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Stalin looks north to the recalcitrant Finns. They were part of Tsarist Russia, until international support helped them break away. Now he wants to get them back. He masses his army on the Russo-Finnish border in preparation for his attack. Of course, this buildup is noticed by the Finns, who begin a similar buildup, and look abroad for support from the international community, to prevent their annexation. Sadly, nobody wants to face the Soviet Union yet, especially since they see no chance for the Finns.

The invasion begins wih an overwhelming Soviet attack. Stalin has launched the attack early, to conquer Finland before a nation works up the nerve to deploy troops to Finland. The Finns resist fiercely, but are forced to fall back continuously. Soon, Northern Finland has been lost, but the Soviets have been held up by the Mannerheim Line. Faced by this, the Soviets take the gains they have made in the north, and begin moving south towards Helsinki.

The Finns are facing a serious crisis, as they are outnumbered by the Soviets, and also face shortages in materials necessary for fighting. They once again plead for help, from anybody. Will people listen to their plea?

Germany allies with Finland

An international coalition demands that Russia withdraw

Their pleas fall on deaf ears

Created by: Azecreth 14:57, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

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