Uss Lexington cv2

USS Lexington heading towards the battle of the Solomon Sea (1943)

In the original history, the US Navy's most famous carrier the USS Lexington was brutally destroyed in a full out air attack by two Japanese carriers. But in this history, the Japanese torpedo bombers and the dive bombers were mostly driven away, giving the Lexington battle damage that would cost 3 months to repair and the Yorktown a small amount of flooding from missed bombs, while the Japanese battle damage is the same as in OTL.

Believing the carrier Lexington to be sunk and Yorktown to be heavily wounded, Admiral Isoroku Yamamato sent the four carriers Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu, and the Kaga to Midway with the intention of destroying the Enterprise and the Hornet and to destroy what other carriers remained, ending American Naval dominance of the ocean and letting Japan win the war. The plan was brilliant enough in its own right but was hampered by several factors, like lack of reconnaissance. Also, due to the ingenuity of the workers at Pearl, The Lexington could and would fight in company with Yorktown. The two carriers rushed to the battle scene, since at that point the American fleet was at a two to one disadvantage. The battle raged on like in OTL, but with one difference; after Fletchers bombers returned, the Hiryu launched a counterattack of the ages to try to sink the Yorktown, but the Japanese planes were met by the deadly F4F's of two carriers, which destroyed the attackers. Later on, the USS Hamman detects a Japanese submarine and chases it away with assistance. Thus the battle of Midway ends with a devastating victory for the USA and a horrifying defeat for Japan.

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