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As word of the impeachment trial gets out, people become angry at what they see as the political machinations of the government. They had wanted to get payback ion Germany, for those lost when the Germans dropped an atomic bomb on New York, and Congress seems to be preventing them from getting their payback. Civilian militia's spring up, and riots start in cities as Kennedy loyalists clash with Congressional supporters. The police try to intervene, but there is bad blood here, and the country starts to come apart.

In Europe, the chaos brewing in America is watched with amusement by the Germans. This is bad for the peace process, but it is good for them, since anything that hurts America, helps them. They see this as an opportunity, since the leadershiop division would mean the inaction of American forces for months. What do the Germans do?

Crush the Soviets while America is in turmoil.

Attack the Americans, to drive them out of Europe.

Use the timer to consolidate their position and bring up the reserves.

Created by: Azecreth 19:28, March 16, 2011 (UTC)

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