This is a map game and the point of divergence is a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. The game will begin on March 28, 2011. If there are not enough players, it will be moved up to April 12, the anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter. The South is supposed to win its war of independence, but after that it's all fair game. ANY PERSON ERASING ANOTHER PERSON'S WORK WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS GAME!!! The turns are in half years and you can go once per turn.

You must stay with the facts but a little myth mixed in is all right as well

The rules will be exactly the same as the Axis vs Allies.

All diplomatic agreements will take place on the US Civil War Map Game Diplomacy Page.


There will be five moderators and they must have been in other map games.

Wall of Shame

  • Rebelsoldier: Sockpuppeting and being really implausible (Banned from the entire wiki)
  • Confederatesoldier: Sockpuppet of Rebelsoldier (Banned from the entire wiki)
  • JSimcox: Sockpuppet of Rebelsoldier (Banned from the entire wiki)
  • Ceaser 1345:Sockpuppet of Rebelsoldier


You may add a nation if it does not appear on the list of countries.

North American Nations

  • Dixian Confederacy: Mumby 16:07, April 27, 2011 (UTC)
  • Guatemala: now part of Mexico.
  • Haiti: Renamed to Stor-xas: Rein Stormy
  • Dominican Republic: Annexed By Stor-xas
  • Honduras:
  • Costa Rica:
  • El Salvador:
  • Nicaragua:

South American Nations

  • Colombia: Fed (talk) 14:11, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Paraguay: Detectivekenny (Info; Talk) 23:17, March 22, 2011 (UTC)Now part of the Global Federation.
  • Argentina: JSimcox 18:58, April 22, 2011 (UTC) This country is now named the South American Union.
  • Bolivia: This country has been annexed by Peru, Paraguay and Brazil.
  • Chile: This country was conquered by Argentina, which is now called the South American Union.
  • Ecuador: This country has been annexed by Peru.
  • Venezuela:
  • The South American Union: 14:25, May 4, 2011 (UTC)

European Nations

  • The United British States: Ceaser1345 17:28, May 7, 2011 (UTC) Whitesight okayed it
  • France:Baconton 10:28, March 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • Prussia/ German city states: Rcox1995 23:44, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Spain: BlackSkyEmpire 23:11, March 22, 2011 (UTC)BlackSkyEmpire
  • Russia:Whitesight 23:15, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Austria-Hungary: Elyski729 21:34, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy:God Bless the United States of America 19:38, March 28, 2011 (UTC)
  • Greece: This country has been annexed by Austria-Hungary.
  • Romania: This country has been annexed by Russia.
  • Portugal: Dixieleader
  • Netherlands: This country has been annexed by Germany.
  • Belgium: This country has been annexed by France.
  • Switzerland:
  • Denmark: This country has been annexed by Germany.

United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway: This country has been annexed by Russia.

Asian Nations

  • Thailand: Batmanary 01:11, March 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • Japan: Bobalugee1940 21:20, March 24, 2011 (UTC)Annexed by the Empire of Asia.
  • Ottoman Empire: <s>Rebelsoldier 18:25, April 5, 2011 (UTC) BANNED. ANY MOD CAN TAKE CONTROL OF THIS NATION IF THEY WANT.Now part of the Global Federation.
  • China: ZL123 00:06, April 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Persia: This country has been annexed by Russia.
  • Afghanistan: This country has been annexed by Russia.
  • Nepal:Annexed by the Empire of Asia.
  • Bhutan:Annexed by the Empire of Asia.

African Nations

  • Ethiopia: --VonGlusenburg 18:15, April 4, 2011 (UTC)Now part of the Global Federation.
  • Morocco: Moby Dick 22:34, May 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Liberia:
  • Madagascar:

Oceania/Pacific Nations

  • Australia: Ceaser1345 00:16, May 7, 2011 (UTC) Now part of the United British States.



Confederacy: Confederate troops at Gettysburg defeat the Union Army of the Potomac after Picket's Charge succeeds and CS cavalry surround the Union forces. Wanting recognition by a European power, the ANV marches toward Philadelphia due to the corps defending Washington DC.

Spain: Spanish authorities begin enlisting more men into the Navy and Army, in order to help bolster their forces at both home and at their colonies such as the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba. In scientific terms, Spanish mechanics and scientists alike begin testing new steam devices and armor for ships in which they end up in creating an armored frigate powered by a steam engine, although production is slow due to lack of parts.

Siam fortifies its territories, (which are still huge at this point.). They offer the British assistance in trade in British Burma, in exchange for arms. Having Siam as an ally would prevent France from getting a hold in Asia. Siam modernizes its army and prepares to invade Vietnam with its newly acquired weapons, but also asks for a formal alliance with Britain.

The British agree to supply surplus arms and equipment, as well as promising that they won't expand beyond their current borders in SE Asia barring war with another European power. The navy is significantly improved, and several regiments redeploy from Great Britain to New Brunswick, putting pressure on the US. The first shipment of arms to Burma (composed of roughly 4,000 old Model 1755 muskets and ~30 light field pieces) is scheduled to arrive in January 1864.


France: The French prepare for war with the U.S.A.

Why would France help the CSA? Both sides requested help from European countries. However, France would probably respond to the US forces, not the CSA forces.

Britain and France had a deal that if the CSA captured Philadelphia, they would officially help them. (The CSA)

Yes, but Philadelphia hadn't been captured yet.

French Forces enter Mexico city, French forces spread out to defeat the remaining Mexican forces. Maximilian the 1st is put in control of the new Mexican monarch. France asks for an alliance with Austria-Hungary and the UK. France accepts the alliance with Joseon. (The French prepare for war with the USA. in late 1863.) DIPLOMATIC SECRET!

USA: American troops fight off CSA forces at Philadelphia, holding the line. They secure the Potomac and take some land surrounding it. This will prevent the CSA from taking Philadelphia or the Potomac again. They also request an alliance with France, England, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

Paraguay: Recently elected president of Paraguay, Francisco Solano López, is traveling the Paraguayan countryside when he sees a hill which he believes will be the key to his enlightenment on how to rule his country. He asks the driver to stop and pull aside, and asks the owner of the ranch whether he could spend a day meditating under a shade tree. He falls asleep and is awakened by the sound of a cow, and is so startled, he jerks out of his sleep, and startles a mule, who kicks a bucket and hits Solano in the head, knocking him out. A small stampede runs over him, breaking his foot and causing it to become infected. He dies later in the year.

Austria-Hungary: Weapons and arms are sent to the Confederacy because of horrible Austro-Hungarian relations with the U.S.A. The Austro-Hungarian rail system is near completion too.

Joseon: Joseon begins a period of cooperation with the western powers, bring in technology such as guns, ships and more. They ask for an alliance with the CSA, Japan, China, UK, and France. They begin to improve their inadequate army and navy, which are both in disrepair due to corrupt officials. Britain accepts, in exchange for a 50-year lease on Jeju Island. Upon Korea agreeing to this, they will immediately receive a sum of 1.7 million pounds (roughly 82 billion dollars in today's currency), four outdated gunboats, and 7,000 muskets. Aide in the form of advisors, engineers, and such is executed to arrive within the next two years.

Russia: Reforms its military introducing conscription and creating a reserve. Russia creates new military schools its officers teaching new tactics modeled after other European, Russia also begins modernising its navy.

Spain: Thanks to close production ties with the German states, Spain is able to establish a constant amount of material for goods, infrastructure, and most importantly the production of its newly created Steam powered Cruiser. Spanish officials also begin looking toward the Civil War as a profit expander and it begins to sell products to both sides from Cuba.


France: The French consolidate their hold on Mexico. France declares war on the U.S.A. Contingents of the French Foreign Legion land in New Orleans and take steamboats up to assault Chicago. French Troops begin joining in the with Confederate armies. It is demanded that the U.S.A. leave the Confederates alone or worse will yet come!

But the CSA didn't capture Philadelphia yet! The CSA guy said the troops were making their way to Philadelphia.

Joseon: Joseon agrees to Britain's proposal, but offers 15 more years for 10,000 rifles and five ships, along with military advisors, trainers, etc.

CSA: The ANV captures Erie and strips it of value. Three ironclads are there and are then manned by Confederate sailors who sail them out of the St Lawrence and then south to break the Union blockade. The CSA asks Britain, Prussia and Spain for an alliance. After a few weeks of resting in Erie, the ANV marches north east wards and after a two month siege, (with the help of the three ironclads) captures New York City, causing many of its residents to flee north to Boston and New England. The NYC harbor is also holding seven warships, four ironclads (two monitors), and five gunboats, giving the CSA 16 new ships for its navy. This "Rebel" squadron as it is nicknamed by Robert E Lee, soon sets up a protective blockade of New York harbor, blocking any US attack on the ANV. The CSA tells France and Britain that in return for recognition and declaration of war on the USA, it will abolish slavery by 1885. The Confederate Army of South Texas (50,000 men) waits for orders from Richmond, and hopefully, the Spanish, German, and British declaration of war on the Union.

Three Ironclads and the ANV can't take down a huge city full of ships and troops. This is completely implausible. Also, do not delete my posts again. I didn't delete your thing. You can't control the border states. That will be the moderators jobs. Kentucky is pro south, or at the least, neutral, so Kentucky does not declare its allegiance to the Union. Maryland is also pro south, West Virginia is yours to play with, but the other border states besides Delaware, are under mine or the Moderator's control. I DID DELETE KENTUCKY PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE TO THE USA, BUT THAT IS ALL. The Border States have not left the Union. Therefore, they are mine.

USA: Kentucky and Maryland pledge their allegiance to the US. The US consolidates their defenses around Philadelphia and DC. By now, an attack on Philadelphia or DC would be highly impractical. Cannons bombard the forces attacking Chicago. The USA asks for an alliance from Joseon, Russia, Britain, Japan, and China.

Joseon accepts, but just reminding you, you have to give the CSA independence. That's the rule. Joseon is the CSA's ally, who's side are you on?!

Russia accepts

Russia: Russia continues to modernise its military by modernising their weapons. Russia also begins subsidizing and giving grants the Russian American Company in return the Russian American Company agrees to establish new settlements for new colonists from Russia. Russia begins a resettlement program encouraging people to settle in Russian Alaska Great

Britain: British troops continue to redeploy along the US-DoC border from New Brunswick to Columbia, prepping for war with America. England's already massive navy is improved and expanded, and commerce raiding begins against American shipping. Aid continues to be sent to Joseon and Siam, while several obsolete warships and ~ 40 field pieces are donated to the Confederate war effort.

Britain declared their neutrality, along with France, in the American Civil War. They said out loud, "We're sitting this one out." In fact, even before the war, the British prime minister declared that Britain would maintain neutrality. There was nothing OTL saying anything about Philadelphia. In fact, what you guys had said is quite the opposite of OTL. I believe you are incorrect. The British and French governments provided massive amounts of arms to the Confederate government, much as the French did to the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Which prime minister was it? Both Aberdeen and Derby were anti-American. Actually, neither of them served during the war. Henry John Temple was the Prime Minister during the American Civil War. He served from 1859-1865. Convenient huh? He was the guy who said Britain will maintain neutrality, though that was threatened in the Trent Affair, which was resolved in 1862. The resolution of the Trent affair dealt a serious blow to Confederate diplomatic efforts. First, it deflected the recognition momentum developed during the summer and fall of 1861. It created a feeling in Great Britain that the United States was prepared to defend itself when necessary, but recognized its responsibility to comply with international law. Moreover, it produced a feeling in Great Britain and France that peace could be preserved as long as the Europeans maintained strict neutrality in regard to the American belligerents. Also, the two were economically interdependent on each other. Britain needed grain from America and knew that war meant no grain from America. As for France, they also wanted to remain neutral in the war.

France in the American Civil War

Britain in the American Civil War

Siam: Siamese troops invade Viet Nam and with their newly acquired weapons, easily start to gain success in the region. Attacks on Saigon and Hanoi start, and the two cities are captured in the name of the king. Siam offers Britain military access, to the country.

Japan: The Japanese Shogun responds to the Hamaguri Rebellion by brutally crushing the rebellion but loosens the isolationist policies. Japanese troops takes control of the Ryukyu Islands. The Japanese Navy begins modernization into modern ironclads.

Just want to remind whoever's playing as Japan, that the Meiji Restoration has not happened yet, therefore, the Shogun makes the decisions, not the Emperor. Gracias for telling me that. Austria-

Hungary: Alliance with France accepted. Austria-Hungary begins research in breech-loaded rifles.

Paraguay: After a short period of chaos due to the death of Francisco Solano López, Cirilo Antonio Rivarola manages to take power, and is unanimously elected as president, despite being the only candidate. He loosens some of the economic policies that he called "ultra-isolationist." Rivarola requests economic aid and investment from both the Union and Confederacy, saying it will decide which side to join depending on technological and economic assistance.

Spain: The Spanish government warns Great Britain that war with the US is interfering with a war that had little to do with them, they also show results of a recent poll made by members of the Spanish kings advisors show that the need for Confederate cotton in Britain went from 70-80% to 10-20%.

The CSA calls for a meeting in Bermuda with its allies: Britain and Austria-Hungary. THIS IS TOP SECRET, SO NO USA FINDING OUT AND CAPTURING THE CSA AND ITS ALLIES' LEADERS!

The CSA offers Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, the French puppet state of Mexico and Chile for an alliance.


  • The United States takes parts of Virginia and Tennessee. Other parts of Virginia are bombarded and ransacked. They offer France, Mexico, Italy, and Brazil for an alliance. Meanwhile, relations with some Native American tribes increase.
  • Russia: Seeing Britain's deployment of troops in Columbia angers frightens and angers Alexander II. Alexander redeploys his newly trained troops to to Alaska in case Britain attempts to attack Russian Alaska. Alexander promises vast lands to emancipated serfs who move to Russian Alaska. The emancipated serfs see this as a great opportunity and the Russian population will have tripled in Alaska by 1865.6. Russia continues to modernise its navy.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay works on its economy, improving port facilities on the Paraguay River. President Rivarola makes more anti-protectionist measures, but refuses to lift most protectionism from nearby Brazil and Argentina.
  • Siaml
    Siam captures most of Viet Nam, and formally annexes it. The Siamese King invites the Vietnamese Emperor to his Palace, and tells him that he is welcome to stay anywhere in Siam, and none of his privileges will be taken away, and that he is also free to leave if he wishes so. The Vietnamese Emperor decides to stay in the newly-Siamese Viet Nam. Siam sends an envoy to London to officially start trade. They also ask to buy Tenasserim from Britain in exchange for a lot of money, and open trade ports in Siam, as well as full military access. Siam also sends an offer of alliance to Japan.
  • Joseon continues to modernize and reform, and send Russia, Paraguay, and Siam alliances. Meanwhile, the first shipments of the guns start to arrive, and Korean engineers begin to manufacture their own ones.
  • France: Lands an army in Norfolk and the Eastern Shore.

Look, France would not help the CSA.They never supplied weapons to the CSA. I don't know where you guys heard that, but it never happened and if it is ATL, it is implausible.

Armies come through California.

How would your army come to California? The Panama Canal hasn't been built yet, and an invasion of the US is completely implausible. And please right more like the others, not in this form.

Mass Levies are raised in French Mexico to terate California

  • Brazil starts to work in its economy.
  • Spain: The Spanish navy continues to grow day by day with each ship being revised in order to meet the new demands needed to overcome all sea faring threats. Spanish troops are positioned in Cuba and they warn Britain that war with the United States means that Spain's military would take actions against the Confederate States. In Asia, Spain finally allows the local population to practice the religion of their wishes, although many who turn to Christianity are paid for their change of religion.
  • China: China goes under a democratic revolution and is renamed the Republic of China and raises stability through out China. China also captures Japan and offers an alliance to Korea.
  • Ridiculous, but maybe it would work if it took place over at least 10–15 years or so.
  • Alliance accepted, but I agree with this person. It would take at least 15–20 years to capture Japan, and that is if you actually win. Japan is a very strong nation right now, enough to defeat China, which had just been through a revolution.
  • You realize in this exact half-year, you just finished the most destructive war in Chinese history, and it was crushed. A democratic revolution would not occur directly after for innumerable reasons. China is so big, a democratic revolution doesn't just occur in one year, nor in any country.
  • Austria-Hungary: 50,000 soldiers are placed on the Serbian border after a dispute. Alliance offer sent to Prussia. More weapons and ammunition sent to the Confederacy


  • Haiti And the Dominican Republic Lose a War with Rebel Forces and form Stor-xas
  • Peru: declares war against Ecuador.
  • United States: Union forces capture Richmond and the surrounding area. Also, California's military is amped up.


The CSA offers an armistice to the USA. Kentucky, Maryland, and the Arizona territory join the Confederacy due to US forces imposing martial law in these territories/states, and all join as the states of Kentucky, Maryland and Arizona. Washington is surrounded and the Maryland militia lays siege to the city as the ANV marches south and at the Battle of Montgomery County, deals a serious blow to the Army of the Potomac, killing 24,894 Union troops and wounding 11,256. With Washington's defences nearby, the Army of the Potomac, with 67,000 men, scarcely manages to enter Washington DC and prepare for the long siege. The US federal government escapes, and its location is unknown but to the USA itself. After a month, the Army of the Potomac escapes across the Potomac and begins to march toward Richmond, not knowing the Confederate government escapes to Montgomery, which re-becomes the CS capital. Jefferson Davis remains in Richmond along with the rest of the Executive branch. The Congress escapes, however. This happened before the USA took Richmond, so Richmond is in Union hands as is the Executive branch of the CSA, but the Congress of the CSA is beginning to make up for it by giving the Presidency to Confederate Senator William E. Simms'. Washington remains under siege.

Look, Maryland and Kentucky pledged allegiance to the US .

The CSA offers the USA peace, and tariff free trade with the Union as well as a defensive pact between the pact if the Union accepts, as well as abolishing slavery by 1880, or earlier, and secretly, a military pact to split Mexico, and that the CSA itself will pay France for its loss. TOP SECRET.

  • Siam: Engineers create a somewhat more advanced version of the basic muskets that were given to them by Britain. Siam also works to create a cultural union out of all the lands it currently holds, and creates a port in Saigon.
  • Japan: The Shogun brutally crushes another rebellion causing even larger protest within the military itself. As of now it is unknown what this will lead to.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay comes to Uruguay's aid after it was invaded by Brazil, initiating an alliance. Paraguay upgrades its military with new muskets and uniforms.
  • Brazil: asks for a non-aggression pact with Paraguay.
    Paraguay Cession US Civil War

    Brazilian territory ceded to Paraguay in 1865

  • Paraguay agrees to the alliance in return for a lease on Brazilian territory south of the Igauzú River, although Brazil would be allowed to keep most of the coastal area. Paraguay would also offer a large sum of money and free trade in Paraguay's two ports.
  • Brazil accepts.

