USS Chesapeake
US flag with 15 stars by Hellerick
Namesake: Chesapeake Bay
Ordered: March 27, 1794
Laid Down: December 1795
Launched: December 2, 1799
Commissioned: May 22, 1800
Decomissioned: August 12, 1815.
Fate: Scrapped following the First Global War

The USS Chesapeake was a 38-gun wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy-frigate of the United States Navy during the First Global War. Before the Global War, she was one of the original six frigates for the young US Navy, and began her career during the Quasi-War wth France in 1800 and the First Barbary War in the early 1800s.


On June 22 of 1807, the Chesapeake was intercepted and boarded by the HMS Leopard, which led to the entry of the United States into the First Global War. The Chesapeake managed to destroy the Leopard in a surprise attack off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1808, and help defend American shipping to Europe for the remainder of the war.

Following the end of the First Global War, the Chesapeake patrolled the American coast from 1812 to 1815. The ship was decomissioned on August 12, 1815 and was scrapped in early 1816.

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