The United Communist States of America
Соединенные Коммунистические Штаты Америки
Flag Soviet flag with 5 stars
Official language(s) English, Russian
Capital Denver
Largest City Denver
Prime General Michael B. Debs
Prime Minister Pauline Clinton
Population 25, 659, 952
From the USA
July 4, 1933
January 9, 1934
Currency Amro

During the Great Depression, four states decided to form a separate country based on the socialist ideal. They also decided to choose Russian as their second official language. During the Great Canadian Liberation War, they, along with the US, helped Canada get rid of their British oppressors. It is not a strong economy and has since lost three states to the USA, as well as half of Colorado. The UCSA's existence has varied with the different nations, and although Britain and Canada always recognize it, other nations do not take interest in its affairs. Recently, due to its style of government, certain states in the US want to join in the aftermath of the Recession, but this time to prevent border changes the UCSA has put armed guards around its borders.


The first president of the nation


The UCSA during its peak: 1938

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