CSA: The CS presidency is turned over to Confederate Senator William E. Simms, who pledges that once the war is over, the Presidency will be returned to its rightful owner. The CSA sends two million dollars to Paraguay in economic aid as well as 20,000 tons of cotton, corn, and wheat.

Joseon: Joseon receives the entire shipment of British materials, and begins to train their army/navy with British officers. Meanwhile, learning English becomes mandatory to become an officer, which creates much dissent among the army.

France:Funnels troops into the C.S.A. for use against the U.S.. The Chicago offensive begins!

Spain: Unwilling to let foreign powers intervene in America, Spain sends military advisors and supplies to troops in the United States and warn that war with the Confederate States would be imminent unless France and Britain back off of a war that has nothing to do with them. Spanish magazines both in and out of the country begin to show both images and articles telling its readers that both Britain and Frances intervention in the Civil War is only a pursuit for more power. Spanish ironclads are created much faster after new innovations to docks and shipbuilding property, not to mention ammunition production begins to reach on of its highest moments in Spain. Spain also declares that its almost unavoidable war with the C.S. would not involve France and Britain unless that was there aim.

Austria-Hungary: Troops storm over the Serbian border and the Serbian capital, Belgrade, is surrounded in a month. A peace agreement is offered to,and accepted by, the Serbians. The agreement states that all Serbian territory above the Danube will be ceded to Austria-Hungary.

Serbia doesn't exist at this point. The Ottoman Empire has its lands. Plus the land you conquered was already part of Austria during this time up until its dissolution anyway.

Sorry, forgot about that. I fixed it though.


  • Stor-xas Declared war on CSA
  • Brazil:amps up its military.
  • France-Armies make their way to Chicago annihilating many towns on the way.
  • France was neutral in the war. In fact, supporting the CSA is even implausible.
  • But still you have to be plausible.
  • Siam: Siam now doubles their offer, in order to get Malaya, and Tenasserim, from Britain, but also offering it full, unrestricted access to Siamese seas, and also creates a British consulate in Bangkok. Siam makes the GBP legal tender, as well as its own currency, due to the number of British traders going through Siam, and they continue amping up their military, as the military shipments from Britain continue. The new muskets made in Siam are quickly produced for the army. The Indochinese Cultural Union Board is founded in Phuket, which is responsible for uniting the people in Siam, and also making sure all cultures have their say in the government.
  • The US continues to fortify its holdings and takes more of Virginia. Parts of North Carolina also are conquered. Artillery is placed along the Mississippi and Atlantic, preventing enemy ships from doing any damages.
  • Stor-xas Troops Land on the Texas Coastal lands.
  • Peru:starts to amp up its army, while taking parts of Eastern Ecuador.
  • Russia: Alexander II begins drawing up a plan for a parliament to give more freedom to his people. Russia also goes under an economic reform creating railways throughout Russia and its possessions while creating a huge amount of jobs to people to build the railroads. Russia's has troops stationed on the Alaskan-Canadian border and will invade if Britain attacks the USA.
  • The CSA, with an army of 300,000 Confederate, French, and British "volunteers," equipped with Gatling guns and heavy artillery, retakes Richmond and the southern bank of the Potomac. It soon crosses the river, and protected by French warships, lays siege to Washington DC, and with constant shelling by sea and land, 44% of the cities people will be killed by the time of the cities surrender, which houses the US federal government. 200,000 CS, French troops, and Austrian mercenaries also equipped with heavy artillery, and Gatling guns, is transported by sea to Delaware and in the largest amphibious assault yet known (90,000 men) successfully takes the state capital, Dover, and force the state to leave the Union and join the CSA, who then gives it to France as a gift.
  • France will not help you, England will not help you, and you can't take back an entire state, destroy Washington, take ANOTHER state all in one turn. Plus you can't make riots spread in my country. You need to look at other map games and see how things are done, because this is getting ridiculous. Do not start another turn early

Hey, who removed the categories?

  • Spain: Spain offers a alliance with Russia in order to help ensure that France and Britain know there place in the Civil War: To remain neutral. Meanwhile trade with the U.S. and C.S. continues, joyful that foreign intervention would not intervene in the war allowing them to continue using the war as a way to expand economically.
  • Japan: The Shogun of Japan begins modernizing troops using a variant of the Prussian Needle-gun.
  • Colombia: Colombia emerges as an international power after a few years of civil war and insecurity when the Liberal side wins an advantage over the conservative when it wins against a few Conservative rebels in Tunja, and disperse Tunja's population. The capital is moved first to Rio negro, Antioquia, but later was moved to Medellín when the Colombian government decided to create an artificial capital in a small town, instead of a city in the too large and disorganized Rio negro, even though Medellín is also relatively large already. It starts to improve its army and invades what is left of Ecuador, taking Quito by the end of the year and asking Peru to sell them the eastern part of Ecuador in exchange for a large sum of money and trade rights in Ecuatorian territory.
  • Paraguay sets up ports at Laguna and Puerto Alegre. Paraguay sends some of its ships down the Paraná and Paraguay Rivers in a procession to reach the ports. In addition, new roads are opened up to allow transportation of goods to these ports.


  • Brazil: sets up a port in Paranaguá. Meanwhile, amps up its navy and army.
  • Stor-xas Troops take Texas and Southern Oklahoma
  • France:French and C.S.A. troops finally take Chicago!
  • France would never help the CSA
  • CSA: Washington DC falls to the heavily resupplied Army of North Virginia, as does the federal government of the Union, the only problem is that US President Lincoln escaped to the north. The new Army of the Atlantic, which leads the famously successful attack on Delaware, marches west and takes Annapolis, and forces the state of Maryland to join the Confederacy, surrounding the former Union capital with the Confederacy. The CSA offers the Union an armistice, seeing as the US Congress is being held prisoner of the Confederacy.
  • You can't take DC, Delaware, and Virginia in one turn. Implausible.
  • USA: US troops reinforce their holdings on major cities. Chicago is retaken. More parts of North Carolina are taken. The US offers peace to the CSA, as long as they pay for the war and any federal property in their lands. A military base is set up in the trade depot of Creedmoor.
  • The CSA accepts the US armistice offer, negotiations will take place in diplomacy page.
  • Russia: Russia accepts Spain's offer. Russia continues to build railroads throughout their empire the Tzar continues to reform his government by beginning to create a parliament to appease the anarchists in his country. This appeases many Russians and domestic disputes lower dramatically, Russia continues to train their military and modernise their navy. Plans are made to see if a railroad can be built from Russia to Alaska.
  • Austria-Hungary: Navy is built up in aspirations of creating a colonial power. Money is given to the CSA to help pay off war debt.
  • Siam starts to connect their cities, by use of rails and officially sends an alliance offer to the CSA. Siam invades Burma (The northern part of the country is not British at this time so it is not an attack on Britain!!!!! So no one say I attacked the Brits, they are still allies.) Siamese troops conquer the south of the independent nation, and plan to move to the north by the end of two years, or so. They again remind Britain about their offer, and continue to work on infrastructure in general.


The plan of Siam's borders, 1868. No British land was taken!

  • By the way, I asked Britain for Tenasserim and Malaya almost three or four turns ago. Please respond!!! *:( Sorry I was at another MUN conference
  • Britain gracefully declines Siam's offer, citing their need for continued control over the Straits of Malacca. Meanwhile, more supplies and weapons are sent to the CSA, as well as roughly 200 "observers" to assist in the training and instruction of Confederate militiamen. Troop buildup in Canada continues, and funds are covertly sent to several of the more radical sects of the LDS churches in Illinois and Missouri. The navy is, as always, expanded and improved.
  • Tenasserim is not Straits of Malacca.
  • Indeed, but Malaya is on the Straits. Giving another nation control over that area would severely compromise Britain's ability to access their Pacific colonies.
  • Well, you could give me ONLY Tenasserim. Plus, the offer was, full unrestricted access through Siam. No qualms whatsoever. In essence Siam is almost your land.
  • Joseon offers an alliance to Siam, and begins to help the CSA. They, however, tell them that they MUST abolish slavery by 1880.
  • Japan: Accepts the Siamese invitation for an alliance. Many are confused by the Shogun's apparent 180 degree turn in isolationist policies but none truly question as the emperor backs him and they view him as a god.
  • The Emperor is the Shogun's puppet at this time. Don't worry about him :) The Shogun is the dictator of Japan, no one questions him.
  • Prussia, seeing that it was quickly becoming the dominant power of the German states over the decaying Austria, begins absorbing the smaller city states between the two halves of Prussia.


  • Brazil amps up its military and navy.
  • Peru: good part of Southern Ecuador is conquered.
  • The Treaty of London
  • Treaty of London
  • Treaty Of Dallas

The terms of peace between the USA and CSA are as follows:

  1. The CSA will be recognized by the United States of America
  2. The USA will withdraw from Virginia, North Carolina, and all other Confederate Territories or States *
  3. A referendum will take place in the border states of Kentucky, Missouri and West Virgina. Maryland will remain in the Union as well as Washington DC.
  4. The Arizona Territories will be ceded to the CSA.
  5. The CSA will pay for all territories lost to its independence and all federal territories and possession Fort Sumter will become a US military base and the USA will have permission to dock warships in New Orleans and Charleston Harbor as well as Fort Creedmoor.
  6. Peace must last for at least twenty years. Either party breaking this contract will result in war from England, France, Russia, plus the defending American Nation. There shall be no tariffs between the USA and CSA for 20 years Slavery will be abolished in the CSA by 1880.
  7. The border between the USA and CSA will remain demilitarized for three years

Rebelsoldier 11:28, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

I am fine with everything except #4. You can, however, have the Arizona territory. (I have some ideas for the Indian stuff). I also want to keep Fort Creedmoor (I have ties to it OTL). CrimsonAssassin 12:40, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

Withdrawal date: July 4, 1867. Can you withdraw in December 1866? I need to rebuild Richmond. I will exchange the US Congress for the CS executive branch Rebelsoldier 12:52, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

I would like to, but that's really fast for total withdrawal. July 4 of next year just seems more reasonable. OK. CrimsonAssassin 12:57, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

Can we trade back our governments then?

  • Russia: Russia begins to build a railway to Alaska. This will allow Russia easier access to Alaska. It is estimated that this railway bridge will be completed by 1868.6. Gold is found in Alaska. This causes a gold rush. Many thousands of Russians move to Alaska in hope of finding gold. Russia continues to go under economic and military reform. Russia expands its navy.
  • China:China strengthen the Economy and starts a transition to a democratic government in 1870. China also ask a alliance to Siam.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay upgrades its economy and improves its port facilities. Paraguay asks alliances to Peru, Siam and Prussia.


CSA: The Confederate Revolution officially ends with the signing of the Treaty of London, which grants the CSA independence, the Arizona Territory, and if the border states of Kentucky and Missouri choose to, Kentucky and Missouri. The referendum id to take place in two months. The referendum takes place in Kentucky and Missouri. Kentucky overwhelmingly votes to join the CSA, while Missouri votes in the same fashion to remain American as does West Virginia. The CSA send its first diplomat to the USA. Kentucky becomes the 12th Confederate State while Arizona is turned into the 13th state of Arizona. The CSA offers the USA a mutual defense treaty, which is ratified by the CSA' congress almost unanimously approves, it is soon signed by CS President, William E Simms, and sent to the US congress for approval. The CSA asks France if it will sell the three Yucatan states, Sonora, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nueva Leon, Baja California, and Baja California Sure for 19 million dollars as well as 150,000 tons of cotton, corn, and wheat.

British troops begin the process of redeploying from Canada back into other territories as the War Between the States winds down (I'm not entirely sure what we should call the CSA's war of independence, but the WBtS seems good enough). A naval detachment reinforces Britain's forces in Oceania, and colonization throughout Africa continues. Troops begin to skirmish against Boer forces around the OFS.

Joseon again asks for an alliance to Russia, as well as with the CSA and USA. Joseon also begins a period of modernization and cooperation with the west, much to the dismay of some of their senior officials.

What?the 1866.6 turn started today and there is already a 1867 turn?

It goes by UTC.

Yes, but when it starts? When I added the 1866.6 part, it was, like, 8:00 in UTC. It is 20:00 in UTC now. I thought that the turns started at 0:01 of the following day.

Russia: Russia will accept an alliance with Joseon if Joseon agrees to allow Russian naval vessels have unrestricted access to all their ports and in return Russia will defend Joseon in case of a war. Russia continues to expand economically and militarily. The Russian population in Alaska has reached 30,000 Russia begins to build military forts and docks throughout Alaska. Russia navy is continued to be modernised.

USA: The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments pass. Due to very little of the north being damaged and the hefty sum given to the USA by the CSA, reconstruction doesn't take as long. Abraham Lincoln gives a speech this year at Washington. He is not shot.

Peru: accepts the alliance with Paraguay.

I had already conquered Quito.

Sorry, I didn't read your posts. Wait, this means that my whole war against Ecuador is invalidated? I mean, if yes, can I remove my posts about declaring war on Ecuador (when it was already taken)? France: A pro-Yucatec rebellion breaks out in the Yucatan for independence. French troops respond quickly.

After a year, in which Siamese troops continued to invade Burma, the Burmese suddenly offered a surrender. Siam annexed the country, and continues integrating its population. It offers unrestricted military access to Britain for British Burma, and again, reminds them, that this is FULL military access. No questions asked. It would be similar to Siam being a protectorate of Britain.

Paraguay: Paraguay suggests unification with Bolivia, after Bolivia's failed attempt to unify with Peru. This time, the Paraguayans believe they will not face intervention due to ties to the powerful countries of Peru and Brazil. In addition, they begin building a road to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from Arica to Puerto Alegre. Austria-Hungary: Liberals take to the street to demand free elections, this is accepted yet only Austrians or Hungarians in the upper class have this right. Brazil offers a proposal to partition Bolivia between them and Peru in a near future.(NOTE:this is secret, so only Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay should know about this)

  • Wait does this involve Paraguay? Can I at least have the southern part?
  • Well, Peru wants Eastern Bolivia, the littoral and Acre, I want parts of Western Bolivia. However, how about the whole Gran Chaco disputed in OTL Chaco War (map for reference here:) to you
  • Nah, I already own most all of that and then some. I need at least three km of coast, so I can eventually expand into Chile. Also preferably the coast isn't in the middle of the Atacama.
  • Divergences started.Peru also wants to expand to Chile, and said that with that condition, you would need the Peruvian littoral, because all the Bolivian littoral is in the Atacama and you don't own small parts of Gran Chaco.However, I made a reference map based in your proposals.Please, understand. The quality may be bad. The map may be superimposed over OTL borders, but I tried to do my best in making the map. The orange marks in Argentina and Chile are remants from the original map (it was a map about the Atacama desert). And sorry for forgetting your Atlantic littoral.
  • Looks good. I just wanted to make sure I had at least one medium-sized town, and I got Tocopilla so I'm good. If Peru wants part of Chile that would be great. BTW in English, "coastal" is preferred over "littoral."
  • I think that we should start the war against Bolivia in 1870, or something.
Bolivian partition first proposal

Brazil's proposal for Bolivian partitoning,superimposed over OTL borders

The CSA asks France if it will sell the three Yucatan states, Sonora, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nueva Leon, Baja California, and Baja California Sure for 19 million dollars as well as 150,000 tons of cotton, corn and wheat. The CSA offers Paraguay an alliance in return for ecomnomic aid and trade.

All German states between the two halves of Prussia are "asked nicely" at gunpoint to join the Empire of Prussia. They do so wearily. Prussia now controls all of northern Germany.


  • Brazil improve its economy.
  • The CSA asks the USA to politely make up its mind on the mutual protection pact Treaty.
  • The CSA asks France if it will sell the three Yucatan states, Sonora, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nueva Leon, Baja California, amd Baja California Sure for 19 million dollars as well as 150,000 tons of cotton, corn and wheat.
  • France will only sell the two-thirds of the Yucatan, Sonora, Chihuahua and parts of Northern Mexico as well as the products for 13 million dollars!
  • The CSA accepts, and formally annexes Chihuahua, Sonora, and two-thirds of the Yucatan as well as parts of Northern Mexico. Sonora becomes the 14th Confederate State while Chihuahua becomes the 15th Confederate state. The Yucatan becomes the Yucatan Territory, but riots continue in the Yucatan. Due to internal issues, the CSA, enters a period of isolation to rebuild itself and a railroad from Virginia to Sonora's Pacific coast as well as a telegraph line from Richmond to Guyamas. Plans for an independent Yucatan begin to be made.

You just had a war. Work on rebuilding, not annexing.

will do.

Russia continues building railroads throughout its empire. Russia now has the largest and most accessible railroad system in the world allowing it to move goods and people extremely quickly throughout its empire. Russia continues economic and military reform increasing its navy and arming it with heavier and more powerful weapons. More and more immigrants continue to move to Alaska due to the gold rush and when the Railway linking Alaska and Russia together is completed many more will join them. Russia continues to build towns in Alaska - some of which are becoming cities. Russia sends more troops to Alaska.

Peru continues to amp up its military, and its economy improves.

Siam: Siam continues to work on assimilating the cultures of Indochina within its Kingdom. They open up to trade with the Confederacy, but its main cotton import comes from India. Siam continues building railroads, but looking at the world's perspective on slavery makes them decide to abolish the institution by 1890. in a slower, stable way.

British troops move into BC and the Yukon in response to similar Russian troop movements. It proposes a non-aggression pact between themselves and the Russians, while the navy is continually expanded and improved. In other news, Gladstone becomes Prime Minister. He immediately begins breaking up the government monopoly on alcohol and halts further attacks on the Boer states, while plotting the formation of a Radical-Liberal-Free Church power bloc in Parliament.

Siam asked for British Burma in exchange for unlimited military and trade access last turn. Please respond, Britain!!!

Russia will accept this non-aggression pact if Britain agrees not to interfere in any way!!! In Russia's Invasion plans against the Ottoman empire.

I believe that I had made it pretty clear that Britain isn't interested in selling land for trade benefits, etc. The UK has enough domestic commerce that, combined with a large merchant marine and control of many of the world's maritime trade routes, there is little need to do this. As for the non-aggression pact, I have to decline (I'd like the Levant/Palestine and Hejaz). If we can come to an agreement over this, then it would be perfectly agreeable to me.

Ill agree to those demands. I want to take all Ottoman territories up to OTL Syria whatever below that is yours.

I believe we have a deal:D

Paraguay tells the CSA it will offer relations and trade but it is too poor to offer any aid. Paraguay asks that the CSA set up a market for hierba mate. Paraguay continues to make relations with Bolivia, making relations in order to gain support before the partition of Bolivia. Paraguay builds more merchant ships.


