The USSA Military Service is a government-owned military organization originated and locate in USSA and other foreign places. They are among the most powerful and technologically advanced military but they are overpowered by the United States' military.
USSA Military Service
Motto We fight for our nation and for our people
Formation 19 July 1970
Type Military organization
Legal status Active
Official languages English
Muhammad Saiq bin Abu-bakar
Michael Yip Ling Chiew
Ryan Tee Wei Jun
Affiliations US Armed Forces
Budget $600 billion
Staff 3.5 million active personnel 4 million reserved personnel


The USSA Military Service is a military organization formed by the government of the USSA. Its bases are located in both the USSA and the foreign places. The military equipment and technology are very advanced. Being slightly better and more powerful than the United States's. However, because the US has much more weapons and equipments that are only slightly worse than the USSA, the USSA Military Service are beaten by the USA.

The well-funded military mainly focuses on their technology. They spent 10% of the nation's GDP on developing new weapons and their military. The military are in fact, quite so large but the US Armed Forces are larger. The soldiers are pretty much well-treated and they earned a very decent wages.

The military also had developed their own artificial military robot which is an android that can be used in combat. But because the government itself didn't want the machine to lose control, they decided to research and upgrade it until it can be properly used.

Equipment and Technology

During the newly-formed military organizations, the USSA Military Service's weapons were mostly came from the USA. However, they began to modify and upgrade the US's weapons into their own. The reasons why their own weapons are so advanced is because when they're developing their own weapons, they'll combine both their materials and elements with the United States'. And it does proved to be very efficient and effective in combat.

Their weapons and equipment are so powerful and advanced. However, their weapons are only slightly powerful than the United States'. Most countries fears the USSA's forces because their weapons are very advanced and powerful. They even have their own nuclear warheads. Their nuclear weapons are also very lethal and more powerful than both US and Russia combined.

Apart from that, they also have developed many types of advanced artificial robots that can also be used into battles. Their robots are also proved to be very efficient and effective in combats. However, their robots are not used in combat yet as they need to be checked and upgraded in order to avoid them from losing control. And the military had said that they'll begin using them in 2060.

In 2046, the military had developed a combat jet that could actually go into space in low-Earth orbit due to its high speed and has a very high attitude. The combat jet are very agile, very fast and are very accurate at shooting according to research. It can also holds and lifts any heavy objects like the submarines and nuclear rockets.

Military powers

Active personnel: 5 million

Reserved personnel: 7.6 million

Military power: Tremendous and gigantically high

Military rank: #2

Bases: 70 (local) and 100 (foreign)

Aircraft: 15,858

Tanks: 20,589

Helicopter: 10,590

Submarine: 109

Destroyer: 150

Frigate: 100

Nuclear warheads: 2,580 (operational/active) 500 (inactive)

Base of Operations

The organization have so many bases inside and outside of their borders. They have hundreds of military bases located in and out of their territories. Most of these bases are very heavily-guarded and are nearly impossible for average persons to enter these restricted areas.

Their bases are well-hidden in specific areas to avoid spies and intruders. And their bases are mostly guarded by an powerful advanced defensive systems. They do have manpower to guard the bases.

Their bases are also situated on the sea which are also heavily-guarded by military navies, ships and an defensive systems.

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