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In 2006, based in the low representation of the western states in congress and different POV, the United States of America peacefully breaks up into two parts based upon west or east of Mississippi river. The two nations will continue to trade freely with each other, and have free movement of people (including instant citizenship for migrants from the other side of the river), but will otherwise be totally sovereign, including issuing their own independent currencies. Each nation will take on a proportion of national debt equal to their own percentage of the old U.S. population. Each nation will begin with a constitution modeled directly on the U.S. constitution, but there will be heightened interest in modifying the constitution to respond to unique local circumstances. No states will be interested in leaving their new nation for another or independence, although individuals will probably be making decisions to move to one nation or another for ideological purposes.
Usa split 2 continental


In 2006 no decisions have yet been made on where the new capitols are to be placed. Provisionally, the congressmen and senators from the old U.S. government are seated in the 2 congresses, the old and the new. The highest-ranking person in presidential succession becomes president (based upon last residence), with new elections slated for 2008.

The two new countries are unsurprising, but I'll list them for the record. Federated States of America: New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, Wisconsin and Vermont. (26 former US states) Also holds DC, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands at the time of independence. Total population: 161 million?

Allied States of America: California, Texas, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, and Wyoming. (24 former US states) Hold Guam, CMNI, and (Western) American Samoa as territories.

USA split in 2 territories

Territories repartition in 2006


USA splt in 2 population

States of WSA and ESA with population

Total population: 120 million? too late to maths, tomorrow check

Here's the initial political breakdowns:

East: House, 1??D, 1??R, Senate 28D 24R - President Barack Obama (D) - enough for constitutional amendments.

West: House ??R ??D, Senate 25D, 23R - President ? (my first idea was kicked out by comments) waiting propositions

(The map is my own work, seriously, based on, some number like 5.9 become 6.)
Usa states abreviations


The Allied states of America begin invasion of Canada. 



Population WUS EUS

Maps of countries by population in 2010, Indonesia is third in world, Brazil is 1st in Americas



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