France:Proposes an alliance with Austria (-Hungary_).

Russia: Russia begins moving a massive amount of troops and engineers to the Ottoman border at OTL Romania via railroads. Russia continues to modernise its navy and military.

Russia Alaskan railroad will be completed with six months. Russian moves its Black Sea navy to re-inforce its army. Russian engineers are tasked with building railroads as the Russian army advances.

The Empire of Prussia, weary after hearing that a French-Austrian alliance was possible, Prussia reaches out to Britain for a possible alliance.

CSA: the CSA accepts Paraguay's offer and sets up the market, the CSA warns against war between France-Austria against Prussia saying, war is not the answer, and we will defend the attacked if help is requested, or in other terms, back off of each other, now. An alliance is offered to Britain, Brazil, and Paraguay. If the Union does not reply soon to the alliance offer, it will be withdrawn.

Peru; continues to amp up its military.

Brazil: amps up its military and asks for alliances to Austria and Prussia. Siam: Siam works on improving infrastructure, and their railroads.

Prussia: Prussia will only consider Brazil's offer if it drops Austria from the alliance. Prussia asks Bavaria if it wishes to join the Prussian Empire. Bavaria outright denies.

Brazil accepts the Prussian terms.

Paraguay: Paraguay begins constructing factories in Puerto Cirilo Antonio Rivarola (OTL Puerto Alfredo Stroessner), as well as its port at Puerto Alegre. Paraguay again proposes an alliance to Siam.

PM Gladstone declines an alliance with Prussia. However, he does ask for a non-aggression pact with the CSA, Prussia, France, and Austria-Hungary. Meanwhile, work on the Suez Canal continues, and it is expected to be finished by 1870. Troop deployments in Egypt increase significantly.

Prussia agrees to these terms.


France: Accepts the Non-Ag. Pact.

Brazil: asks for an alliance with Japan.

Peru:starts to build fortresses in their borders with Bolivia.

Siam: builds fortresses around its borders. It also continues on infrastructure.

CSA: The CSA accepts Britain's non-aggression pact and offers a mutual protection pact to Britain as well as Brazil. The CSA continues to not interfere in other countries, but offers Britain $6,000,000 for the Bahamas and $250,000 for Bermuda which will always allow British warships and merchant ships to dock at. Spain is offered $8,000,000 for Cuba and Puerto Rico. The CSA begins to industrialize and bulk up its armed forces. The Emancipation Act is passed by the Confederate Congress, freeing all slaves in the Confederacy as well as paying the owners of the said slaves $3,000 for each lost slave. Slavery is officially ended but a state of Peonage is introduced which gradualy gets the Freemen citizenship, starting with them getting an education as wellas making sure they have enough money to get along. The CSS Richmond and CSS Virginia are launched, the first Confederate steam frigate with an ironclad like shell eight inches thick. The CSA offers Argentina an alliance.

Brazil accepts the protection pact offer from CSA.

Thank you Brazil, you will not regret it.

I'm sorry but Britain is going to have to decline both offers. I'd like to keep my territory intact.

  • Paraguay enacts a seven-year plan for rapid modernization from 1869 to 1875, involving construction of a trans-continental railroad from Tocopilla to Laguna. It also contained plans to construct thousands of factories throughout Paraguay, and create corporations under the Paraguayan government, and would eventually serve as Paraguay's top level divisions. grade school students would forego learning Spanish literature and language or advanced mathematics, and instead pursue an intensive study of economics and business. All military, social, political, and international matters would be temporarily suspended until the conclusion of the plan (with the sole exception of secret deals with other nations on the partition of Bolivia).
  • Argentina: Argentina accepts the CSA's offer of alliance, and Brazil, French Mexico, Brazil, and the CSA officially form the American Powers
  • The Suez Canal is officially opened. Trade revenue booms, and the Royal Navy begins a period of massive expansion. Enjoying a high approval rating, Gladstone creates the Reformist Party in Parliament (basically an isolationist, laissez-faire, Old Right-esque group). Most Low Tories and many Liberals join; decimating the numbers of both Conservatives and Labour alike. Their first official act is to lower tariffs on goods in both Ireland and the colonies, as well as ending the role of the Church of Ireland as the official church of Eire. Troop levels in Egypt increase.
  • Prussia, with the non-aggression pact in place, begins to build up. German industry pops up all over the Rhineland, and the capital city of Berlin becomes a booming city. Ports ship out more and more commerce, and Prussia becomes greater than ever before.
  • Russia: Russia begins its offensive against the Ottoman Empire. troops advance into OTL Romania. Thousands of reinforcements are sent to the front via railroads as the Russians advance engineers begin building railroads and incorporating existing railroads in former Ottoman territory, this gives Russia a significant advantage allowing it to send troops much faster than the Ottomans. The Alaskan-Russian railroad is complete this allows colonists to travel to Alaska much faster. Russia's navy is expanded.
  • Ethiopia: Tekle Giyorgis II is crowned nəgusä nägäst (Emperor) of Ethiopia, he begins to try to modernize Ethiopia and build a modern army to protect itself from foreign interference.


  • Ethiopia: Civil war properly starts between Tekle Giyorgis II & Yohannes IV, however due to British support and modern weapons Yohannes IV looks set to win the war (This is British support in OTL rather than the British in this map game declaring an alliance with Yohannes IV).
  • Brazil:starts to build industries in cities of Salvador, São Paulo and Recife.
  • Peru:with Brazilian help, starts to build industries in the city of Tacna.
  • The CSA offers France and Germany an alliance in an attempt to unite 2 of Europes most powerful nations on one side.
  • Prussia, after serious consideration, accepts the CSA's offer. Meanwhile, the German Army becomes stronger, growing to a great number. Prussia begins to send units near the border of the southern German states.
  • Siam continues to integrate its people, and continues on its infrastructure.
  • Paraguay continues on its seven-year plan.
  • France: France asks Prussia to make the Alsace-Lorraine Free Zone rather than put it in one nation!
  • Russia: Russia advance on Ottoman territories goes well as the Ottomans army is outdated and Christians Throughout Ottoman controlled Europe rise up against their Ottoman overlords. By the end of July most of OTL Romania is under Russian control. Russia black sea fleet engages the Ottoman fleet and decimates their outdated fleet. Russia sends raiding parties to disrupt the supply chain to Ottoman Europes armies. Russia continues to expand economically and modernise.

Somehow, the categories since 1865 disappeared.i did my best to re-organize the page, and corrected some spelling mistakes. Collie Kaltenbrunner 21:53, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for that.

  • Prussia agrees to the Free Zone. Alsace-Lorraine becomes a prosperous free economic zone between the French and the Prussians. Also, Prussia asks France for a formal declaration of alliance.


  • Brazil:preparations for war begin. Units are sent to the Bolivian border.
  • Peru:units are sent to the Bolivian border.
  • France: It is discovered that Guatemalans are smuggling arms! War is declared on Guatemala!
  • The CSA: The CSA completes its telegraph line from Guaymas (Sonora) on the Pacific, to Washington DC, Richmond, Charleston, Miami, Savannah, and New Orleans in the Gulf and and on the Atlantic. The railway is nearly two-third completed. The Pacific fleet in Guaymas can now receive orders from Richmond instantly as well as news of what's going on in the east. The Foreign Citizenship bill is passed by Congress which gives all peoples in purchased or conquered territories equal rights and citizenship with citizens born or naturalized in the Confederacy, almost all anti Confederate feelings vanish almost instantly. Prussia, Argentina, Mexico, France (considering the alliance signed in the War for Southern Independence), Brazil, and the CSA all allies, form the Entente. The CSA offers Britain membership in the Entente.
  • Paraguay works on its seven-year plan. At the rate it is travelling, it may exceed expectations.
  • Russia continues its offensive on Ottoman territories making significant progress into Bulgaria as most of the population joins the Russians in the offensive seeing this as a chance to have an Orthodox faith as the main religion in the country again. Russia Black sea Fleet bombards Constantinople for 6 hours before withdrawing causing significant damage and causing a huge a large amount of people to question the strength of the Ottoman empire. Russia continues to build railroads in its territories and Alexander decrees that all occupied Russian territories are to be treated the same as Russian citizens. Russia continues to expand its navy and upgrade its army. The gold rush in Alaska coupled with the Russian-Alaskan railroad sees a huge increase in living in Russian Alaska thousands more Russians travel there searching for a better life.
  • Prussia, content with the Entente, begins to significantly build up its forces on the borders of Bavaria. Prussia also tacks on that the Alsace-Lorraine Free Zone would also become de-militarized, and that Prussians and the French could move freely between the two nations. Prussia begins to make full relations with the other members of the Entente, sending diplomats to Argentina and Mexico.
  • The Entente nations offers the Ottoman Empire membership in the Entente as well as Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia: Yohannes IV begins to really push back Tekle Giyorgis II's forces thanks to international support of Yohannes IV by the British and Entente which Yohannes IV pledges allegiance too.
  • Spain: In order to counter the Entente, Spanish officials contact Russia and the United States and propose a joint alliance (Third World Alliance) and they also ask Columbia, Paraguay, Korea, Italy, and Austria-Hungary to join. Cuba and the Philippines are transformed into Commonwealths.
  • Siam: Siam continues on infrastructure and updates its navy and army, as several ports are turned into naval bases.
  • The United States accepts the Joint Alliance. They request that the name is changed from the Third World Alliance to the League of Nations, since America isn't a third-world country.

Will somebody make an updated map sometime?

In the talk page, there is saying that baconton is the official mapmaker, and we should expect a map by 1870. From then on, will be a map every 5/10 turns.

North America 1869.6

North America 1869.6

Here is the Entente and its members as of 1869.6.

1. The CSA

2. France

3. Prussia

4. Mexico

5. Brazil

6. Argentina

7. Republic of the Yucatan

8. Ethiopia


  • The CSA offers Japan, China, Chile, Paraguay, and Portugal membership in the Entente.
  • The CSA offers Peru and Colombia membersip in the Entente.
  • British and Sudanese troops push into Palestine and Jordan, taking Jerusalem by October and Maan by November. Strikes into Syria and the Levant begin. Meanwhile, the Suez Canal begins to be fortified and the navy is expanded. Gladstone authorizes the creation of several anti-labor bills in Parliament.
  • Siam voices some concern on the British attacks on the Ottoman Empire, and although won't officially condemn it, it still sees a huge threat on Britain's side. They continue to work on infrastructure, and formally request that Japan, Korea and Siam should form an alliance, dubbed the Far East Pact.
  • Prussia, taking its chance, orders the attack on Bavaria, aiming for the capital city of Munich. It is predicted that Bavaria would fall within less than a year.
  • Realistically, by attacking Bavaria, you are putting yourself at war with Austria. Also, all those middle states between the two Prussias were Austrian allies. I'm surprised that the player for Austria has not responded.
  • The only reason that I did so is because the person that is playing Austria has yet to do anything. Instead of constantly waiting in fear, I just gave the go ahead.
  • I wish he did respond to this. Creating two German Confederations would be awesome.
  • Yeah...Just serving my nation's interests.
  • The CSA: The CSA offers Prussia, a fellow member of the Entente, military aid in Bavaria, not troops, but weapons. The Entente becomes dominated by Prussia, France, and the CSA with Brazil close behind. The Entente War Councilis formed, giving each member a vote on a unanimous declaration of war by the Entente as well as the Entente Trade Council, which will deal wit trade between the Entente nations.
  • Highly implausible. You would still be trying to recover from the war. Many of your cities were destroyed, etc. You are in no position to give anything, let alone military aid to other countries. Ammunition would be impossible at this time as well, considering you just fought a war.
  • China joins the Entrene and works on its infrastructure and establishes a colony in modern day United Arad Emirates and Easter Island.
  • China colonizing at this point is implausible enough. It colonizing the UAE is just simply impossible.
  • Ethiopia: Yohannes IV defeats Tekle Giyorgis II, who is executed. Yohannes IV is declared nəgusä nägäst (emperor) of Ethiopia and sets to expand his borders to modern day Ethiopia's borders and stablize the nation's economy.
  • Fb


Here is the Entente and its members as of 1870.6.

1. The CSA

2. France

3. Prussia

4. Mexico

5. Brazil

6. Argentina

7. Republic of the Yucatan

8. Ethiopia

9. China

10. Siam*

11. Peru*

12. Korea**

13. Japan**

* = By past agreements or military alliances.

**= by extension (Both Korea and Japan are part of the Far East Pact, as is Siam, therefor including the Far East Pact in the Entente unless Siam withdraws itself from the Entente.

  • The CSA: The CSA calls for a meeting of the Entente members in Richmond, including the extended members wo are asked to officially join the Entente or break their alliance with Siam peacefully. The CSA railway is completed from coast to coast, and trade begins to expand greatly as does te Confederate economy.
  • The Prussian conquest of Bavaria continues, holding all but the capital city of Munich, which is under heavy siege. Austria surprisingly does not intervene. Prussia also sends its foreign minister, Otto von Bismarck, to Richmond to discuss the Entente.
  • Brazil declares war against Bolivia. Its armies achieve to enter to Bolivian territory.
  • Peru attacks Bolivia without a declaration of war. It asks for Paraguay to take action.
  • Siam continues to develop its troops.
  • Paraguay makes secret deals with both Peru and Bolivia, to manipulate an annexation of the southern part of Bolivia. Paraguay openly declares war on Peru for intruding on its ally's territory, but in reality this is simply a tactic. Paraguay continues on its seven-year plan, unshaken by the "war."
  • Ethiopia: Yohannes IV sends an army to defeat the Somali Sultans in modern day Djibouti and takes it over, declaring it the main port of his Empire. With a new port he takes a Japanese chartered boat to go to attend the meeting in Richmond personally, he calls upon follow Entente members to help the creation of an Ethiopian railway going from his capital at Addis Ababa to the port of Djibouti. He also asks for help to create a small navy, modernize his armies, and he tries to woo foreign investors to come and build factories in Ethiopia to make use of the cheap labour.
  • Prussia openly declares support for Brazil's attack on Bolivia, and says to Ethiopia that it would provide railroad and infrastructure for Djibouti if Ethiopia agrees to lease ports to Prussia there.

Note that when I say infrastructure help I mean across OTL Ethiopia and Djibouti, as this is all Ethiopia in this game

  • Ethiopia: They accept Prussian terms and leases them land to build a Prussian port opposite of Djibouti city (this is the main Ethiopian port) in Tadjourah. (See this link if you want geography help). Work begins on the Djibouti-Addis Ababa railway with Prussian engineers, and factories are constructed mainly in the Djibouti region of the Ethiopian Empire.
  • The CSA: The CSA sends weapons to Brazil and Prussia to help in their current wars due to the fact that they are part of the Entente as well as sending 25,000 troops, all it can spare at the time, to Prussia while encouraging France to help unite the German city states under the Prussian Banner in return for control of Alsace, while Lorraine will remain a free zone.
  • Russia: Russian forces reach OTL Greek-Bulgarian border, and of Russian troops invade OTL Greece and after fierce fighting occupy it up to the Greek Ottoman border. Russia's black Sea fleet bombards Constantinople again killing thousands and damaging its defences, preparing it for an attack from Russia. Russia sends 50,000 troops to our OTL Azerbaijan to attack the Ottomans from more than one front thus splitting its army. Russia continues to build railroads and telegraph lines are built throughout Russia’s territories. Russia agrees to the Joint alliance. Russia navy is expanded and a parliament is finally created to the delight of of Russia’s citizens elections will begin early next year
  • Not within 6 months. The Ottoman Empire isn't this weak in 1870, it would take MUCH more time to invade Constantinople notwithstanding the implausibility of Russia and Greece uniting. Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox are not the same thing, and the overall cultural difference between the two nations makes this post highly implausible, unless Russia goes to war with Greece.
  • OK I've edited my post but I had bombarded Constantinople in my last post weakening its defences. It's true that I had rapidly attacked the Ottoman empire but I think advancing all the way to Constantinople is plausible as I have been building railroads as I've advanced allowing troops to be redeployed extremely quickly. Also the map should have my borders up to OTL Bulgaria and now up to OTL Greece Turkey border.
  • Ottoman Empire: A line of trenches is dug on the border with Russia and Greece as well as all other European nations that it has borders with. Constantinople is heavily refortified and the Army begins to be modernized as does the Navy. A delegate is sent to the Entente War and Trade Councils in Richmond.

