U.S. Presidential election, 1936: The election was a Republican landslide.

Republican Nomination

Incumbent president Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Vice President Taft was unopposed for renomination.

Democratic Nomination

The Democrats were in disarray, the early front-runner Louisiana Senator Huey Long was shot and killed in September, 1935. By early-1936, three Democrats emerged; NY Governor Franklin Roosevelt, the candidate of the North-east, New York County District Attorney Henry Breckinridge, the candidate of mid-westerners and westerners, and lastly Senate Minority Leader Morris Sheppard, the candidate of the Old South. Roosevelt won post of the primaries, but the convention would still decide who the nom inee would be. The Democratic convention was a wild affair, House Minority Leader Jack Garner was chosen as convention chair, and he saw to it that the 2/3s rule for nominating presidential and vice presidential nominees remained in place (Garner did this so as to prevent a quick Roosevelt victory). After twenty-three ballots, Roosevelt finally won the nomination when he got Garner to switch the Texas delegation to him in exchange for Garner getting the VP spot.

Ballots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 20 23 Vice Presidential Ballot 1
Roosevelt 386 401 379 372 359 369 381 401 469 501 568 601 737 Garner 1002
Breckinridge 341 348 381 412 450 462 456 432 399 365 329 319 306 Scattering 152
Sheppard 149 165 171 165 145 159 149 139 142 146 106 72 36
Scattering 156 123 103 93 87 34 23 15 12 13 17 17 23

General Election Campaign

Coming out of a brutal convention (Franklin) Roosevelt never really had a chance against (Ted) Roosevelt. Liberty Digest predicted that Ted would win 401 electoral votes and 56% of the popular vote. George Gallup predicted that the President would win 61% of the popular vote and 44 states.

On Election night, Gallup's prediction came to pass, President Roosevelt won 61 percent of the vote and every state except Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas.

Candidate Party Popular Vote PV% Electoral Vote Running Mate
Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Republican 27,935,328 61.5% 449 Robert Alphonso Taft
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic 15,900,591 35.8% 82 John Nance Garner
Other 1,167,383 2.7% 0

Roosevelt Coattails

In the Congressional election, the Republicans won a 65-31 seat majority in the Senate, and a 356-66 seat majority in the House.

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