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The Soviet Union is great and powerful. Stalin uses the army he has crafted to seize Berlin, and drive ever westward. The Balkans have fallen to him, as well as Poland. Soon, Austria falls under his control as well, and soon afterwards, the German Empire unconditionally surrenders. Germany is divided along where the front curently is, with the Soviets owning a majority. Communist regimes are set up in the lands that the Soviets have taken over. East Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and more all become Soviet satellites.

The Soviet Union has become one of the strongest nations in the world. But Stalin is not satisfied. He wants to spread Communism even more. He focuses on funding groups in Asia. This leads to Communism seizing control of China. An international Communist alliance is forged. The USA looks on in alarm, and a Cold War begins between the champion of democracy and the hero of the people. In the late 40's, the Soviet Union detonates their first atomic bomb. The atomic race begins. What will hapen in the world?

Triumph of Communism

Triumph of Capitalism

World War 3

Created by: Azecreth 14:59, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

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