USCiv 1870 Colour


  • The CSA: The Confederate Armed forces continue to be upgraded and modernized with the latest training and weapons available, especially the Confederate version of the Gatling gun, called the Jeff Davis Repeater, or Repeating Rifle Artillery for the larger versions. The Confederate Budget soon has more money than debts for about one month before it falls back with the other nations of the world, although the Confederate dollar is still a very valuable currency.
  • Spain, having links to South America since colonization of the continent, offer a meditation between Bolivia and Peru to end the war while also setting up a embassy(s) in Cuba in order to help establish stronger relations in South America. In Spain, steel imported from independent German states begins to fall as other more reliable sources are found such as the United States Carnegie Steel Company (One may note that the Bessamer Process, a cheaper way in making steel, was adopted by Carnegie sometime before or right after the formation of his company). In more recent events, King Amadeo I of Spain and son of the king of the now unified Italy Victor Emmanuel II of Italy offers a trading agreement between the two and he also speaks out to Europe, America, and Asia proposing the re-establishment of the Congress of Vienna.
  • Sorry, but Peru has been wanting to re-establish the Peru-Bolivian Confederation, already gave too much territory to its allies, and won't back down.
  • It's kind of a staged conflict between three South American countries to annex Bolivia. You'd best keep out of it.
  • After months of siege, the capital city of Munich falls to Prussian forces. Prussia negotiates with the King of Bavaria, and he is allowed to become the Prince of Bavaria, essentially allowing him into the Hohenzollern Royal Family. However, he is not allowed to have any power whatsoever. With the conquest of the largest southern German state, the rest of the small German states band together, unsure of what to do. Prussia declares that it will wait half a year to see if they do anything.
  • Siam invades Johore, and gets to Kuala Lumpur within six months, whereupon reaching, it launches a siege.
  • Paraguay continues aggressively on its seven-year plan. Gross enrollment rate for children under 15 has risen to 68%, an all-time high, and leading economists predict Paraguay will rival the European countries in technology by the end of the plan, and will rival North America in economy. However, a steep price is paid, with sacrifices in the military, civil rights, and in intellectual endeavours. Authors and artists are persecuted subtly by the government, but their small population is unable to constitute a rebellion. Paraguay orders ten thousand troops to "assist" Bolivia to prevent Peruvian annexation, but Paraguay secretly asks Peru that Peruvian troops not touch Paraguayan troops, in an elaborate staged war.
  • Russia: Russia bombards Constantinople with heavy artillery. Russia also lands some 20,000 troops at Samson with covering fire from the Black Sea fleet Samson is taken with 6 months. Russia's army in OTL Azerbaijan advances into Ottoman territory up to the city of Erzurum where Russian forces fight a pitched battle against Ottoman troops who with numerical superiority manage to inflict high enough losses on the Russians forces, forces them to retreat ten miles to retreat and bombard Ottoman forces from a distance causing heavy damage. Russia continues to advance railroads and telegraph lines throughout its empire. Russia continues to modernise and increase its navy.
  • The Ottoman Empire: The 1st Ottoman Army forces the Russians from Constantinople and soon marches into Russian Territory before being forced to a stalemate by the Russians at the Battle of Eight Days in OTL Romania. Trenches are dug once more on the Turkish borders in Europe after the Russians are forced from Northern Turkey, and the Empire asks for help from the Entente and asks Russia for an armistice.
  • 'This is completely implausible. First of all at this time the Ottoman empire is a defunct power. Secondly Russia was not in Constantinople it was bombarding it with artillery how you could march the Ottoman 1st army through bombardment and against a SIGNIFICANTLY better equipped and trained force that also has supplies been delivered daily by train is implausible if not impossible. Thirdly iv destroyed you fleet the Russian fleet would bombard the Ottomans army as it advances causing heavy losses to its troops and morale before it even reached the Russian army. Fourthly and lastly the numerical difference between the Ottomans and the Russian is huge. Russia has a population of about 71 million while the Ottoman empires population is around 17 million. Russia introduced conscription a number of years ago giving it a huge army. Also forcing Russia back to Romania in 6 months in itself is implausible as it took me over two years to make these gains. Can a Mod please fix this?'
  • Ethiopia: Yohannes IV continues his policies of modernization and the Addis Ababa - Djibouti railway is completed after help with Prussian engineers. Several new industrial towns are built along the route and the production of cheap goods in Ethiopia helps their economy to come on leaps and bounds. This new influx of money causes Yohannes IV to begin expanding further into OTL Somalia and Eritrea. The army & navy continue to be amped up too.
  • China: Improves the Economy. ramps up the military, and sets up a colony in OTL Oman for trade in the Middle East. China also builds new cities in OTL Mongolia.
  • ''I don't think China would be able to do this due to a bad navy, plus why would it want to colonize Oman when they already own very unpopulated areas already like Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang? Remember, it's 1871''


  • The CSA: Baja California joins the CSA as the states of North and South Baja, giving the CSA 22 states, and CS settlers are sent to Hawaii so later they can overthorw the monarch and Hawaii can become the 23rd CS state. DID NOT HAPPEN YET!!!! Weapons are sent to the Ottoman Empire. The Entente War and trade Councils are mergd to form the International Entente Council, or IEC. Some land is claimed in Africa in South West Africa as well as Madagascar, not much, but some, and the two Confederate Colonies of Confederate South West Africa and Confederate Madagascar are created. These are barely more than trading outposts and will slowly grow larger thrugh time.
  • This is too much. You are in no capacity to do anything other than rebuild your country until about the 1880s, let alone mass produce weapons.
  • Ethiopia: Expansion into Somalia and Eritrea continues. Trade deals with Entente members continue to allow Ethiopia to modernize itself & her armed forces. The Ethiopian navy also begins to subdue the Yemani coast line creating a few little ports along the coast.
  • Prussia: After no response from the remaining small southern German states, Prussia orders the invasion of them via troops stationed in Bavaria and the Rhineland. It is predicted that they will quickly fall. In the meanwhile, Prussia gains its lease on the Ethiopian port, and becomes eager to see it in use. The construction of a German navy was ordered by the Kaiser of Prussia.
  • Paraguayan diplomats declare that in order to maintain the will of the current Bolivian people and government, Paraguay will have to annex the remnants of Bolivia. However, in order to prevent the seven-year plan from being compromised, Bolivia's sovereignty is not affected. The government is also kept intact, despite being checked by Paraguayan diplomats. A series of staged battles between Paraguay and Peru take place, and force the Bolivian border to recede.
  • Siam finishes the siege on Kuala Lumpur, officially annexing Johore. The British port in Singapore is untouched by the invasion of Johore, letting the British keep their territory in Malaya.
  • Peru: After some battles, the Peruvian army starts a siege to La Paz.
  • Brazil: the Brazilian army captures the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra.


  • Paraguay: Paraguay formally annexes Bolivia, and sends troops to Bolivian cities in order to protect them. Paraguay manages to take control of the Atacama coast, but is chased to Tocopilla. This is only conducted by a small number of diplomats, while meanwhile the rest of Paraguay is rapidly building an economy as part of Paraguay's Seven-Year Plan. As the railroad from Laguna to Tocopilla is nearly complete, Paraguay offers free access to the ports for Joseon, China, and Siam.
  • The CSA: The Marxist Rebellion takes place in the Confederacy, and many blacks join the rebellion in order to escape near poverty, and the CS armed forces is put on alert near the American and Mexican borders, but only Mexico is told the reason why, and this alarms the US government, and the CSA asks the Entente to send nothing as of yet. Th Confederate state of Florida votes to leave the Confederacy and form the socialist Republic of Florida, but many of the northern counties remain loyal to the Confederate government. The Socialist Republic of Florida asks Spain for aid as well as the USA. The Confederacy recognizes Paraguay's claim to Bolivia, and asks to dock six ironclad steam frigates. Its colonies in Africa begin to grow larger, and ironclad steam frigates are sent to these new colonies, five each are sent to the colonies
  • Siam: works on rebuilding Kuala Lumpur. They continue working on infrastructure.
  • Prussia: Prussia announces that all remaining German city-states and states have been united under the seal of the Hohenzollerns. The German Empire is declared, and a railroad extending from the Rhine to Berlin is ordered, while the German Naval Fleet continues to be constructed.
  • The USA instead invades Florida, quickly taking the southern half.
  • Britain continues to advance against the Ottomans, taking much of the Hejaz down to Medina. Another group strikes into Syria and Lebanon, taking Beruit, Damascus, and all nearby territory as far north as Hims and as far west as Rutbah. They offer an armistice to the Ottomans.

Otoman Empire: Accepts the British offer of armistice and will formally cede Egypt to the UK in return for peace and otsand will allow Britain to move troops freely through its territory and cede it part of Palestine in return for its declaration of war on Russia, and if the two lose, the UK may have all of Libya.

  • The CSA thanks the USA for its help in the Marxist rebellion, and asks for the USA to return South Florida to the Confederacy, due to the United States help, relatons and opinions of/with the USA improve hugely, and the CSA ends all tariffs imposed on US goods and trade as well as allowing an unlimited number of people immigrate form the USA to the CSA and vice versa. The Anti-Peonage Bill is passed by Congress, ending the peonae system that caused the Marxist Rebbellion, as well as offering the USA membership in the Entente.
  • China revalues the Yuan, making it like the modern day U.S doller value introdues a new policy of for each child you have, you are rewarded 2000 Yuan plus 500 for each child you already have. Population skyrockets in Tibet and Mongolia and China is forced to introduce new administative regions, giving people more freedom. China also annex East Afghanistan in order to control more trade routes and to gain land on both sides of the Himalayas.

This whole post is impossible. China is not going to keep paying people to have kids, and invading East Afghanistan is simply interfering in Britain's goals. Plus isn't Tibet independent?

Yes, they can pay people to have kids in order to have a stronger military and China can interfere with Britain's goals and Britain would probley not interfere for the chances that Hong Kong may be invaded. Tibet is not free until 1912 in OTL. Ocelot9011 03:15, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

Eastern Afghanistan would not be annexed within six months, and they have literally nothing in common with China. Plus Afghanistan is effectively under British control at the moment, and putting the Yuan at US dollar value is implausible. Plus China could not support paying their huge population to keep having kids.

China doesn't even have close to enough money. Your democratic revolution just killed off the Qings which just killed off the Taipings. If there are 20 million people in China who have a parent alive, that would cost a whopping 100 billion dollars of instant payout. Not only that, but how is China supposed to feed all those extra people

  • Brazil advances through Bolivia and stops at the point defined in their treaty with Paraguay and Peru.
  • Peru, while sieging La Paz, invades Acre, conquering the most part of it with ease.
  • France:A socialist meeting takes place in Paris, startingthe French Socialist Party!
  • Russia: Russia after consolidating its army after its incredible defeat at the hands of the Ottomans sends 700,000 troops and 800 cannons. Russia quickly sweeps over the entrenched Ottomans and makes significant gains and reaches OTL Greek-Bulgarian border. Russia's fleet bombard Ottoman cities on the coast throughout OTL Turkey. Russia offers the Ottoman empire a choice to surrender its European territories to Russia or Russia will invade OTL Turkey. Russia continues to expand its navy and army. Russia's population is expanding rapidly and the Russian Alaska of native Russians is now 400,000.
  • Ethiopia: The invasion of Eritera is complete and most of OTL Somalia is invaded too. Troops of the defeated Somali tribes are forced to work in the factories of Ethiopia as virtual slave workers, this reduces the cost of Ethiopian goods, and cheap Ethiopian goods slowly begin to fill up the world consumer markets.

Sorry I hadn't posted so long, I was on vacation

  • Austria-Hungary: Rumania is invaded, the green and ill-led Rumanian military is easialy crushed. A peace agreement is accepted and the southern half of the country is annexed to Austria-Hungary.

Romania is part of the Russian empire that means your invading Russia not Romania. Also, in these six months Russia was moving an army 700,000 men through here wouldn't be a great time to attack it.


  • Paraguayan officials in Bolivia remain unchecked as Paraguay focuses on its economy, leading to corrupt practices in Bolivia. Despite this, South America's first trans-continental railroad is completed, from Laguna to Tocopilla. Paraguay opens up Tocopilla to Asian powers, notably China, Japan, Siam, and Korea, and offers industrial goods to Asia in return for rice, minerals, rhubarb, and other goods. Paraguay continues to follow its highly successful seven-year plan.
  • Prussia: The building of the Naval Fleet continues, and the trans-German railroad continues to be build from the Alsace-Lorriane Free Zone to Berlin.
  • Siam starts to extend its infuence over British-occupied Burma, trying to get people on to the idea of joining Siam. Siam invites Russia to the Far East Pact.
  • Brazil: while keeping some troops in Bolivia, Brazil amps up its navy.
  • Peru: other parts of Bolivia are taken, while La Paz still is sieged.
  • Russia: Russia sends 250,000 thousand reserve troops are rushed from Russia to Austria-Hungary controlled Romania; Russia also sends 100,000 thousand of its best troops and 200 cannons from Bulgaria to Romania. Russia leaves Austria Hungary with an ultimatum leave Russian territory or war will be declared. Russia advances through OTL Greece and lay siege to Constantinople as it has been bombarded with artillery for many months in the past three years it is partially destroyed and by the end of the year Constantinople surrenders to Russia. Russia leaves 50,000 thousand troops and 100 cannons in Constantinople to restore order. Architects from Russia and builders are sent via trains to Constantinople to rebuild it to its former glory. Russia sends troops to OTL Serbia without any Ottoman armies to protect most of Ottoman empires. Balkans are under Russian control. Russia officer corps is modernised further along with its weapons. New manufacturing plants are opened throughout Russia and railroads and continued to be built throughout Russian new territories. Telegraph lines are continued to be built throughout the Russian empire.
  • Siam invited Russia to the Far East Pact. Please respond.
  • Ethiopia: More industrialization actions take place in Ethiopia as more factories are built, the army is modernized & several new battleships are built with foreign help. The navy moves farther into subduing the Yemeni coast and the army push into southern Sudan.
  • Russia graciously declines the Far East Pact at this time as they are not focused on that region for the time being. If this changes Russia may join this pact. Siam is also a part of the Entrene which Russia is not and is opposed to.
  • Siam withdraws from their alliance with the CSA, wanting to keep the Far East Pact independent from any other alliances.
  • Free access to the Paraguayan port of Tocopilla. Take it or leave it.
  • Siam: taking it.


Paraguay: Paraguay continues intensively on their Seven-Year Plan. Paraguay opens up the port of Laguna to any European country that wishes to trade. In this way, Paraguay is able to compete with Britain (Egypt) as the hub between the East and the West.

Prussia: The railroad now extends out of Prussia proper, snaking its way towards the Rhineland and the Alsace-Lorraine Free Zone. Meanwhile, the small nation of Luxemborg is asked if they wish to join the German Empire. A referendum is set up for the middle of the year.

Siam: Opens trade in Paraguay, and decides to offer Brazil and Paraguay to join the Far East Pact. Hawaii becomes a signatory of the Pact, weary of the two American nations to the West, and becomes more inclined towards Asia. Siam scraps its eventual abolition of slavery, and abolishes it this year, as the King of Siam watched. Siam quickly declares war on Brunei, and moves troops quickly from Malaya. The navy lands a few infantries to Brunei itself and lays siege to it. As usual the British presence to the west of the island is undisturbed.

Paraguay postpones the offer until the conclusion of the Seven-Year Plan in 1865. However, they welcome friendly trading and relations.

Brazil: Some troops are maintained in the border with the rest of Bolivia and Peru. Meanwhile, they request Peru for a ceasefire with Bolivia.

Peru:denies the request, since the Brazilian presence on the war is necessary to make the war end quicker, recommending that it keep some troops in the border. Meanwhile, La Paz is taken over after months of siege.

Ethiopia: The campaign into southern Sudan slows down a bit with troops being re-directed to Yemen to help the creation Ethiopian trading posts and to speed up the colonization effort. The country continues to modernize itself and predicts to rival European powers within the decade, thanks to the influx of cheap Ethiopian goods, expansion, and modernization efforts. Yohannes IV while pleased with this expansion and modernization of his state noticed that a lot of his new subjects weren't Christian and began a campaign to convert all his subjects to Christianity. This created a fair bit of tension in the empire but this received considerable support from the fellow Christian nations in Europe and America. Many Christian missionaries now went over from Europe to Ethiopia to help in this conversion.

Russia: Russia takes the rest of the Ottoman Balkan’s under its control and begins moving its the remainder of its 500,000 army to the Austrian-Hungarian border along OTL Serbia Montenegro borders. Telegrams from the front line reach the Kremlin asking for reinforcements due to a possible war with Austria-Hungary. Russia mobilises its vast army and by the end of the year almost two million troops will be mobilised. Russia gives Austria Hungary an ultimatum to leave its lands in Romania or face the might of the Russian empire. Russia sends its Black Sea fleet to block the Adriatic to stop any supplies reaching Austria-Hungary by Sea. Russia continues economic reform setting up many new factories to build weapons for Russia’s massive army, agriculture is modernised throughout Russia within three years Russia agricultural system will be completely modernised. New officer and NCO colleges are opened in the newly conquered Ottoman lands to encourage equality throughout the empire. Orthodox priests travel throughout the Balkans trying to convert the Muslims living there to Christianity,

Wait, how this happened? I thought that the Baltic region was already Russian.

I think he meant Balkan.

Yeah, I did. Sorry, I've fixed my edit.

BTW, I think you should wait until the A-H player responds before declaring war.

I won't declare war until he responds unless he stays inactive for another two years.

France: Extends the Prussian Railroads to Paris and Touluse and Marsailles.

Asks for an Alliance with Spain.


Paraguay: Paraguay continues on its plan. Astounding revenues from the transcontinental railroad begin to grasp Paraguay's economy. More factories are constructed during this half-year than the rest of the years of the seven-year plan combined. Agricultural production has nearly tripled since the initiation of the plan, and Paraguay begins to model its agricultural sector around exportation of cassava. More technology is imported from Europe, China, and Siam.

Peru:the rest of Bolivia is taken.

Brazil: factories are built in the city of Santa Cruz da Serra (OTL Santa Cruz de la Sierra).

The CSA: Confederate citizens protest the USA occupying South Florida and send a petttion to congress to ask for its return from the USA. The two Confederate African colonies continue to grow. The CSA offers Spain seven million dollars for Cuba and Puerto Rico. This can be negotiable. The CSA moves in and occupies the Republic of the Yucatan after it falls under the rule of a dictator to re-establish the Republic. An Entente meeting is called upon to happen in the Neutral Free Zone between Germany and France to discuss upgrading their armed forces with the latest weapons available as well as basing the entire Entente's armed forces on Germanys armed forces.

Ethiopia: Expansion into South Sudan continues slowly and several of the ports founded in Yemen start to contribute quite nicely to the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopia declares Yemen under its sphere of influence and begins to expand more into mainland Yemen by creating the Ethiopian colony of Sheba. Otherwise the nation continues to grow economically and modernization efforts have nearly brought the nation up to speed with American nations.

Prussia: A referendum is held, and Luxemborg overwhelmingly votes to join the Empire as a new province, with 75% of the votes. Prussia also happily agrees to host the Entente Summit in the Neutral Free Zone, and Prussia also condemns the conquest of the Ottoman Empire. However, Prussia asks Russia to join the Entente in a secret meeting, with promises to take what is left of the Ottoman Empire without issue if they join.

Russia: Russia forces continue to encircle Austria-Hungarian lands. Russian diplomats meet Prussia diplomats without informing Alexander or his Parliament and agree to join the Entente if Prussia helps them execute Alexander and dissolve the Parliament. This causes uproar as the secret meeting is found out by a loyal peasant, the diplomats are captured and executed by the Russia army. Russia continues to modernise its agricultural sector and builds more factories and has a four-year plan to be the largest maker of steel in the world in four years. Russia officially declines Prussia's offer of joining the Entente due to the diplomat scandal and it been part of the Joint Alliance, but offers to link Russia's train link of with Prussia to connect all of Europe. Russia army is continued to be mobilised. Trenches are built on the Austria-Hungarian border and artillery is place in strategic positions to bombard key Austrian targets if war is declared.

Prussia: Prussia agrees to the railroad links, as the German National Railway is officially completed, stretching from Berlin to the Rhineland, and then to Paris and then to Marsailles, officially opening German goods to the rest of the world via the Mediterranean. Work begins to extend the railroad to St Petersburg.

Siam: continues working on economy and trade, and finally annexes Brunei. The Siamese set their sights on the rest of unoccupied Borneo and move troops into the areas, claiming them for Siam.


