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As the battle rages in Turkey, Stalin looks upon the growing German empire with worry. Guderian has proved himself a competent leader, perhaps better than Hitler. This could only mean one thing. To save his dream of a communist world, dominated by Russia, Stalin needs to invade, soon, while the Germans are still embroiled in Turkey and Africa. He secretly begins building up his army on the German border in Poland, in preparation for Operation Guillotine.

However, the Germans have their own spies in the Soviet government, and see the buildup of Soviet troops. Guderian begins pulling troops from Western Europe, and equipping new divisions, for deployment to the Soviet-German border. The buildup is immense on both sides, but the Soviets are able to put more forces there, since they have less fronts to worry about.

On May 16, 1941, Stalin launches Operation Guillotine. this was merely weeks before Guderian had planned to launch his own first strike. that measn that the Germans were combat ready, but the strength of the Soviet attack is enough to shatter the German front in their zone of attack. Spearheads are driven behind German lines, and they are forced to withdraw to avoid encirclement. Despite several attempts, the Germans cannot regain the initiative. With the pincers of the Soviet drive converging on Warsaw, Guderian has a choice to make. He needs to do SOMETHING, or else the Soviets will take Poland. What does he do?

Hold Warsaw to the end

Launch a daring attack on one of the pincers

Set up defense lines on the east Prussian border

Created by: Azecreth 16:32, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

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