Scottish Wars of Independence

In December 1297 Edward I was grievously wounded by a French skirmisher in a small battle on Continental Europe. He died several days later. A French spy poisoned Edward II not long after. The English fell to the Scottish forces on May 1299. Ireland was absorbed on August 1300 thus beginning the United British Republic. Mass reforms occur beginning a Republican form of Government.

French-British War

In 1316 A French Army Lands on the coast of Liverpool and quickly sacks the city. Chancellor Richard declares war on France and Counter-attacks. The United British Military attacks and destroys many coastal cities of France. During the war a hapless Irish scientist while drunk accidentally discovers gunpowder and explosives. The technology quickly became commonplace in the military only after an accident killing the unknown scientist. The highly advanced military quickly destroys all French Resistance. The country Is officially annexed in March 1318.

The Race for the New World

After the discovery of the Americas the British were the second to reach America. By 1502 the North American tribes had been eradicated and the Dominions of America, Canada and Newfoundland were created. Soon after the colonists expanded southward meeting and destroying the Aztecs who were caught between the British and the Spaniards. Mexico was given to the British as a peace offering. The British also colonized Oceania.

American Revolutionary war

In 1778 Revolutionaries attempted a Coup. However, their leader George Washington, was killed in New York City by a Tory in 1782. France was also released as a free nation in 1783.

The Great War

Britain never participates resulting in central victory. A peace was mediated resulting in the creation of Poland and the recreation of Belgium. Britain fights and defeats the Ottomans claiming the entire Middle East as well as China.

The Soviet Revolution

The October Revolution creates a Soviet Union spanning from Poland to Manchuria including Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

Recent history

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