  • Paraguay: Paraguay continues on its seven-year plan. Due to the large amount of trade and communication, modern European machinery continues to diffuse into Paraguayan society. The effeciency of this new technology increases the revenue from factories. Paraguay's prosperity attracts tens of thousands of immigrants from all parts of the world, leading to a larger workforce and the creation of a cosmopolitan city in Asunción. Altogether, these factors make the seven-year plan far more prosperous than expected. Bolivia also gains a large amount of revenue from towns along the trans-continental railroad. However, Bolivian officials complain too much focus is on Paraguay and not enough on Bolivia.
  • Siam: Siam starts enlarging their railway system into Northern Burma, and into Johore, connecting Kuala Lumpur with the rest of the Empire. Work is hoped to be finished on the project, dubbed the Southeast Asia Railway, by 1878. Siamese colonials move into Borneo quickly, launching raids on any hostile tribes. The British presence is left untouched, but Siam wants to buy it from Britain for a six million dollar fee, in a deal involving British Borneo and British Burma.

Siam inactive until Sunday, due to a trip.

  • Brazil: The territories conquered by Bolivia are divided into two states. Meanwhile, Brazil's economy grows.
  • The CSA: Isolation continues, except with the Entente.
  • Prussia: Work is completed on modifying the rail line, so now, the rail line extends from St. Petersburg to Marsailles. Prussia now goes to Denmark, and "asks politely" for the provinces of Schleswig-Holstein. If they deny, Prussia will decide to invade the nation.
  • Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Navy land on the island of Socotra and declare war on the local ruling Mahra sultans. The small island nation valiantly holds out for a while but quickly falls to the superior Ethiopian weaponry. Emperor Yohannes IV sends out Christian missionraies to the new Yemen colonies and to Socotra to convert the native muslim populations. Ethiopia continues to modernize and expand basically.
  • Russia: With the new railroad linking Prussia and Russia. Russia now has a railroad line that travels directly from America all the way to France, which has greatly increased Russia potential markets. Russia predicts a large increase in its exports. Russia's 4 year plan to become the largest steel manufacturer continues as does its three-year agricultural plan. Reconstruction efforts have begun in Constantinople and the Patriarch moves his residence there. Just as mobilisation of the Russia army is completed Russia receives a telegram from the Grand Duchy of Finland requesting aid as the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway have sent an army of 20,000 troops to claim Finland as their own seeing as Russia is occupied in the Balkans. Russia sends 400,000 troops of its two million strong newly mobilised army to re-inforce Finland and possibly push into Swedish territory. Russia sends the rest of its army to encircle Austrian-Hungary. Russia continues to expand its navy and modernise its troops.
  • France: The Railroad is worked on. Fortifications built along to the British Channel.
  • French Mexico: Forts Built and Renewed Activity.


USCiv 1875Colour

The world map circa 1874.6; amend where needed

Ethiopia: Ethiopia plans to take over all of Yemen and to help realise this they offer to buy the British port of Aden from the British. Part of this deal includes the use of Ethiopian ports to refuel British ships. They also reach an agreement with Britain to decide upon their nation's borders in far north Yemen/south Hejaz. Ethiopian conversion of non-Christians continues but a new sect of Ethiopian Christians begins to form which takes believes in the continual sending of prophets to earth to spread god's word. This religion draws to together all of the main ideas of the Abrahamic religions and brings them together focusing on the peaceful aspects of each of the respectful Abrahamic religions. This new religion is referred to as Abrahamism as it combines all of the currently feuding Abrahamic religions which fundamentally all believe in the same God anyway and teachs people not to fight over their own interpretation of God. Otherwise Ethiopia continues to modernize.

Brazil: amps up its navy.

Peru: Peru's economy grows.

The CSA: Immigration to Africa is encouraged by the government. The two Africa colonies continue to grow.

Russia fights a pitched battle against the Swedes routing them and forcing them back 20 miles and begins an offensive against Sweden taking the city of Kiruna and Lulea. Russia forces have completely encircled all Austrian-Hungarian lands on its borders and offers Prussia to join the Joint Alliance in a secret meeting. Russia steel and agricultural plans continue on schedule while Russia begins to improve the industralise the balkans and improve its economy. Russia allocates a 50% of its overall miltary budget on the navy for the next six years as it wishes to have the largest and most modern navy.

Paraguay: Paraguay continues on its Seven-Year Plan. To the surprise of the Paraguayan people, President Rivarola declares that the Seven-Year Plan has exceeded expectations in economic growth, over one year before it was expected to end. However, Paraguay continues implementing its plans, hoping to be able to rival European powers economically by 1876. In addition, the Seven-Year Plan is implemented in Bolivia, in order to bring Bolivia to the level of the rest of Paraguay. However, Paraguay is unwilling to give up resources for the time being, leading to Bolivia remaining as mostly a railroad and agriculture-based economy.

France: Asks Spain to extend the Siberia-Marseilles Railway to Madrid, Barcelona, and then to about Cadiz and Gibraltar Finishes the War against Guatemala! Guatemala is annexed!


  • Brazil: amps up its military.
  • Peru: starts to build factories in La Paz.
  • Siam: Continues its projects. (I am not Siam but I just wanted to put a placeholder here to say what they are doing!)
  • Ethiopia: After the recent border agreement with Britain in Hejaz they also reached a similar agreement with the British in Sudan, in which would be a largely straight border following the 16th parallel north. The new religion of Abrahamism spreads throughout the empire and helps to end most religious hostilities in the empire. The Emperor evens converts and this peaceful relgion helps the empire to expand. The country continues to amp up and expand in Yemen, Sudan and now North Kenya. The rail network in Ethiopia is subsquently expanded to allow quicker transport of goods throughout the empire with more industrial towns being founded across the railway. More Ethiopian owned factories begin to open to as foreign business men begin to be bought out by Ethiopian companies and more are founded. This is mostly because of rumours (some being true, though) about the way the white factory owners treat the black workers. Some white owned businesses are even consificated but all the factories owned by white or black people are quite badly run in reality. A large agricultural project also begins to help feed the growing population.
  • The CSA: Confederate South West Africa reaches British South Africa, even though the colony is still thin. The CSA offers France 4.7 million dollars for Guatemala, which it plans to add to its list of colonial possessions, or if it wants, statehood. Confederate Madagascar continues to grow, slowly picking up pace due to the vast forests on the island. CS settlers in Hawaii are given ammo and weapons, and seven Confederate warships dock in Oahu to await orders from Richmond to overthow the Monarch if it does not agree to the Confederate offer of statehood, which was offered last turn. (I forgot to mention). 17,000 Confederate settlers reside on the islands. (If it isn't plausible, tell me and I will change it).
  • Russia continues to gain ground against the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway taking most of the upper half of the Kingdom as it is so sparsely populated. Swedish and Nordic forces harry Russian forces as they gain ground Russian forces advances 20 miles from the city of Galve and prepares for a siege. Russia continues its agricultural and steel plan. Russia continues to build factories throughout the Balkans creating jobs for many of its new citzens and raising their quality of life drastically. Russia's naval plan is continued new more powerful weapons are designed for ships and a complete overhaul of the imperial navy is underway. Railroads and telegraphs are continued to be built throughout Russian territory. Russia now has the most extensive railway system in the world.
  • Prussia: Prussia, realizing that it easily had control over the newly name Trans-Eurasian Railroad, agrees to the extension to Madrid, and then to Gibralatar. The links are ordered to be built, and links are made with the railroads across Siberia. Prussia then invades Schleswig-Holstein after no response from Denmark, and asks if perhaps the Entente would be able to conjoin with the Joint Alliance, to create a juggernaut of power in the world.
  • Paraguay decides it will finish off the Seven-Year Plan as strongly as it began. Political matters are put aside while the main focus of the government other than economics has become propaganda. Paraguay by this time is classified as very industrialized, but difficulties arise in relations with the natives. During the plan, several thousand natives were employed in factories, but by 1875, it had begun to cause tension. However, Paraguay nevertheless is able to become one of South America's main engines.
  • The US offers a large sum of money for Russian Alaska.
  • Russia declines as too much money has been invested in Alaska and too many Russians now live in Alaska.


  • The CSA: Hawaii agrees to join the CSA in return for all of its people gaining equal rights, avoiding a bloody overthrow of the monarch, it becomes the Confederate Hawaii Territory. The African colonies continue to grow. The CSA offers Russia any amount it wants of money for Russia within reason, and the promise that all of its citizens there will be given equal right with CS citizens and that Russia will be allowed to keep a naval base in the Aleutians and on Sewards Island. The CSA offers Mexico six million dollars, 2,000 tons of wheat, and 20,000 tons of corn in return for Guatemala..

I will be gone for a few days, I've got a conference, please don't mess with the CSA while I am away. JSimcox 17:59, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

  • Brazil:offer two battleships to Paraguay for some territory in the interior of the former state of Rio Grande do Sul. (no territory with access to the Iguazu River.)
  • Peru:starts to amp up its military.
  • Ethiopia: The Agricultural project expands greatly and it is expected that Ethiopia could become self-sufficient in food if it was to take over South Sudan and make use of the vertile land in the Nile basin. The country continues to amp up and expand in Yemen, Sudan and North Kenya and takes over Khartoum from the local Sudanise rulers. This gives Ethiopia a further trade route up the Nile, and a rail line from Addis Ababa to Khartoum is constructed.
  • Russia declines the CSA's offer as they have stated to the USA too much time and money has been put into Alaska and the minerals in Alaska are too important to give up. Russia quickly takes city of Gavle finding it deserted of troops and advance 50 miles outside of the capital Stockholm and meet the combined army of Norway and Sweden. Russia fights a bloody battle against the Nords and Swedes until a Russian cavalry charge flanks them and routs their army. Russia advance quickly and by the end of the year are in control of Stockholm. Russia continues its agricultural and steel plans. Factories are continued to be built throughout the Balkans creating an economic powerhouse there. The Russian navy is continued to be modernised and upgraded, six new ships are created in the Pacific and in the Balkans. Russia new ships are larger and have thicker armour and stronger weapons than previous ironclads. Russia begins trying to implement steam turbines into their navy to increase the speed of their ships. Russian engineers are sent to Russian Sweden and Norway to begin building railroads and Telegraph poles throughout the new province of their empire.
  • Prussia asks about fusion between Joint Alliance and Entente. Wishing answer.
  • Russia is against the fusion as it would mean that there are no enemies except for Britain who I think has left the game anyway. Russia offers a joint European partnership with Prussia separate from Entente and the Joint Alliance.
Ethiopia would be willing to comit to a greater alliance with their Prussian "sugar daddy" as thanks for all the help. They'd just like to see which nations would be included in this big old alliance
  • Paraguay: Paraguay concludes its seven-year plan, and marks the completion with a series of celebrations during Christmas. During the seven years, Paraguay was able to become a world economic power, controlling much trade between Europe and the East. Most of the population is literate, and business skills are commonly known. However, a price has been paid. Only the celebrations managed to quell protests among Guaranís who believed to be unfairly exploited by Spanish landowners and etrepreneurs. Also, Cirilo Antonio Rivarola's popularity was at an all-time low, and in order to combat this he made himself a public icon to create a cult of personality.
  • Prussia: The construction of the Imperial German Naval Fleet is completed, and several ships are sent to the leased port in Ethiopia, flaunting their pride to their fellow Ethiopians. While the ships are there, the Kaiser of Germany personally congratulates the Ethiopians on their great expansion. Meanwhile, the Kaiser also gives Germany a deadline in 1880 to have industry massively pumped up to feed the German economy, which grows even more by the Trans-Eurasian Railroad.
  • Spanish factories begin to pop up everywhere across Spain, meanwhile the navy is once again improvised in order to make sure its up to date.
  • France:The Railroad ios worked on, Forts are buitl in Algeria and other stuff.
  • Switzerland:A civil war breaks out between Pro-Gobvernment, Pro-Bonapartist, amd Socialists!
  • Ottoman Empire: After losing the war against Russia quite badly, the Ottomans have finally emerged from a period of economic downturn and restructering. The country is now back to a relevative high strengh, however it is massivly in debt. In order to pay off their debt they offer to sell their territories in OTL Libya & Tunisia; the price of the land is set as a minimum so they can pay off their debt. The land is offered to the powerful world nations including Spain, Britain, France, Italy, USA, CSA, Austria-Hungary, and Prussia; as these are the only countries able to afford the minimum price for the territory. However the Ottomans are willing to sell the lands to other nations if the richer nations don't show an interest. Otherwise the Ottoman Empire try to amp themselves up.
  • Prussia is willing to buy this land from the Ottoman Empire.
  • As is Spain.
  • Sorry I forgot that Prussia & Russia are allies, so I'm going to have to retract the offer to Prussia sorry. Also I remembered Britain took a lot of land from the Ottomans so this offer to Britain is also retracted. Spain your currently in pole position to get Libya! If France, Italy, USA, CSA or Austria-Hungary want to buy Libya you might have to add some extras to distinguish your offer from Spain's...
Actually screw it, Spain gets Libya!
  • In Spain, a new fruit monoply in Spain begins to grow in power and wealth resulting in the company Pizzaro Fruit Company (named in honor of Francisco Pizzaro). The company begins to request from any South/Middle American and Asian that fruit/rice/etc plantations be set up there in exchange for some of profits gained. In Cuba, competition begins between the tourist companies loacted across the island though some are purchased Pizzaro F.C.


  • Paraguay: Paraguay, ready to re-enter the world again after finishing the Seven-Year Plan, begins establishing diplomatic relations with new countries, such as Korea. In addition, Paraguay begins stepping up its military and constructing a small navy.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire agrees to sell Libya to Spain, and the money generated from the sale pays off the Ottoman national debt. This allows the Ottoman Empire to try to modernize itself and restore the empire to its former glory.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia continues to expand and tightens her grip on the Sudan as many farms and plantations are set up in the fertile nile basin. The Ethiopian Navy also sets out exploring the east African coast, making contact with the sultans of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is annexed after a short war and serves as a base as Ethiopia expands southwards.
  • Prussia: Prussia's economy continues to boom, and the German Naval Fleet sends some ships to begin grabbing some land in Africa. German ships arrive in the Kongo region. Also, the capital city of Berlin begins to grow, attracting citizens from all across the nation.
France has already colonized the Senegal region
Ah, thank you for pointing that out. Editing.
Sweden and Northern Norway is Russian.
  • French plans to buy Cuba begin, France offers a lot to Spain for Cuba! Also France asks "Politley" to Portugal to buy Portuguese India, basically a bunch of cities!
  • France: Sends soldiers to help the Pro-Bonapartists in Switzerland.
  • Brazil:amps up its navy.
  • Peru's economy grows.
  • Spain itself refuses, tourism and plantations on the island ensure this, not to mention Pizzaro F.C. influence over Cuba.
  • Russia: With Sweden firmly under Russian control the Russian army advances towards Norway. Russian troops prepare for a siege of Oslo. Russia steel and agricultural plans continue. Factories are continued to be built throughout the Balkans and the Balkans infrastructure is upgraded significantly. Russian scientist Stefan Drzewiecki has developed several new models of propeller-driven submarines that has helped submarines to evolve from single-person vessels to a four-man one. As part of the large expenditure of the navy Russia priority is now keen on developing a viable combat submarine and offers large rewards for any scientists that can help them. John Phillip Holland hearing this travels to Russia with plans for a submarine. His plans to have submarines travel for great distances astounds the government who give him whatever resources he needs to develop working military submarine within 5 years. Russia navy is expanded and all new Russian ships are to be built with uniform weapon batteries making them far more effective than their rivals. Steam turbines are continued to be implemented throughout the navy. Railroads and telegraph lines are continued to built throughout Sweden and Russian controlled Norway.
    USCiv 1876Colour

    The World at the end of the 1876 turn

  • Spain: The Spanish military prepares to invade Morocco, although heavy losses are expected.
  • The CSA: Hawaii becomes a CS state, and it people are given citizenship. Another colony is esablished in Africa in the gulf area. It is named Confederate West Africa. Its other colonies continue to expand to the east and the north. A colony is established in eastern Indonesia, and it slowly begins to grow. Naval bases are established in both of these colonies.


