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United States of America
Official language English
Capital Washington D.C.
Head of state Barack Obama
Head of government Barack Obama
Area 9,631,419 km^2
Population 293,345,756
Independence 1776
Currency U.S. Dollar

The United States of America have been the World's biggest economic power since 1945 and have also surpassed the USSR as the dominating military power at the turn of the 21st century. After recovering from the economic recession of 1991-1998 following the Third Oil Crisis, the American economy has again risen to mastership in most economic sectors, only challenged in a few high-tech sectors by Japan and the automobile+chemical industries by West Germany. With the USSR having to divert more and more resources to quelling internal unrest in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, the USA have now not only the most modern military in the world, but have also for 5 years now together with NATO allies enjoyed a strategic advantage in terms of conventional military forces against the Warsaw Pact in both Europe and East Asia. New President Barack Obama plans to improve and enlarge the military even further have joyed one part of the world, but frightened the other half that Obama will actively topple Communist regimes, which could lead to all-out war with the Soviets.

List of United States Presidents

# Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
1 George Washington 1789 1797 No party John Adams
2 John Adams 1797 1801 Federalist Thomas Jefferson
3 Thomas Jefferson 1801 1809 Democratic-Republican Aaron Burr and George Clinton1
4 James Madison 1809 1817 Democratic-Republican Elbridge Gerry1
5 James Monroe 1817 1825 Democratic-Republican Daniel D. Tompkins
6 John Quincy Adams 1825 1829 Democratic-Republican John C. Calhoun
7 Andrew Jackson 1829 1837 Democrat John C. Calhoun2 and Martin Van Buren
8 Martin Van Buren 1837 1841 Democrat Richard Mentor Johnson
9 William Henry Harrison3 1841 1841 Whig John Tyler
10 John Tyler 1841 1845 Whig4 none
11 James Knox Polk 1845 1849 Democrat George M. Dallas
12 Zachary Taylor3 18498 1850 Whig Millard Fillmore
13 Millard Fillmore 1850 1853 Whig none
14 Franklin Pierce 1853 1857 Democrat William R. King5
15 James Buchanan 1857 1861 Democrat John C. Breckinridge
16 Abraham Lincoln6 1861 1865 Republican Hannibal Hamlin and Andrew Johnson
17 Andrew Johnson 1865 1869 Democrat7 none
18 Ulysses Simpson Grant 1869 1877 Republican Schuyler Colfax and Henry Wilson5
19 Rutherford Birchard Hayes 1877 1881 Republican William A. Wheeler
20 James Abram Garfield6 1881 1881 Republican Chester A. Arthur
21 Chester Alan Arthur 1881 1885 Republican none
22 Stephen Grover Cleveland 1885 1889 Democrat Thomas A. Hendricks5
23 Benjamin Harrison 1889 1893 Republican Levi P. Morton
24 Stephen Grover Cleveland 1893 1897 Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson
25 William McKinley6 1897 1901 Republican Garret A. Hobart5 then Theodore Roosevelt
26 Theodore Roosevelt 1901 1909 Republican None then Charles W. Fairbanks
27 William Howard Taft 1909 1913 Republican James S. Sherman5
28 Thomas Woodrow Wilson 1913 1921 Democrat Thomas R. Marshall
29 Warren Gamaliel Harding3 1921 1923 Republican Calvin Coolidge
30 John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. 1923 1929 Republican None then Charles G. Dawes
31 Herbert Clark Hoover 1929 1933 Republican Charles Curtis
32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt3 1933 1945 Democrat John Nance Garner and Henry A. Wallace and Harry S. Truman
33 Harry Truman 1945 1953 Democrat None then Alben W. Barkley
34 Dwight Eisenhower 1953 1961 Republican Richard M. Nixon
35 John F. Kennedy6 1961 1963 Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson
36 Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 1969 Democrat None then Hubert Humphrey
37 Richard Nixon 1969 1974 Republican Spiro Agnew2 then None then Gerald Ford
38 Gerald Ford 1974 1977 Republican None then Nelson Rockefeller
39 James Carter 1977 1981 Democrat Walter Mondale
40 Ronald Reagan 1981 1985 Republican George H.W. Bush
41 George H. W. Bush 1985 1993 Republican Dan Quayle, then Colin Powell
42 George W. Bush 1993 2001 Republican Dick Cheney
43 Donald Rumsfeld 2001 2009 Republican Elizabeth Dole
44 Barack Obama 2009 Incumbent Democrat Mark Warner

1 Died while Vice President.
2 Resigned as Vice President.
3 Died of natural causes.
4 Democrat on Whig ticket.
5 Died while Vice President, not replaced.
6 Assassinated.
7 Democrat who ran on Union ticket with Republican Lincoln.
8 Sworn in later than expected.

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