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Name Flag USPS Statehood Population Capital Most Populous city Preceding entity
Alabama Flag of Alabama AL December 19, 1819 5,841,534 Montgomery Birmingham Alabama Territory
Arkansas Flag of Arkansas AR March 13, 1836 3,750,112 Little Rock Covenant Arkansaw Territory
Aroostook Flag of Aroostook AT October 1, 1834 2,155,776 Seneca St. John Aroostook Territory
California Flag of California CA 1849 42,577,313 Sacramento Los Angeles Directly admitted from Mexican Cession
Colorado 100px CO 1876 5,684,771 Boulder Aurora Colorado Territory
Connecticut Flag of Connecticut CN 1788 3,677,312 Hartford Bridgeport Connecticut Colony
Cuba Cubaflag CU 1826 19,775,853 Havana Havana Cuba Territory
Dakota Flag of Dakota (FTBW) DA 1893 1,713,444 High Bluff Fargo Dakota Territory
Delaware100px-Flag_of_Delaware.svg.png DE 1787 994,578 Dover Wilmington Delaware Colony
Deseret Deseret (maple uprising) DS 1896 2,784,618 Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Utah Territory
Florida Flag of Florida FL March 3, 1845 17,314,514 St. Augustine Saxby Florida Territory
Georgia Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001) GA January 2, 1788 10,112,072 Atlanta Atlanta Colony of Georgia
Huron Pele83DD HR March 14, 1826 12,086,707 Hale Yorktown Upper Canada
Indiana Flag of Indiana IN December 10, 1816 6,846,789 Indianapolis Indianapolis Indiana Territory
Illinois Flag of Illinois IL 1818 12,984,670 Springfield Chicago Illinois Territory
Iowa Flag of Iowa IA 1846 3,456,770 Des Moines Des Moines Iowa Territory
Kahokia Manitoba KA 1883 1,745,070 Winnipeg Winnipeg Kahokia Territory
Kansas KS 1861 3,012,122 Wichita Lamar Kansas Territory
Kentucky KY 1792 4,395,295 Owensboro Louisville Separated with consent from Virginia
Louisiana LA 1812 4,530,560 Baton Rouge New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
Maryland MD 1788 6,102,500 Annapolis Baltimore Colony of Maryland
Massachusetts MA February 6, 1788 6,784,317 Boston Boston Colony of Massachusetts
Michigan MI January 26, 1837 11,415,781 East Lansing Detroit Michigan Territory
Minnesota MN 1858 5,901,403 Minneapolis Duluth Minnesota Territory
Mississippi MS 1817 3,122,667 Parkerville Parkerville Mississippi Territory
Missouri MO 1821 6,568,688 Jefferson City Kansas City Missouri Territory
Montana Flag of Montana MT January 10, 1890 1,508,671 Helena Montana City Montana Territory
Nebraska Flag of Nebraska NE 1868 1,970,588 Lancaster Omaha Nebraska Territory
Nevada Flag of Nevada NV 1864 2,670,678 Carson City Las Vegas Nevada Territory
New Hampshire NH June 21, 1788 1,641,788 Concord Manchester Colony of New Hampshire
New Jersey Flag of New Jersey NJ December 18, 1787 9,061,781 Trenton Newark Colony of New Jersey
New Mexico Flag of New Mexico NM 1913 9,245,673 Santa Fe Mesa New Mexico Territory
New York Flag of New York NY July 28, 1788 23,345,567 Albany New York Colony of New York
North Carolina Flag of North Carolina NC November 21, 1789 11,050,778 Raleigh Charlotte Colony of North Carolina
Nova Scotia Flag of Nova Scotia NS April 20, 1823 3,780,071 Halifax Halifax British Cession
Ohio Flag of Ohio OH 1803 11,798,300 Columbus Columbus Ohio Territory
Oregon Flag of Oregon OR 1859 5,671,446 Salem Vancouver Oregon Territory
Pacifica Flag of Pacifica PC 1899 4,237,985 Whiskey Bay Sahalee Fraser Territory
Peninsula PeninsulaFlag PS 1879 7,166,794 Terryburg La Paz Separated with consent from California
Pennsylvania PA 1787 12,994,560 Allentown Philadelphia Colony of Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico PO 1858 4,567,445 San Juan San Juan Porto Rico Territory
Rhode Island RI 1790 1,250,560 Newport Providence Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
South Carolina SC May 23, 1788 4,991,682 Manning Charleston Colony of South Ccarolina
Sequoyah Sequoyahflag SE March 7, 1909 3,950,686 Sequoyah City Sequoyah City Sequoyah and Indian Territories
Texas 100px-TexasFlag-OurAmerica.png TX 1839 27,567,774 Sutton Houston Republic of Texas
Tennessee TN 1796 6,879,458 Murfreesboro Nashville Southwest Territory
Vermont VT March 4, 1791 808,454 Montpelier Burlington Vermont Republic
Virginia VA June 25, 1788 11,667,561 Richmond Virginia Beach Colony of Virginia
Washington Flag of Washington WA November 11, 1889 7,133,455 Olympia Tacoma Washington Territory
Wisconsin WI May 29, 1848 6,104,453 Madison Milwaukee Wisconsin Territory

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