The U.S. Presidential Election, 1928 was yet another landslide victory for Republicans.

Republican Nomination

President Coolidge and Vice President Hoover were renominated unopposed.

Democrat Nomination

The Democrat nomination was won by New York Governor Al Smith largely do to the expectation of a Coolidge landslide. Arkansas Senator Joseph Robinson was nominated for Vice President.

General Election

Doe largely to Al Smith's catholic faith the campaign was awash for Coolidge and he and the Republicans won in a landslide.

Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate
J. Calvin Coolidge Republican 22,497,000 (60.7%) 479 Herbert C. Hoover
Alfred E. Smith Democrat 14,703,000 (38.6%) 52 Joseph T. Robinson
Others - 210,933 (0.7%) 0 -

Congressional Election

Republicans won over 65 seats in the Senate and 329 seats in the House.

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