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United States presidential election, 1916
November 7, 1916
Churchill-photo 105px
Nominee Winston Churchill Woodrow Wilson
Party Republican Democrat
Home state New York New Jersey
Running mate Warren G. Harding Thomas R. Marshall
Electoral vote 342 189
Popular vote 9,358,231 8,415,519
Percentage 50.8 44.6

The U.S. Presidential Election, 1916 is considerd a realing election in which New York Governor Winston Churchill squared off against incumbent President Woodrow Wilson.

Republican NominationEdit

The Republicans sought a candidate who could unite the party and defeat Wilson. New York Governor Winston Churchill seemed to be that candidate. With the backing of former President Teddy Roosevelt and former New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes Churchill was well on his way to winning the nomination.

In the primaries, Churchill won important victories in New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. Churchill's main rival in the primaries was Iowa Senator Albert Cummins. Cummins won several primaries in the west but could not catch up with Churchill.

At the Republican convention, Churchill won the nomination on the second ballot after winning the support of the Ohio delegation. In trade, Churchill picked Ohio Senator Warren Harding as his running mate.

Democrat NominationEdit

President Wilson and Vice President Marshall were renominated without opposition.

General ElectionEdit

Churchill was considerd the favorite early on but Wilson closed the gap as Election Day neared, most experts expected a long election night.

Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate
Winston Churchill Republican 9,358,231 (50.8%) 342 Warren G. Harding
Woodrow Wilson Democrat 8,415,519 (44.6%) 189 Thomas R. Marshall
Others - 867,852 (4.6%) 0 -

Congressional ElectionEdit

The Republicans won control of both the House and the Senate, this ensured that President-elect Churchill would be able to push his agenda through Congress.

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