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This timeline shows about the formation of the South American Union of Socialist regime, influenced by the Soviet Union.

The formation of this union, is post-dictatorship from various countries in South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

Influence ussar


In Argentina, there was a coup d'etat in 1930, where nationalists led by José Félix Uriburu overthrew the government of Hipólito Yrigoyen.

In 1936 in Brazil, Plinio Salgado, defeated the forces of Vargas and implements the Integralism, political system similar to Italian fascism.

In the same year, Luis Alberto Flores, a Peruvian fascist, makes a coup on Oscar Benavides, and takes possession of the presidency by the Unión Revolucionaria, ideological party Nationalist and Fascist in Peru.

South American War

South American War
Date 1946-1949
Location South America
Result Extinction of fascist and military governments in South America and the Creation of the USSAR
Unification of South America
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union

Hammer-n-sickle Communist guerrillas

2582284330101665569S425x425Q85 Brazil

Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
Flag of Bolivia (state) Bolivia
Flag of Peru (1825 - 1950) Peru

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin

Hammer-n-sickle João Amazonas
Hammer-n-sickle Astrojildo Pereira
Hammer-n-sickle Victorio Codovilla

2582284330101665569S425x425Q85 Plinio Salgado

Flag of Peru (1825 - 1950) Luis Alberto Flores
Flag of Peru (1825 - 1950) Armando Gutiérrez
Flag of Argentina (alternative) José Felix Uriburu
Flag of Argentina (alternative) Juan Domingos Perón

7.500.000 4.350.000
Casualties and losses
1.750.000 2.800.000