  • Paraguay, in order to formally declare its presence as a world power, claims two specific areas, each precisely 1/3 the way around the world from Tocopilla. Rivarola selects the Marshall Islands and Île Sainte-Marie (and parts of northern Madagascar) to be Paraguay's first colonies. The Marshall Islands are meant to give Paraguay a grip on the guano trade, while northern Madagascar is meant to make up for Paraguay's lack of lumber. Paraguay also decides that it will choose for an alliance with the union or confederacy by 1885, and takes any economic or technological offers which either side might give.
  • Brazil's economy grows.
  • Peru's economy continues to grow.
  • The Ottoman Empire begin to create a railway going from Basra, Iraq all the way to Samandağ, Turkey. This new railway was designed to rival the Suez canal and make journey times from the Mediterranean to the Gulf much quicker. This service however had a big problem that a new ship would have to be chartered to travel again from Basra, however this new method would prove useful with Persian traders as they could get to Europe easier and it made travel across the Ottoman Empire easier. However as long as it made more money than it cost to build, the Ottoman rulers didn't care. This was just one part of the large effort to modernize the Ottoman Empire and this was nothing compared to the large scale efforts to amp up the army and navy.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia continues to expand now at an even quicker rate, thanks to the expansion of the Ethiopian rail system. Ethiopia invades Buganda and assumes control of OTL Uganda and OTL Kenya too. Otherwise expansion into Sudan and Tanzania continue. Also Emperor Yohannes IV brings in reforms concerning governance of the land and splits Ethiopia into several Imperial districts, and the creation of border line territory, where Ethiopia has recently expanded into and martial law is in effect. The border line territories of North Sudan, South Sudan, South Lake Buganda (OTL Lake Victoria), Tanzania, Oman, and Arabia are declared. The colony of Sheba is upgraded into the Imperial district of Sheba after the land is declared fully under Ethiopian control.
  • Siamese architects begin construction of a new city in Vietnam, as a tribute to the ancient kingdom of Champa, called Paduranga. Siamese colonists declare war on the Dutch, sending troops over to the Dutch East Indies, easily capturing Bali, and moving into Dutch Borneo. Siamese troops, benefiting from being Asian, receive support from natives, and within six months, Dutch Borneo is annexed by Siam. Troops land in Sumatra from the north and establish a beachhead in Aceh, while plans for the attack of Jakarta are established. Siamese settlers are sent to Sulawesi, colonizing the island. Siam continues to prosper from trade with the tax exempt city of Sarigon becoming a hotspot for Chinese, Japanese and Korean traders, with Hawaiians also being prominent. Siam also requests that the CSA backs off from Hawaii, citing the CSA's policy on slavery. Several Hawaiians immigrate to Siam, after the annexation of their country, and a "Little Hawaii" is formed in Kuala Lumpur. Siam also requests an alliance with Russia, to make it join the Far East Pact.
  • Slavery has already been abolished in the CSA, but I will allow Siam to dock warships in Pearl Harbor free of charge. By the way, I'm back from my conference, thanks for waiting. Besides, Hawaii was taken peacefully, and is now a Confederate State.
  • Why? If slavery is abolished, the existence of the CSA is gone.
  • Actually, I myself was gone for a school trip to New York City.
  • That couldn't be farther from the truth. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee actually expected slavery to naturally fade away. The CSA did not rebel just because of slavery, though slavery is a cause of secession. The CSA was a mainly agrarian place, however, and slavery just wouldn't be faded away so quickly. In time yes, the CSA should stop slavery. For now, however, they should just discourage slavery until it becomes impractical.
  • The CSA: Its colonies continue to grow and expand as ironclad seam frigates continue to be sent there as protection and the colonists feel more comfortable. The flag is changed back to the Stars N Bars. The Confederate Armed Forces are re-modernized as the machine gun continues to near completion.
  • The USA gives the CSA back Florida. Meanwhile, it tries improving relations with the CSA.
  • France:Sends more troops to Switzerland!
  • Condemns Russia!
  • Who are you?
  • Russian troops after six weeks of fighting finally have firm control over the rest of Norway. Russia immediately gives citizenship to all the people within Norway and Sweden. Russia begin building their main naval base for the Atlantic in Bergen. Factories are continued to be built throughout the Balkans and Norway and Sweden are planned to become a huge manufacturing centre for the Russian Atlantic fleet creating the parts for it. John Phillip Holland continues on his submarine plans. Russia sends 3 old Ironclads to central Madagascar filled with weapons and ammunition to help the kingdom of Madagascar fight its war against the CSA and Paraguay all Russia wants is the use of its Ports. Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony of Madagascar accepts and Russia also sends Russian officers to train Madagascar’s troops. Russia continues building railway lines and telegraph poles throughout Sweden and Norway. Huge fortifications outside Constantinople are built in case of any Ottoman counter-attacks. Russia agrees to Siam’s offer.
  • Russia is not declaring war on the CSA they are arming the government of Madagascar and training their army in return for the privilege of docking and resupplying on their island. Russia also accepts Spain's alliance offer.
  • Prussia continues to prosper, and, eventually, Germany orders the invasion of Denmark. It is expected to take a year or two to fully subdue. Meanwhile, factories spread all over the German Empire, with the nation rapidly industrializing. Also, the German colony in the Kongo expands eastward along the Congo River Basin.
  • Siam is happy to have Russia and Prussia in the new League of Emperors, and while it cannot help in Russia's just war against the CS, due to the conflict with the Dutch, they state they will help in any future conflicts.
  • Spain offers Russia an alliance against the Confederate States, its ironclad navy prepared along with its army. Meanwhile, Pizzaro F.C. sends money to Spain to help its military expand along with factory construction.
  • Siam offered Spain 12 000 000 dollars for Philippines, and extends Spain membership to the League of Emperors should Russia ally with them.
  • At the moment this is being considered by the king of Spain, be prepared for whatever his majesty's decision will be.


  • France;Colonys expand. France sends a regiment to help the Germans. France asks when the Prusso-Danish war is over if it can have the Danish Nicobar Islands.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia and the Ottoman Empire sign an agreement and divide unclaimed Arabia between them. Ethiopian troops start a large campaign and defeat many Arabian warlords and look certain to take most of the region within a year or two. With victory in Arabia looking certain, Abrahamic priests go to the various conquered towns and villages converting the populace to Abrahamism, (which is now the largest and offical relgion of Ethiopia); to try to stop any post-invasion uprisings. The Sudan campaign ends after conquering all of the Sudan, and establishing relations with Darfur kingdom, making it a protectorate of Ethiopia. This happens because expansion into Arabia and Tanazina is seen to be more important. Ethiopian Emperor Yohannes IV also gives the thumbs up, to the idea of a league of Emperors (mostly because it was his idea); and he sets up measures to get this league to start offically and to help each of the member's respected nations to co-operate and grow.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman's and Ethiopians sign the treaty of Basra in order to divide unruled Arabia between the two nations. They set up their own spheres of influence in the area and quickly invade the territories given to them by the treaty before Britain asks for a bigger piece of Arabia. The Ottoman Empire army and navy continues to amp up, and they ask for admision into the league of Emperor's and they ask for Russia to return east Constantinople and have the Bosporus as their international border. Note that this a polite request, which Russia is free to object, rather than an ultimatum.
  • Switzerland;The Civil WAR continues!
  • Brazil:amps up its navy.
  • Siam: Siam continues their invasion of the Dutch East Indies, and is able to capture Sumatra, prompting the Dutch to quickly surrender, as reinforcements cannot get there quickly enough, establishing a Siamese power base in Southeast Asia, and giving the lands to Siam, as the Emperor eyes the British lands to the South and the North. The island of New Guinea is quickly settled, barring the British area, and several Hawaiian immigrants settle there, along with a small Dutch and Native community, after the area is designated a free trade zone for the international community.
  • Paraguay enters a period of stable growth. They continue to send colonists to the Marshall Islands and Madagascar, and plan to continue over the next few years. Large forts are established in two locations during the year: one on the Aúr Atoll (Aur Atoll), and another in the centre of the island of Santa María (Île Ste-Marie), where many settlers are sent, mostly of Spanish descent. Small docks are built, and Paraguay hopes these two colonies will eventually become large centres of trade with the rest of the world.
  • Paraguay sending colonists? really? It sounds a bit weird, as I personally think that their power base should remain in the Americas.
  • A bit, but this isn't meant to be major, it's only supposed to be a source of lumber and guano, and in order to compete with European powers for control of major transportation corridors.
  • Prussia continues the invasion of Denmark, having trouble with such a small countryside. However, the sheer power of the German military powers it through. The colony in Africa continues to expand eastward and to the south. Also, the Kaiser openly supports the League of Emperors.
  • Russia will return eastern Constantinople and have the Bosporus as their international border on the condition that Russia is given the city of Basra and 5 miles of countryside surrounding it. Russia continues to build railroads and hearing of this new invention of telephone lines begin upgrading all existing lines and transforming them into telephone lines giving jobs to millions of workers to complete this project. Russia steel and agricultural plans continue on schedule and Russia Atlantic navy is continued to be built having been the most advanced navy in the world thanks too uniform batteries and with steam turbines allowing them to be faster than their rivals. Russia first submarine capable of going long distances without help from ships is built ( THIS IS TOP SECRET NO ONE KNOWS NOT EVEN RUSSIA'S ALLIES) is built Russian officers continue to train Madagascar’s troops and sends some light artillery over to help them in their wars. Russia begins using Madagascar's ports. If the Ottoman Empire agrees to Russia trade Russia offers to connect the Middle East to Europe and the Americas for a price but which allow the Ottomans to send their products throughout the world.
The Ottomans will give you a 99-year lease to Basra and let you build a railway connecting Basra to Russia.
Russia accepts.
The CSA: Thanks is given to the USA, as well as 20,000 tons of cotton in thanks for its industry. The CSA gives permission to the USA to dock warships in Hawaii.


Triumvirate Alliance.:

  • Empire of Siam
  • Empire of Prussia/Germany
  • Empire of Korea
  • Empire of Japan
  • Empire of Russia
  • The Kingdom of Madagascar (well its practically in, anyway)

Nations in the Entente:

  • The Confederate States of America
  • France
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Peru
  • Empire of Ethiopia
  • Brazil

Cross Alliance, alliances

  • Prussia-Brazil

Neutral Countries

  • Spain (alliance with Russia though)
  • USA
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Britain
  • Italy
  • Ottoman Empire
  • All other nations without a player, unless stated above

  • France:Invades Madagascar. Colinizes Parts of Sudan, Eritria, and Somalia. These lands are all owned by Ethiopia. You can go into Madagascar though, I suggest you expand your existing colonies instead of making new ones.
  • Switzerland:The Civil War ends and Switzerland becomes a Socialist Republic!
  • Ethiopia:Ethiopian expansion into Arabia concludes, after the Ethiopian navy sailed around and invaded Oman from the Gulf. This pincer movement by the Ethiopian army and Navy finishes their invasion of Arabia. Expansion into Tanazina finishes after they reach the border of Portuguese Mozambique. The borders around the vast Ethiopian empire are strenghened, and a period of giving infrastructure to all of the newly conquered lands begins, and many forts are built across the land.
  • Ottoman Empire: The expansion into Arabia concludes, and the Ottomans set about implementing their law on their new land. Infrastructure in the empire improves with the new railway into Russia. The Ottomans begin building another railway, this time from Samandağ to Ankara to East Constantinople. These efforts help the Ottoman Empire to industrialize and generally improve the Ottoman economy.
  • The CSA: the CSA asks France to withdraw form its colonies of Madagascar and offers the USA an alliance. Warships and troops are sent to Madagascar.

Please note that the CSA are in south Madagascar, Paraguay in North East Madagascar, France in North West Madagascar, and the Russian-backed Kingdom of Madagascar in the center of Madagascar. You don't own Madagascar yet. Plus France & the CSA are both meant to be allies as you're both in the Entente.

  • Brazil:leaves the Entente. it asks if it can join the league of emperors, claiming that its alliance with Prussia (~1870) would null Brazil's membership in Entente, since Prussia went to the League of Emperors.
  • Peru:opposes Brazil's decision and the President Manuel Pardo declares that Peru will stay in the Entente.
  • The CSA: The Entente agrees with the joint alliance to fuse there two alliances and sever the alliances with the league of Emperors nations and make one grand alliance by the continued name of the Entente. The CSA encourages the other Entente members to vote for fusion of the two alliances. If the Entente nations vote gainst it, it shall be withdrawn. The Entente Diplomacy Page will be created with the following link: US Civil War (Map Game) Entente Page

Not sure why this was taken out by Lordganon, but I digress; there are some problems with this. Firstly the issue of the Entente and Joint Alliance was ignored and never really happened. You should of really brought this up in 1875.6 when this issue arrised (however I do know you were busy on a school trip at the time so I guess it was bad timing); but to be honnest, a large super alliance wouldn't really help this game. When I first came up with the league of Emperor's idea it was to be Prussia, Ethiopia & Russia. Then there would be three alliances, facing off against each other. I (VonGlusenburg/Ethiopia) first told Prussia about this plan, and as we were discussing Russia entered the Far East Pact, ruining the initial plan in some respects. As for the current situation, I'm a bit confused on what we should do. I just wanna invade Egypt and the Maldives. Siam wants India, Russia wants Afghanistan and Prussia wants some British colonies.

So hows about we scrap the league of emperor's, and just have an Anti-British alliance and attack Britain, who is unalligned to any alliances. We could do without the cross alliance mini-alliances like Prussia & Russia's, or Brazil and Prussia's, etc; if we want to avoid a similar problem in the future.

  • Prussia's invasion of Denmark continues, nearly reaching a conclusion. Only a few pockets of Danish resistance remain, and they will be easy to subdue. Meanwhile, Prussia declares a meeting of the League of Emperors in the capital city of Berlin, with the huge controversy over the new alliance. Prussia' economy continues to boom.
  • Russia begins plan for making Basra a major port in the Indian Ocean. When the train system in the Ottoman Empire is completed parts will begin to be sent from Russia to allow the beginning of ship building. The submarine tests are positive and the first submarine travels 60 miles. Russia continues its top secret research into submarine building hoping to build feasible weapons for its submarines in the future. More weapons and artillery is sent to the Kingdom of Madagascar and Russia officers report that the Kingdoms army is well trained and will be able to keep central Madagascar from Paraguay, French and CSA hands as they have a larger army and are now trained in Western styles. Russia's steel and agricultural plans are completed and are a huge success Russia now is completely self sufficient agriculturally and is now the largest steel manufacturer in the World. Russia's Parliament votes to leave the league of Emperors as they believe that it will obstruct Russia's plans in the future. Russia also requests that Prussia leaves the League. Russia first act is to declare war on the Austrian-Hungarian Empire as they have not returned Romania (Russia has 2 million troops and lots of artillery placed on their borders from earlier posts). The Austrian-Hungarians are taken by surprise as they believed Russia was their ally and are completely unprepared for such a large force invading them and are pushed back 100 miles. Russia begins advancing slowly and offers the German speaking lands of Austria-Hungary and the Polish land to them if they invade so basically halving Austria-Hungary between Russia and Prussia. Russia sends ships up the Adriatic and land 1000 highly trained troops at the Kras Plateau to disrupt the Austrian-Hungarian supply chain. Russia's naval plan is continued to be implemented. Russia's navy is put on high alert for any attacks the League of Emperors may send at it. The Russian empires population has reached about 110 million. Russia also begins mobilising its army and Russia also asks Siam to leave the League and the three countries will form the Triumvirate Alliance.
  • Siam: Siam agrees to leave, but wants the Far East Pact integrated, as to keep their allies against China. Siam also looks to the west, and looking at the colonization of Africa, several aides propose creating one. Their only obstacle being Britain, they simply decide to attack, as British attention lies elsewhere. First off, a ship of troops attack the port city of Calcutta, and Siamese regiments mount an invasion of weaker British lands of Borneo and Singapore, annexing them rather easily, within weeks of fighting. Rangoon is taken within the six months as well, and Calcutta is taken
    US Civil-war-map-game 1877 Colour

    The world at the end of 1877

    (navally, meaning it is a foothold and not connected to the other Siamese invasions. Contingents of troops attack the Andaman islands, and the port city of Madras is under siege, and blockaded navally, and is one of the harder battles, being severely separated from the main front. Within the six months, with plans being drawn up for the annexation of India into the Greater Siamese Empire, and the Siamese ambassador to Moscow shows these to the Russian Tsar, giving him control over Arabia and Afghanistan, according to the Durand line. The eastern African colonies, as well as Heligoland would be German, as well as Guyana.

OK then seeing that the league of Emperor's has just fallen apart in a turn, tells just pretend that it never happened. The two world alliances are now the Entente and the Triumvirate Alliance. The two alliance lists at the top have been amended.

You missed the CS colony in our time Indonesia (the unclaimed portions), and the CS colony in OTL Cameroon and Nigeria, which at this point are still small, but claima good size portion of the coast.

Sorry, I'll add them in the next map. I'm doing maps for the end of each year now

  • Argentina: Argentine troops invade Chile an quickly cut it into severl parts afeter crossing the moutains and establishing a blackade of the Chilean coast. It is expected to become Argentine territory by 1878.


  • Ethiopia: After seeing the British in India being attacked by Siam, the Ethiopians and Ottomans form a plot to invade British territory around the red sea. They agree to post war borders and attack Britain from all fronts. The Ethiopian navy sail up and seize the Suez Cannal as well as many other coastal towns in Africa and Hejaz. The Ethiopian armies also march into Hejaz from Sheba and into Egypt from Sudan. The initial assault takes the British by surpise and allows the Ethiopians to seize many modern British weapons and ships. The captured British ships are given to Ethiopian sailors who sail through the Suez cannal and bombard / blockade the Nile delta. Ethiopia also re-joins the Entente after the league of Emperor's fell apart, and not being offered membership to the Triumvirate Alliance.
  • Ethiopia is not part of the Triumvirate.
  • I know, I was saying Ethiopia re-joins the Entente because the league of Emperors broke up and Ethiopia weren't offered membership to the Triumvirate.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire sign an agreement to divide British colonies in the Red Sea region between them. The Ottomans and Ethiopians take part in a large scale assault, taking the British by surprise. The Ottomans advance quickly through the the levant and send in ships to bombard Alexandria.
  • France:Buys the top 1/3 and 1/6 of Portuguese East Africa for a lot of money.
  • Siam continues their invasion of India, but lose the siege of Madras, retreating into the sea, and continuing their siege of Calcutta, capturing the city. By now, Siamese troops push into India, and all British territory in Burma is taken. The Bengal invasion culminates in the annexation of the region, and with the Siamese Emperor declaring that he is the rightful Emperor of India. Several infantries move west into Patna, while a small contingent of troops easily capture British New Guinea, annexing the region. The surrender of Calcutta improves troop morale, and Siamese ships blockade Australia.
  • I might not be able to play until after Monday, so someone placehold for me.
  • Brazil: amps up its navy.
  • Prussia/Germany: Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, finally falls to German forces, and is declared two new provinces of the German Empire. Meanwhile, the Germans take up the Russians on their offer, and begin massing troops at the borders between Austria and Germany. The German Kongo Colony expands to the east and south.
  • Russia: The Russian railway is expanded in Norway and Sweden and the Russian telegraph line is continued to be upgraded to a telephone line throughout Russia. Russia continues its secret submarine tests and continues and the first feasible torpedo is implemented. Russia continues its research into allowing the submarine to be self sufficient. Russian officers continue to train the kingdom of Madagascar troops in western fighting styles. Trenches are built on either side of the Kingdoms territory to stop any invasions from CSA, Paraguay or France. Russian troops continue to advance against the Austria-Hungarian army who continue to fall back as they do not have the forces to engage in a pitched battle. Russian troops that were sent to the Kras Plateau have succeeded in disrupting Austrian-Hungarian supply lines and the Austrian-Hungarian army has very little food. Russia has made it to OTL Hungary and all Austria-Hungary is up to there is under Russian control. Russia six-year naval plan is continued to be implemented. Russia continues to mobilise its armies.
  • The CSA: CS troops are sent to India in an attempt to create a buffer zone between British India and Siam. The CSA sends dozens of ironclad steam frigates as well and strips Siam of its right ot dock warships in Hawaii, saying: "this unrightous attack on another country for no reason other than to gain more territory is wrong unless they are given equal status with the rest of the Siamese Empire, and that if it is not stopped the Entente will send troops and warships to help the attacked nation as well as Siams loss of Northern Burma to Britain," or in other words: STOP "And even though we may not be the worlds strongest nation, Liberty of an attacked nation will be defended until the end." The CSA offers Britain, the USA, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay (already a member of the Entente), Italy, and the Ottoman Empire membership in the Entente as well as seats in the Entente War and Trade Council. Hawaii begins to build fortifications and turning out warships in case war does occur between Siam and the CSA and/or Entente.
  • The crossed out actions are highly impossible. The CSA does not have the manpower, and realistically cannot deploy troops to India. Even Britain only had some British officers in India, with the actual manpower being mostly Indian. The type of action you described is more a 20th century battle scheme and not 19th. Also, Siam has Eastern India blockaded, and any troops coming in to India would be sunk, as it is the homeground of the Siamese navy.
  • Argentina: Chile finally falls to Argentine troops and its provences are given equal status with the original Argentione provinces, quickly ending many if not a majority of the rebellions going on there. Te US constitution is used as a model for anew constitution which is expected to be completed by 1878.6. Argentina is renamed the South American Union or SAU, which accepts the CS offer to join the Entente.


