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Plots are hatched, and talk has begun in certain circles, after the US was forced to withdraw from Mexico. Certain people believe that the US should not have bowed to world opinion, since it is their destiny to rule this world. They also believe that the president is a foreign lackey, who was put in power to keep the US from realizing its true place in the world. They decide that he must be removed, if the US is to become great.

On March 7, 1938, a lightning raid kills the President of the USA. General MacArthur, head of the plot, declares himself President. The military clamps down on elements that are still loyal to the president, but are not always successful. The Vice President manages to flee to Canada, where he proclaims a government in exile. The rest of the world refuses to acknowledge the new government of the US, but MacArthur doesn't feel he needs their support. What course will the United States take?

Fight Himmler

Form an authoritarian alliance

A counter revolution occurs in the US

Created by: Azecreth 18:26, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

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