The U.S. Presidential Election, 1932 was a contest between Vice President Herbert Hoover and New York Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Republican Nomination

Republican candidates

  • Senator James J. Blaine of Wisconsin
  • Former President Winston Churchill of New York
  • Senator Charles Dawes of Illinois
  • Vice President Herbert Hoover of California
  • Senator Hiram Johnson of California
  • Senator George Norris of Nebraska

Churchill and Hoover were the front-runners while Johnson, Dawes, and Norris were considerd possible compromise candidates. Churchill won primaries in Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Hoover won primaries in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, and West Virginia. Johnson won North and South Dakota, Norris won Wisconsin and Dawes won Illinois.

At the Republican convention, Hoover and Churchill battled it out for a half dozen ballots before Norris and Johnson united behind Hoover and he won the nomination on the 7th. ballot. Norris was nominated for Vice President.

Democrat Nomination

The Democrat front-runner in this election was New York Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt wons most of the primaries and won the Democrat nomination on the 3rd. ballot. Maryland Governor Albert Ritchie was nominated for Vice President.

General Election

Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democrat 19,651,574 (50.1%) 377 Albert Cabell Ritchie
Herbert Clark Hoover Republican 18,407,262 (45.9%) 154 George William Norris
Others - 1,180,685 (4.0%) 0 -

Congressional Election

The Democrats narrowly regained control of the Senate and the House for the first time in 16 years.

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