  • The CSA: The CS Armed forces are mobilized, but the USA is notified not to worry, and that if the USA feels uncomfortable, it will not be seen as a threat if it to mobilizes its Armed Forces, as the CSA is preparing for Siams response to the CSA's comment on its war with Britain. CS naval vessels are sent to Hawaii and Madagascar as well as troops in case of war with the Siam.
  • The SAU: The armed forcwes are modernized and the new Constitution is completed. The New Flag of the SAU looks much like Chile's old flag except that it has five blue and red alternating stripes and 33 stars for the number of provinces on a white background. Mnay Chilean provinces were merged to form larger, more rational sized provinces. I will be at gone for a few days, so please don't mess with the USA while I'm away. I'm going to be at another conference. I may be able to write some things here, but not very much, thanks. JSimcox 20:08, April 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Russia: Russia seeing the CSA aggression towards its ally sends four of its newest most powerful ships to Madagascar and link up with its Ironclads. Russia than sends its ships in the way of the CSA ships and will not allow its ships to dock at Madagascar unless it pulls out of the Indian Ocean. Russia continues its secret submarine tests and Russia begins mass production of submarines. Russia continues to invade Austria hungary and get to the capital Budapest and after finally forcing the Austrian-Hungarians to a pitched battle massacre them with superior amounts of men and artillery. Russia six year naval plan is continued to be implemented. Russia continues to mobilise its armies. Russia six year naval plan is continued to be implemented. Russia continues to mobilise its armies.
  • Prussia/Germany: German troops pour over the Austrian border, attacking the lands of Bohemia and and Tyrol first, scoring numerous victories. Austrian forces are battled at the Second Battle of White Mountain, where the Austrians lose a decisive battle. Meanwhile, Germany condemns the CSA and supports Siam's actions against "a long-dying power".
  • The Austro Hungarian military is prepared for this. In their years of isolationism (excuse for me not posting in a while) after years of drilling and training through a new method called "Wargames" where the recruits are put through realistic combat training. William II, a field marshall from Germany creates the brilliant Triol plan. The plan was that a series of quick engagements against German suppply depots would suck the army dry and force it to fall back. The plan was suucseful yet it eventually lead to bogged down trench warfare along the original border. Austria Hungary sends a peace treaty to Germany. There is no border changes yet both parties have to pay for war damages.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Sultan will join the Entente on the condition, that the Ottoman-Ethiopian pact to split up British Arabia stands & they can take back their former lands in the levant. They however do not condem Siam, and are only joining the Entente really because the Triumvirate didn't offer the Ottoman's membership. They don't really want to take part in a war against the Triumvirate since they are trying to re-build their country and also don't like the British.
  • Ethiopia: The Emperor calls for peace in the world but vows to continue the invasion of British Egypt and declares it part of Ethiopia. They ask the CSA to reconsider its stance and to maybe to take some British territories themselves. The invasion into Egypt up the Nile reaches luxor. The Ethiopian navy also invade the Maldives and other British Indian ocean islands including the Chagos Archipelago, and the Agalega Islands. The Ethiopian navy becomes the premier power in the Arabian Sea and North western Indian Ocean as a result of these invasions.
  • Siam: Siam tells the CSA to respectfully back off, but guarantees that no CS territory will be affected in their war with Britain, also stating that the Siamese Emperor is planning on giving Indians equal rights as the other peoples in the Siamese daispora. The invasion of India continues, with Calcutta reinforced, and with the push of Patna being successful, Siamese troops pour into the invasion of Oudh and into Delhi. Siam signs a treaty with some of the Princely States in India, offering them better privileges, thus garnering the support of the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Majaras of Travancore, Jodhpur, Orissa, Makran and Kashmir.The naval presence in Australia continues, effectively leaving the Indian Ocean in Siamese control. Surprisingly, the Emperor announces Calcutta as the new capital of the Empire of India, from Vietnam to Punjab, from New Guinea to Ceylon. The new move is a shock to many, but since all people are guaranteed equal rights, unrest is curbed.
    USCiv 1878Colour

    The World at the end of 1878

  • I got wi-fi, here in Boston, so I can respond today and tomorrow :) Batmanary
  • Brazil:amps up its army.

Siam controls all of New Guinea and Indonesia, after several settling programs, and a war with the Dutch.

The CSA & Portugal had also established colonies in the area before Siam had moved in so unless you declare war on them or buy them, then they're not moving. You are currently at war with Britain too, so I doubt you could really spare the manpower to take all of non-sovereign Indonessia, which is fairly unexplored at this time, so progress would be slow, considering your navy is blockading India against the world's strongest naval power; you wouldn't have any ships to spare to take over the rest of Indonessia. However I have amended the Dutch East Indies situation & British Borneo.

I mentioned Siam colonizing New Guinea and Sulawesi long ago. I understand Portugal has one island, but where in the world did the CSA colonize any place near Indonesia? It's hugely impossible that they colonized throughout an area so far and fast, without even having a huge population. They would have overstretched their navy. Plus I can in fact spare ships to take Indonesia, due to the fact that the Suez is Ethiopian, meaning Britain is practically cut off from their easy pass into India, increasing the sheer exhaustion that their troops would go through, and destroy the morale of their troops.

The CSA apologises to Siam.


  • Siam: Siam recruits several Bengali soldiers, and the 1st Calcutta regiment spearheads the invasion of Oudh, which is annexed fairly easily. The siege of Delhi took an enormous toll on the defenders, with several Britishers starving to death as a result of the lack of supplies, leading to a surrender that breaks the spirit of the British. Kashmiri forces take Shimla, and Hyderabadi forces attack Madras from behind, allowing a Siamese attack on Madras, capturing that city, as well. By the end, due to alliances with several more Princely States, which agree to join Siam, Britain effectively only controls the Bombay Presidency. The Siamese Navy moves into the Maldives from the north, setting up a Princely State there (meaning it should be shown as part of Siam). Siam officially changes its name to the Empire of India, with the capital in Calcutta. All of my turns will now be shown as India, and when other countries refer to Siam, it should be to India, not Siam.
Ethiopia has just invaded the Maldives and made it their colony. You can still invade the Lakshadweep Islands though.
  • Brazil: Brazil declares war against Uruguay; which is invaded, a part of Uruguay, including Montevideo, is already in Brazilian control by the end of June, despite various casualties.
  • Peru: Peru send armies to Western Uruguay to help Brazil in its attempted re-conquest of Uruguay.
  • Ottoman Empire: The invasion into the Levant continues with Jerusalem coming under siege; however they reach an agreement with the British occupying Jerusalem to be able to freely move out to Jaffa; as the Ottomans didn't want to damage the holy city. The British main forces in the Levant move to Jaffa where they meet the Ottoman army in a large battle; which the result of was inconclusive, however the British lost the majority of their man power in the Levant region, allowing the Ottomans to greatly out number the British in further battles. The British lose the Hejaz region to joint Ottoman-Ethiopian forces.
  • Ethiopia: Forces take Luxor and continue to advance up the Nile and they reach Minya which is put under siege. British forces in the red sea though are defeated and the Egyptian/Hejaz Red Sea coastline is taken under Ethiopian control. The British lose the Hejaz region to joint Ottoman-Ethiopian forces. Troops are redirected to Suez where they march west to Cairo, which comes under siege.
  • I doubt that the invasions of the Middle East would happen this quickly. Britain's navy would have had the utmost priority in retaking the Suez, and they have the strongest navy in the world at this time, so you get my point.
Yeah I do, how about I add a large British assault on the Suez? Eventually defeated though of course...
  • Prussia/Germany: The Netherlands are targeted next, with its fertile land being the primary cause. German troops build up along the German-Dutch border. German troops in Austria return back to the German border, and ask Austria for the Sudetenland.
  • Paraguay sets up a small trading post at OTL Lagos. By now Paraguay has annexed a large part of Madagascar's OTL Antsiranana and Toamasina Divisions, as well as the entire Marshall Islands. Civil unrest begins to occur in captured areas on Madagascar, due to the strict imposition of Spanish and Guaraní culture. However, Paraguay maintains a hold on the captured territory. Meanwhile, Paraguay secretly agrees to send troops to Uruguay in exchange for a third Atlantic port, which Brazil may select at its own leisure, but it must have established port facilities. Paraguay also continues on its economy, having been declared self-sufficient and a major guano exporter.
  • Austria Hungary: Germany will only receive the Sudetenland if it agrees to pay for war damages committed by its soldiers. The Austro Hungarian navy is being built up, eying a water bound invasion of Greece. The massacre in Budapest by the Russian military is a perfect tool for propaganda. Many men join the military and fight fiercely. The war bogs down in the Carpathians, where the fierce weather leads to horrible fighting conditions. The Austro Hungarian partisan movement operates also in Russian territory, where it burns down and slaughters whole villages as vengeance for Budapest. After the genius military engagements in the Austro Hungarian-German War by her troops Austria Hungary declares war on Switzerland, the war goes well for Austria. The treaty of Bern is signed which states that Switzerland be annexed by Austria Hungary. A African colony is set up by war refuges.
  • '§ Where in the Carpathians? It’s quite big and I find it hard to believe that you could push back the Russians at all so quickly as they have been preparing for this attack for years. Also Russia has you ports blockaded from previous posts and any ship been built would be destroyed by the Russian navy. I would be will to give you back Budapest and OTL Hungary if I kept OTL Romania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina otherwise it will be total war and Russia is mobilising an army that will be 10 million strong.'

  • Sure, I'm not that fond with that area anyway

Prussia agrees to pay war damages.

  • The USA offers the CSA an alliance. The USA actually mobilizes its military and prepares to invade British Canada.
  • France Invades Morocco demanding its annexation. France takes over Belgium.
  • Spain: Spanish troops correspond with France invasion by launching there own which had been prepared a few years ago which gave them enough time to study the terrain and strategic territory and also train the troops. Meanwhile, Spanish troops near Egypt strike a hard, unexpected attack on British soldiers defending the area resulting in war with Britain; in order to help defeat the British in Egypt, joint-offensive plans are sent to Ethiopia to be considered.
Ethiopia will give you part of western Egypt like up to El Daba, but the Nile Delta will be Ethiopian.
  • Russia: Russia halts its troops in Austria-Hungary in order to hear the reply from Austria-Hungary. Russia has mobilised its armies through conscription and a year's training has four million able men. One million men are sent to Russian Alaskan that has a population close to three million thanks to the subsidizes of the Russian government and the gold Rush. Russia prepares to invade Canada as Russia needs more room for its expanding population in the Americas and offers the USA to take the Western half of Canada. Russia suggests that the USA take the provinces Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, With Russia taking Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. Russia sends two million men to the Persian border, one million at OTL Armenia and one million at OTL Turkmenistan preparing a pincer movement against the Persian armies which are quite bad and disorganised at this time. Trenches and artillery has been built throughout the Kingdom of Madagascar borders and supplies are sent from Basra. Shipbuilding has begun in earnest in and a new fleet has been approved by Parliament to build an Arabian Sea fleet. Russia will soon have a fleet in every Ocean Russia's major Ports are in the Black Sea at Sevastopol, Norway at Bergen Vladivostok and on the Aleutian islands. Russia continues its top secret search into submarines and Russia now has 10 working submarines with working torpedoes. Russia naval fleet has been completely overhauled and is now considered the largest and most effective navy in the world. The Russian telegraph line is continued to be upgraded to a telephone line throughout Russia and Russia's six-year naval plan is continued to be implemented.
  • Austria Hungary requests a cease fire with Russia.
  • Russia agrees


  • Prussia continues the conquest of the Netherlands, making huge advances. Meanwhile, the Prussian economy continues to boom, and money is used to construct a series of heavy defenses in the Ore Mountains of the Sudetenland.
  • Britain surrenders all of India to Siam, following the rebellion of the Princely States, greatly weakening its power. Siam promptly declares itself the Empire of Asia, shedding India as the sole title following a bit of unrest. Siam looks to Japan, its ally, and covertly arranges for the Japanese Emperor's eldest son to marry the Emperor of Asia's only child, his daughter. The baby, born very soon is heavily protected. An agent of the Emperor poisons the Shogun and helps Emperor Meiji take control of Japan, thus cementing their alliance and the Asian Empire's hold on Japan.
  • France continnues its attakc on Belgium and invests in Scientific Research.
  • Austria Hungary improves its navy, eyeing the last balkan nation not in Russian hands, Greece. To lower the chance of revolution Austria Hungary changes its political system to one similar to the that of Great Britain.
  • Paraguay expands its Lagos colony inland, as well as its Madagascar colony. It continues to work on its economy, and works on military innovation.
  • The Ottoman Empire finish their attack on the British controlled Levent territory and remove the British from the area. They agree peace terms with Britain including the neutralization of the Suez Canal which is to be the Ottoman-Ethiopian border.
  • Ethiopia continues to push back the British in Egypt, which goes at a quicker rate now thanks to the Spannish attack on Egypt too. The British launch a large assault on Suez but this is repelled; the British situation worsens in Egypt thanks to the loss of the Levent.
  • Popular disatisfaction with the actions of the Confederate government force it out, an it is replaced by a more isolationist government that concentrates on bringing wealth to its populace. The CSA is renamed the Confederates States of Southron.
  • More of Canada is taken by the USA.
  • Spain: The Main Spanish fleet is transferred to the Medditerrain to prevent the British in Egypt from gaining support and supplies while also acting as support for the army. Meanwhile, Spanish troops in Morraco continue to advance although fortifications at the West coast slow down the Spanish there.
  • Russia sends orders to attack on the Afghanistan, Persian and Canadian fronts. Russia make huge progress against the Persians as their military is in shambles and the Russian have sent 2 million troops into their country. Russia defeats the Persians at every battle which completely demoralises Persian troops causing mass desertion. Russia attack into Afghanistan is halted relatively quickly as the Afghanis are fighting hit and run battles the Russian army is told to invade Persia which it does from the east opening another front against Persia. Russia also makes massive gains in Canada as there are very few people living in the parts of the country that Russia is invading. Russia naval programme is complete and Russia now has the greatest navy in the world. Russia now has 50 submarines. The Russian telegraph line is continued to be upgraded to a telephone line throughout Russia
    USCiv 1879-Colour

    The World at the end of 1879

  • Too short a timeframe. Please make it a bit longer, perhaps 1885?
  • Russia has been upgrading and expanding its navy since 1866 and it had the 3rd largest navy in the worl in OTL Britain been destroyed and iv upgraded and expanded far more tha,n anyone else. Also iv spent half my military spending for the last 6 years purely on my navy and naval research with the Russian economy having direct links from Europe to America to the Middle East and Asia. Russia is an economic powerhouse so it stands to reason that Russia would have this kind of navy. I as you to unstrike that.


  • The US upgrades its navy. Meanwhile, more of Canada is taken. The USA proposes a pact with the CSS (The Confederacy is called Southron now) called the American Pact. If it is accepted, the CSS and the USA will protect each other in case of war, there will be open trade between the two nations, and there will be events (like sports) every two years.
  • The Ethiopians and Spannish defeat the British in Egypt. The Ethiopians begin a large infrastructure improvement program including the extension of the Ethiopian railway up the Nile. They also nationalise the Suez cannal after establishing the Suez as the international border between Ethiopia between and the Ottoman Empire. Passage for the Entente members will be free whereas other nations will have to pay a small fee. However Ethiopia is willing to become allies with other nations and let them pass through freely.
  • Brazil succesfully annexes the rest of Uruguay, which is turned into a province.
  • Paraguay continues expansion in all of its colonies, and reaches the Solomon Islands. Easter Island is captured that same year. The Lagos colony begins to expand eastward. It proposes to Ethiopia and Siam (Siam is called the Empire of Asia, or Asia, now.) to create a circumnavigational rail/waterway around the world, from New Guinea to the Marshall Islands, across the ocean to Paraguay, through the Lagos colony, across the Bab el Mandeb, then the Strait of Hormuz, continuing through India and then Indonesia.
  • The Empire of Asia, now in full control of India, due to the British retreat, negotiates the annexation of Australia and all of the Indian Ocean and Pacific settlements the British Empire had, as well as South Africa, in exchange for having to pay no reparations, which the British gladly accept, in order to focus on the Levant and North America campaigns. Asia offers 1 000 000 dollars for the Maldives, with Asia saying that the money could go towards the Ethiopian war effort against Britain, and also asks them to leave the Entente and join the Triumvirate. Asia also reminds Spain of the buying of Philippines, as Spain is very far away from the colony which is isolated. Asia, however will let Spain have unrestricted trade access in Manila and Spanish citizens will be allowed to stay in the colony. Siam continues its Navy, and creates a submarine model of its own. Unaware of Russia's success in creating this already, they offer the designs to the Russian Navy. The funding for the Navy increases as the Empire aims to become the best Navy in the world.
Ethiopia refuses to sell the Maldives as it an estential part of ensuring Ethiopian naval supremacy in the Arabian Sea. They also don't need the money as Britain has been defeated. As for joing the Triumvirate and leaving the Entente, they ask what they could get in exchange for joining.
Closer allies, stronger pact, and guarantee of interests in Arabia and Africa, as well as joining the two biggest Naval powers, Asia and Russia. Also Maldives is not essential to the naval supremacy in the Arabian Sea, if the Ethiopian Navy gets free access to Asian ports (ie Goa and Surat, for example).
How about Ethiopia join & we keep the Maldives; and a clause is added to the alliance so we can use all of our allies' ports?
pretty sure it's a given.
  • The 3 million strong Russian army make huge gains in Persia as they simply overwhelm all Persian defences by sheer numbers and within 6 months Tehran is taken. Russia begins a new 3 year naval plan focusing solely on R&D this is to improve current ships and their submarine fleet. Russia thank the Asian empire for their plans but tell them that they do not need any plans as they are in the middle of designing their own plans but offer plans on steam engines which will increase their ships speed. Russia sends 300 men and three ships to Greenland and claims it as their own. There is little resistance as the population is extremely low. The Russian telegraph line is continued to be upgraded to a telephone line throughout Russia. Russia begins.
  • The Austro Hungarian Navy is now strong enough to start an amphibious invasion of Greece. The invasion force stikes major ports with massive bobardment and then toops land. Troops move through the beachheads and the miniscule Gracean amy can not withstand the invasion. The war bogs down in the Gracean highlands, yet when more reinforcements arive Greece surenders and is annexed.
  • Southron accepts the American offer of an alliance. Southern nationalism is encouraged, and the government looks to Native American influences as well as the French, Hispanic and Creole cultures to create a unique Southron culture. However, another wing of 'WASPS' (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) reacts to this with violence. The threat of a Southron Civil War rises. Railroads are built more thickly over the nation, connecting most of the major cities. A new flag is introduced, based on the old Confederate battle flag, but as a cross not a saltire, and with the red and blue swapped around. The WASPS use the original battle flag. The old conservatives retain the Stars and Bars. The government states that the overseas colonies are costing more than they are getting out of them. Southron West Africa is freed as New Southron, a target for black migration. The other Confederate colonies are put up for sale to the highest bidder.


