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A list of all states of the U.S. in Alternity, circa 1997, in order of statehood.

United States map - Alternity

A map of current U.S. states.

State name Flag USPS Admission to Union Population (1997) Capital Largest City Preceding Entity
Delaware Delaware flag (Alternity) DE December 7, 1787 898,000 Dover Wilmington Delaware Colony
Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania (Alternity) PA December 12, 1787 12,023,000 Harrisburg Philadelphia Pennsylvania Province
New Jersey Flag of New Jersey NJ December 18, 1787 8,409,000 Trenton Newark New Jersey Province
Georgia Flag of the State of Georgia (1920-1956) GA January 2, 1788 9,499,000 Atlanta Atlanta Georgia Colony
Connecticut Flag of Connecticut CT January 9, 1788 3,309,000 Hartford Bridgeport Connecticut Colony
Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts MA February 6, 1788 6,200,000 Boston Boston Province of Massachusetts Bay
Maryland Flag of Maryland MD April 28, 1788 5,299,000 Annapolis Baltimore Province of Maryland
New Hampshire Flag of New Hampshire NH June 21, 1788 2,200,000 Concord Manchester Province of New Hampshire
Virginia Flag of Virginia VA June 25, 1788 9,857,000 Williamsburg Richmond Virginia and Bermuda Colonies
Bahamas Flag of the Bahamas (No Napoleon) BH July 5, 1788 610,000 Nassau Nassau Colony of the Bahama Islands
New York Flag of New York 1778-1901 NY July 26, 1788 18,500,000 Albany New York City Province of New York
Nova Scotia A World of Difference Flag of Acadia NS August 24, 1788 4,547,000 Halifax Halifax Nova Scotia Colony
Carolina Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863) CA February 21, 1789 12,980,000 Charlotte Charlotte Province of Carolina
Rhode Island Flag of Rhode Island (1882-1897) RI May 29, 1790 1,000,000 Providence Providence Rhode Island Colony
Vermont Flag of the Vermont Republic VT March 4, 1791 604,000 Montpelier Burlington Vermont Republic & New Hampshire Grants
Kentucky Flag of Kentucky KY June 1, 1792 4,374,000 Frankfort Louisville Kentucky County, Virginia
Tennessee Flag of Tennessee TN June 1, 1796 6,374,000 Nashville Memphis Southwest Territory
Ohio Flag of Ohio (Alternity - 18th state) OH March 1, 1803 13,021,000 Columbus Columbus Northwest Territory
Louisiana MG-Flag-Louisiana LA April 30, 1812 4,514,000 Alexandria Manheim Orleans Territory
Wabash Flag of Wabash (Alternity) WB December 11, 1816 6,212,000 Clarkville Clarkville Wabash Territory
West Florida Bonnieblue WF December 3, 1817 3,972,900 Pensacola Mobile Republic of West Florida
Illinois Illinois centennial flag (Alternity) IL December 3, 1818 13,480,000 Springfield Chicago Illinois Territory
Mississippi Mississippi 2001 flag proposal MS December 10, 1819 4,082,600 Aberdeen Birmingham Mississippi Territory
Maine Flag of Maine 1901 ME March 15, 1820 2,677,000 Bangor Falmouth Massachusetts' District of Maine
Missouri Flag of Missouri MO August 10, 1821 5,490,000 Fulton St. Louis Missouri Territory
Arkansas Flag of Arkansas (Hocker) AR June 16, 1836 2,400,000 Russellville Little Rock Arkansas Territory
Michigan 685px-Flag of Michigan.svg MI January 26, 1837 9,307,000 Lansing Detroit Michigan Territory
East Florida Flag of East Florida (Montcalm Survives) EF March 3, 1845 17,399,500 St. Augustine Miami East Florida Territory
Texas 100px TX December 29, 1845 25,400,000 San Antonio Galveston Republic of Texas
Iowa Flag of Iowa IA December 28, 1846 3,270,000 Des Moines Des Moines Iowa Territory
Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin WI May 29, 1848 5,237,000 Madison Milwaukee Wisconsin Territory
North California Flag of California (no words) NC September 9, 1850 22,644,000 Sacramento San Francisco Directly admitted from Mexican Cession
(as California)
Minnesota Minnesota North Star Flag MT May 11, 1858 5,363,000 St. Paul Minneapolis Minnesota Territory
Oregon Flag of Oregon (No Napoleon) OR February 14, 1859 5,030,000 Boise West Boston Oregon Territory
Kansas Flag of Kansas KS January 29, 1861 2,710,000 Topeka Wichita Kansas Territory
Nevada Flag of Nevada NV October 21, 1865 2,203,000 Fremont Lake's Crossing Nevada Territory
Nebraska Flag of Nebraska NB March 1, 1867 2,803,000 Lincoln Omaha Nebraska Territory
Jefferson Flag of Jefferson (Alternity) JF August 1, 1872 4,976,000 Denver City Denver City Jefferson Territory
Cuba Cubaflag CU August 2, 1874 20,200,000 Havana Calixto Cuba Territory
South California Flag of the Republic of Lower California SC September 27, 1876 22,761,000 San Diego Los Angeles Separated from California w. consent
Dakota Flag of Dakota (No Napoleon) DA November 2, 1889 1,982,000 Linton Fargo Dakota Territory
Absaroka Flag of Absaroka (No Napoleon) AB November 8, 1889 1,427,000 Tomah Billings Absaroka Territory
Washington Flag of Washington WA November 11, 1889 8,050,000 Yakima Seattle Washington Territory
Columbia Flag of the North American Union.svg CL November 14, 1889 6,194,000 Parksville Vancouver Columbia Territory
Cheyenne Flag of Wyoming (No Napoleon) CH July 10, 1890 590,000 Casper Cheyenne Falls Cheyenne Territory
Deseret Deseret (maple uprising) DS January 4, 1896 2,706,000 Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Deseret Territory
Santo Domingo Civil Ensign of the Dominican Republic SD February 9, 1903 10,500,000 Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Territory
Sequoyah Flag of Sequoyah (New World Democracy) SQ October 1, 1905 1,703,000 Muskogee Tulsa Indian Territory
Arizona Flag of Arizona AZ February 14, 1907 7,977,000 Phoenix Phoenix Arizona Territory
New Mexico Flag of New Mexico NM January 6, 1908 2,237,000 Santa Fe Albuquerque New Mexico Territory
Oklahoma Flag of Oklahoma OK September 12, 1908 1,647,000 Guthrie Oklahoma City Oklahoma Territory
Panama Bandera varilla PN June 22, 1947 2,745,000 Panama City Panama City Panama Territory
Luzon American Philippines LU January 1, 1955 30,800,000 Manila Manila Luzon Territory
Visayas Flag of the Philippines (navy blue) VS January 1, 1955 10,000,000 Cebu City Cebu City Visayas Territory
Mindanao Alternate flag of the philippines by jjdxb-d4mpsp5 MN January 1, 1955 18,130,000 Davao Davao Mindanao Territory
Hawaii Flag of Hawaii HI August 21, 1956 1,201,000 Honolulu Honolulu Hawaii Territory
Guadeloupe &
East Antiles flag by Vitaly Vetash GM June 17, 1959 992,000 Pointe-à-Pitre Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe & Martinique Territory
Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico PR June 9, 1960 3,457,000 San Juan San Juan Puerto Rico Territory & US Virgin Islands
Micronesia Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands MC July 21, 1984 401,000 Saipan Dededo Micronesia Territory

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