United Nations Flag

The great powerless Organization in the world

The UN in Soviet World Rule is generally powerless, and has no major say in world politics. The reason of this is that the United States and the Soviet Union are building up nuclear weapons and their military, and seemingly both sides secretly hoping that no action on either the nuclear weapons or the Military will happen. When the UN tries to suggest a peace pact, or a similar agreement, neither country listens. Instead, the countries take their own course of action. However, the UN isn't totally worthless to some political scientists and neutral Military officials. They make the argument that the UN Security Council has so far kept the two sides from going to war by creating the aforementioned pacts. They argue the existence of these pacts and meetings between the two nations slow down the bureaucracy both countries have to prevent war.

Flag of the Soviet Union

The USSR One of the Dominant Powers

US flag 48 stars

The USA another one of the Dominant Powers

Flag of the People's Republic of China

The PRC The USSRs Puppet Second In Charge

Flag of the United Kingdom

The UK The United States' Puppet Second in Command