  • The Ottoman empire, now the only sovereign Muslim nation in the world begins to call the Muslims of the world to come live in their nation. A great effort to better the country follows including lots of modernization efforts. They ask Ethiopia if they would be willing to trade the Hejaz region (so Mecca was in Muslim hands) for some land across the Ottoman Empire.
Ethiopia is willing to trade Hejaz for Sinai, Qatar, Bahrain and Crete.
The Ottomans accept this offer.
  • Ethiopia offer to buy the CSA colony in Nigeria-Cameroon and Ethiopian expansion into unclaimed Africa continues and expands into OTL Malawi, Zambia, Chad, Central African Republic, South Libya and the Congo Basin. They claim all of this area to be Ethiopian and African, and that Africans should rule Africa as the base to this claim. They reach agreements with neighbouring countries about their borders (this will be shown in the next map) and set out extending the railways to create a Pan-African line going from Djibouti to Nigeria. The Ethiopian navy also is expanded to ensure total dominance over the Arabian and Red Seas and to become the greatest naval power in the world.
  • Asia asked for the Maldives for $ 1,000,000.
  • And we refused last turn
  • You are expanding much too quickly... at this rate all of Africa will be Ethiopian within two years...
  • Compared to defeating Siam defeating the British in India, Australia, Burma and then buying all of Portugal's colonies, it's pretty believable.
  • All the Africans he is conquering have spears and shields vs heavy artillery and guns I'd say it had be a pretty short battle. The only problem is that there are so many cultures and they're so backward it would take at least a generation to make the conquered peoples useable in a war.
  • I was not referring the amount of land, but the time. Expansion into Egypt and everything I get. but already reaching the Atlantic Coast? That's my only problem. It would take a bit longer.
  • Ethiopia was yet to reach the Atlantic. I was just showing Ethiopia's claims to the land and where they were expanding to.
  • Southron replies to the Ethiopian offer. They cannot sell the West Africa colony since has already been given independence, so as to facilitate the 'Back to Africa' Movement. The conservatives align themselves to the liberals, against the Wasps. Violence stirred up by Wasps breaks out in Alabama and other states in the Deep South.
So just the CSA colony in OTL Nigeria (the West Africa colony) gained independence?
Yes, only Southron West Africa. All other colonies are up for sale.
  • Russia finishes its conquest of Persia and begins a project of modernisation for the territory creating railroads and telephone lines throughout Persia and shipyards and manufacturing plants. Russia' Persian army is now redirected to OTL Afghanistan. The Russian navy begins development on a project in completing the first OTL Dreadnought type Battleships this is estimated to take from three to five years to complete. Russia continues to build submarines and will soon have 20 in every Ocean. Russia sends the three ships from Greenland to annex Iceland There is some resistance from the populace but after 30 minutes of fighting Iceland surrenders and joins the Russian Empire. Russia puts its troops in Russian Canada on high alert and send six Russian ships down the US coast in case the US decide to declare war on Russia.
  • Asian settlers arrive in the newly obtained South Africa colony from Britain, with many Indian, Siamese and White Australians settling there. Asia begins a process of assimilation of society and the Army, not limiting ranks to minorities or majorities and guaranteeing equality. The army also begins attacking Afghanistan to help their Russian allies, capturing Kabul and Kandahar easily, due to the proximity of the cities to the border. Asia also continues to develop its Navy, making submarines, and due to the assets of the former-Japanese Navy, is the second-largest navy in the world. Asia hears rumour of Russia's naval project, and inquires as to whether Russia would help out an ally by giving plans of their dreadnoughts, in return offering an Eternal Alliance with them, making the two countries permanent allies, who will support one another in all their endeavors.
  • Russia will give you the plans to build Dreadnoughts the year after Russia has perfected the plans to make sure there are no kinks to iron out. Agreed?
  • Agreed. But what of the Permanent Alliance?
  • Oh yeah. I thought this was a given.
  • The Austro-Hungarian Radical party wins the first election in the country, the policies of the new government include more military buildup, and a protectionist economic policy.
  • The map was inaccurate. Especially with the Asian border with Russia. I will make an alternate on which is more accurate.
  • Why have you made Yemen, Ottoman? I was giving them Hejaz. I like how you have increased your own borders and shortened the rest of ours basically with this new map. The French and Germans would of divided the low countries by now, the British wouldn't just given you Australia, and just ohhh fudge it. I can pretty much guess how this is gonna turn out, so I'm gonna make it interesting now for the rest of you ...
  • I did increase Ethiopia's borders. I accidentally gave them part of Yemen. And Why do you cut MY border, then? And when Britain is cut off from their colony, they don't get to really negotiate, the same way they just gave you Egypt. I will change the Arabian border, it was a simple mistake. Don't lash out. Batmanary
I read a map concerning the Durand Line wrong tbh, I admit that was a mistake. But when you changed the map which was apparently to fix your border with Russia and you gave yourself the CSA East Indies without saying anything, and took a load of my land away; I lost it a bit sorry. But I've been having thoughts of leaving this game anyway and I'm using this as an excuse to leave. VonGlusenburg 15:23, May 2, 2011 (UTC).'
  • Just chill, you're fine. I was going to fix the Indian border anyway, but this map has a lot of inaccuracies and is kind of strange resolution-wise, so I reverted to the old one. I'll update when I get the chance.
  • This map is just temporary, right?
  • There are still a little bit of inaccuracies in the Asian/Russian border, but that's about it. Asia bought South Africa from Britain, but I'm going to have them lose that anyway so its okay.
  • Okay, I edited the map...
  • Just because you don't agree with a small detail doesn't mean you can keep trying to put a totally different map up.



  • Asia buys Goa, Macau and Portugues East Indies and Portuguese East Africa/Mozambique in exchange for 12 000 000 dollars as well as free trade access, thereby allowing Portugal to reap the profits of their former colonies without having to administer them. Asian settlers to the African colonies increase, especially in Mozambique, where a huge Sikh population is established. Asia also annexes Nepal, Bhutan, and arranges for a Royal Marriage with Korea, bringing it under Asian rule. (I hope you guys don't mind, but since PitaKang has not responded in a while, but has been active in other parts of the wiki, it's just better to make use of his land, no?) Asia officially signs a treaty with Ethiopia, bringing them into being an observer of the Triumvirate, but not a full member. Asia still grants Ethiopia full access rights, and a separate alliance, however. Naval development continues, but reforms in the army also make them the best administrated in the world, and certainly the largest in population, due to the larger population of the empire on the whole. Development of a common language begins, in order to facilitate communication between the peoples of each area. Until then, English is the communicative language. Because the Dutch don't exist, i.e., were invaded by Germany, an Asian regiment takes over their colony in Africa, connecting the two colonies they already had.
  • Russia Vetos this alliance.
  • Okay, let me change it.
  • Paraguay expands its Lagos colony more, and expands significantly into Argentina and Chile.
  • The Ottomans fearing expanding Russian power offers the Ethiopians an alliance and they form the Global Federation.
  • The Ethiopian empire joins the Global Federation.
  • The Global Federation sees the world becoming increasingly divided by the Russians & Asian empires. They decide to align themselves with Paraguay so the GC would be truly global (being in four continents) and give Detectivekenny the posisition of Grand Chancellor of the GC.

This is my "dying wish" so to speak; I'm leaving this game as I want to focus more on my own timeline; and rather than just let my lands fall into disrepair I would like somebody to take control of them and help to better themselves. This would basically speed up the dividing of the globe and the cold war which will inventiably happen anyway; and I have chosen Detectivekenny since he has been active all game and highly plausible, and I think he is deserving of this and I will also give him my position of mod in this game due to his good sportsmanship throughout; VonGlusenburg 22:26, May 1, 2011 (UTC).

Wait. Is it an alliance or a country?

A country. But TBH, I'll let you guys moan about this stuff since I'm not playing or anything VonGlusenburg 14:53, May 2, 2011 (UTC)

I like the idea Whitesight 15:15, May 2, 2011 (UTC)


During six months, the world order is upset by a group of Malagasy nationalists under Paraguayan rule. Nationalism spreads like a wildfire, resulting in the balkanization of several countries that have expanded significantly over the past twenty years. The governments of Ethiopia, Russia, Asia, France, and the CSA are unable to deal with dozens of anti-imperialist groups throughout its territories, which lead to the creation of several new states.

    • As the new admin, and at the suggestion of the original owner, I thought I would state there is no way a country can even double in size in twenty years, nor quadruple, nor conquer an entire continent or even half. Considering what I've seen, there's been little research whatsoever. So I've seen it fit to purge the game and start anew. More will be covered later. Right now everyone listed can take one action during this turn to save territory. Keep in mind everything except the Thai proper, French proper, Russian proper, etc. is fair game, but not necessarily all ethnic areas will declare independence—this depends on how much military there is left to actually defend these territories. If you don't agree with this, I suggest you save some argument and just quit right now, without sacrifce to honour, and your posts will be maintained, not deleted. Sorry I have to do this, but I can't be in control a game that has this degree of implausibility. Also at this point anyone who wants to can apply for moderatorship. -DK
    • I think that this is an excellent idea! Also, do you mind if I become a mod?
    • Yes. After I finish my two turns of military dictatorship :P
    • Deal. xD
  • Paraguay upgrades its economy and sends aid to the area that makes up OTL Eritrea, as well as the Horn of Africa.
  • Ethiopia works on maintaining its coastline, but responds with passivity in the face of separatists as far as Zanzibar.
  • The Ottoman Empire tries to keep a hold on its existing territories, but tries to keep in isolation in the mean time. They hope to recreate unity through religion.
  • The Great Nationalist Revolutions fail to affect Germany much, but Germany feels weary enough to allow representation of the races of Germany. A new Reichstag is created, with Danes and the Dutch given equal representation as the Germans. Germany focuses on their railroad systems and the industry, as well as the slow but steady colonization of German Africa.
  • As Asian troops are heavily present in India, territory there is saved, but unfortunately the newly acquired South Africa and Korea rebel causing some troops to be sent there. In response to the rebellions, The Asian government in Calcutta creates new measures in diversifying the country, by opening up schools to everyone, greater representation in Parliament, a reorganization of provincial territories, and the eventual reduction of the powers of the Emperor.
  • Southron, which was in the process of disassembling their empire, speeds up the process, giving independence to the territories rather than selling them. Hawaii and the Southron East Indies are maintained. An army is sent to quell the riots, and a 're-settlement program' is established, to settle Southrons in the East Indies and Hawaii, while resettling the rebellious populations in Southron territories.
  • A revolt happens in the Provinces of Cisplatina, former Uruguay.the rebels take various cities in the progress before reaching a agreement with the Emperor Pedro II, which allows the Cisplatine Province to be self-goverrning, though part of Brazil, which means that the Brazilian government can't appoint a governor for the area, as it still does in other December, self-government also is given to the Provinces of Beni and Cochabamba and the province of Cisplatina is renamed as Uruguay. meanwhile, the Spanish language being promoted to official language of Brazil, along with Portuguese.The abolitionist movement also starts to strenghten.
  • The SAU: The military is modernized and strengthened. An offer is given to the CSS for all of its colonies for 40 million dollars or more.
  • Last chance for anyone to save their territory.
  • After this, all unclaimed territory goes open?
  • Kinda. I'm taking executive action that will cause many countries to gain independence, such as the Tsimihety on Madagascar from Paraguay. So that territory will be open for anyone to take, but the original owner can try to take it back.
  • The USA offers to buy all former US states.
  • Huh? Nothing really happened in the 'states. -DK


Great Nationalist Revolution (US Civil War)

Map of the countries gaining independence during the Great Nationalist Revolution. In the chart, the colour on the right is the colour for each country that did not declare independence. Going from left to right, colour signifies the month during which independence took place, from July to December 1881.

  • The Great Nationalist Revolution settles down to a low boil. The following countries are affected:
  • Siam loses its territory outside Bengal and the Thai proper. It struggles to rebuild its army out of what was left in India at the time of the revolution. Siam manages to salvage some of the Riau Islands in the Strait of Malacca. Part of its territory joins with Russian territory to form Pashtunistan and Baluchistan.
  • Can I please have a bit more land than that? Kra, and Burma, to connect all of Siam proper.
  • Ethiopia loses its territory except the Ethiopian proper, parts of the Somali proper, and Aden across the Red Sea. Ethiopia manages to salvage the Suez Canal.
  • Paraguay loses its Madagascar colony to the newly-formed state of Tsimihety.
  • France loses its southern Africa colonies, Mexico, and Guatemala. Its Madagascar colony becomes a part of Tsimihety.
  • The Confederate States lose Yucatán and all of its African possessions.
  • Russia keeps its European and North American territory, but loses its Asian territory with the exception of the Far East and parts of northern Siberia.
  • The abolitionist movement continues to strengthen. Meanwhile, Brazil amps up its army.
  • Australia: The newly independant Australian people begin to draft a constitution as well as creating an aboriginal reserve in the center of the continent, offering an alliance to Britain and asking if it can join the Entente. Immigration laws are created allowing unlimited immigrants to come live in Australia, its population (around 2,500,000 people), soon vollunteers 120,000 men for the new nations military, and offers New Zealand membership as the province of New Zealand, and it accepts. The military begins to be trained and modernized.
  • After the huge amount of revolutions happening throughout Russia’s empire in 1881 Russia’s government is paralysed and unsure about what to do. By 1882 Russia’s government has recalled its armed forces from Persia and Afghanistan and orders its troops to suppress the rebellions in the Balkans and in Norway and Sweden 1 million troops are sent to each area. Russia’s naval bases have managed to stay loyal to Russia by bombarding anyone attacking it. Submarines are continued to be built.
  • Siamese troops stranded in exclaves in India are given orders to assimilate with the local population, and orders troops to Burma, in order to re-establish rule there. The country is left in a fragile state, due to the direct connections of every Asian country by railroad, and so, hopes to re-establish rule in Southeast Asia. troops in Korea and Japan are ordered to come back to Siam, in order to help with long-term plans in the region. Siam offers Australia membership in the Triumvirate, and promises to never violate sovereignity, as long as the rights of the Asian peoples in the country are respected.
  • Southron emerges from the Revolutions relatively unscathed, pre-emptive actions having prevented deaths in Africa or the loss of the East Indies. There is a certain infuriation about the loss of Yucatan. The Confederate States of Southron is reformed, as a unique Dixie nationalism and culture emerges. The Dixian Confederacy is born.


  • Australia, whose economy is not very strong, asks to rejoin the British Empire as long as Britain becomes a type of Confederation or Union, somewhat like the CSA when first formed except with a stronger federal government, and that a a 3 branch government is created.
  • Britain accepts Australia's offer, and serious planning is put into a new constitution, that is based on a merger between the USA and CSA (at its formation), and the Prime Minister becomes the first President of the newly formed United British States, in which all of Australia's provinces, both islands of New Zealand, Ireland, Anglo South Africa, Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland will become EQUAL states with the exact same rights, with no state being more important.The navy is strengthened and the UBS military is desegregated. All races are given equal voting rights in elections. The UBS suggests creating an International Congress (IC), where nations can solve their problems peacefully. The Armed Forces begin to modernize. The South Asian and Hawaiin populations in Australian USB vote to be annexed by Siam, and the UBS federal government agrees to this, officialy ceding the following territory to Siam.


  • South Africa is independent at the moment...
  • Dixie builds up their armed forces and encourages more settlement of the East Indies. Illegal migrants also pass into Sonora.
  • Brazil amps up its army. Meanwhile, the Emperor Pedro II abdicates, being succeeded by his daughter Isabel.
  • Prussia, weary of the collapsing juggernaut of the Russian Empire, sends troops to the Russian and Austrian borders to protect against riots in the outlying territories of Germany. Meanwhile, the Netherlands are fully subdued after a heated long war that was delayed only by the delibrate flooding of the countryside.
  • Paraguay spends the last six months of the year working significantly on its economy, setting up a powerful market for guano.
  • The USA improves its economy and military.
  • Russia puts down rebellions violently throughout its empire


  • Brazil:the abolitionist movement continues to strenghten.
  • Germany: With the frontiers being defended, and the Ore Mountains in the Sudetenland being fortified, Germany focuses on its economy and its African colony. The African colony continues to expand eastward, while the Trans-European Railroad is extended to other German cities to focus on industry.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay begins a series of measures in the Andes to create a massive reservoir as a tourist desination and providing irrigation to nearby Tocopilla. Transportation is also expanded slightly, with a new fleet of merchant ships entering service that year.
  • Russia continues to put down rebellions within its Empire.


  • Brazil: The Empress Isabel starts a project to abolish slavery. It includes indemnizations to the slaveowners which will be prejudiced due to slavery and integration of former slaves into society, among other things. The plan is expected to be completed in about 1900.
  • Peru: Peru's economy grows. Meanwhile, Peru starts upgrading its navy.
  • Germany: Germany continues to extend the Trans-European Railroad to other German cities, such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The economy continues to grow and German explorers continue to claim the Kongo for Germany as they explore eastward.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay continues to work on its irrigation project. The Paraguayan president drafts a new constitution, which creates a bicameral legislature. The first, the National Congress, is the upper house, elected by region. The second, the senate, is the lower house, dominated by high-ranking economic officials. Changes are expected to be effective by 1890.
  • Dixie: More railroads are built across Dixie, and industrialisation continues apace. Dixie also starts taking a wider interest in the newly independent, and weak, Central American nations.
  • Russia continues to put down rebellions throughout their Empire.
  • Morocco expands its army an navy.


    • Russia continues to put down rebellions throughout throughout their Empire.
  • Paraguay attacks Easter Island, hoping to get a strategic base in the Pacific. Several hundred settlers are sent to the island, and employed in building of a new port city between Tocopilla and the Marshall Islands.
  • Morocco sends part of its fleet to take over Liberia.
  • What? Implausibility-o-rama?


  • Russia continues to put down rebellions throughout throughout their Empire.
  • France Builds army creates the Molotov Cocktail, called something else!
  • Paraguay sets up its first settlement on Easter Island, and equips it with port facilities.


  • Austria Hungary: The monarchy continues to lose power as now they need approval from parliament to go to war, make any major changes in law, economy, etc. A major revolt is put down in Switzerland and parliament debates whether to add Switzerland as a third crown in the union.
  • The Portuguese government signs the Berlin Conference getting a strip of land in Africa.  The Government turned this down, though, in hope it may become independent someday.
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