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Stalin orders the Red Army to invade Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on June 2, 1934, and the army hurriedly prepares. Bad weather forced to the army to hold off, which gave the Baltic states some time to fortify their borders, since they knew since mid-May that the Soviets would be coming. However, the 135,000 men and 1,500 tanks and 2,000 airplanes that Stalin had prepared would be no match for the small states.

On June 5, 1934, whistles along the border began blaring out, and bombers roared from their airfields, and tanks rumbled across the flat terrain. Within three days, Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been reached and surrounded, and the Baltic State armies were all but destroyed. Although the Soviet plan was elementary in design and execution, it still achieves its goals, and after two weeks, the last resistance surrenders.

Stalin is delighted, and orders plans for the invasion of Poland to be drawn up. The world is angry at this blatant aggression, and the League of Nations tries to pass embargo's on the USSR, but to no avail. Soviet Russia just leaves the organization after only a few years, and establishes the "World Socialist Pact" to unite all communist governments and parties, and makes the Baltic states part of the Union.

The Red Army presents its plans to invade Poland to Stalin, but the Generals know that if they do put the plan into action, they could start the Second Great War, and that the Soviet Union is still in no shape to wage such a war: not most likely until 1939 at the earliest.

What do they do?

Stalin must die to save the Union!

Still Invade Poland, no matter the consequences

We must find some help

created by Tbguy1992 06:04, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

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