if they will join SAFA once the war is over. The fascists, desperate for support to end this war fast, agree.

The support of SAFA allows the Mexican Fascists to win the civil war. They then join SAFA as they promised. America is worried, as Himmler now threatens America, and can draw the entirety of Central America under its iron heeled boot. In succession, coups unseat governments in Panama, and other countries, while fascist governments there join SAFA of their own free will. Almost all of America is controlled by Himmler. He then prepares to bring the dominance of Fascism to the United States. The Americans detect a large buildup of SAFA forces on the US-Mexican border, and prepare their forces for the invasion. The tension grows higher. War is inevitable.

Himmler dies before the invasion can begin.

US government is couped.

The War begins

Created by:Azecreth 17:31, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

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