The United States of America
US flag 48 stars.svg Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg
Coat of arms
E Pluribus Unum
The Star Spangled Banner
USA orthographic.svg
The location of the 48 states of America, Hawai'i, and Alaska (some territorial possessions not shown)
Largest City New York City
Official languages None, but near-universal usage of English
Religion Christianity (65%), Irreligiousness(27%), Islam (3%), Judaism (2%), Hinduism (1%), Other (2%)
Demonym American
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 -  President Joe Biden
 -  Vice President Elizabeth Warren
 -  Speaker of the House John Mccain
 -  Chief Justice Barack Obama
Legislature United States Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  9,833,517 km2 
3,796,742 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 6.97
 -  2016 estimate 324,099,593 (3rd)
 -  2010 census 309,349,689 
Currency Dollar
Time zone (UTC-4 to -12)

The United States of America (often refered to as The United States or America) is a Federal Republic in North America comprised of 48 states, a  federal district, seven major self-governing territories, and various possessions. It is considered one of the world's superpowers, and has the highest defense spending and the second-highest GDP on the planet (narrowly beaten out by the Republic of China). It has the 3rd largest population of any country on Earth and the 4th largest land area.

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