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U.N invention (Ashes of the Middle Lands Map Game)

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Iraqi T72
U.S troops in Jordan
Well the start of the war was really unknown some say it was for oil some say to give freedom. The invention with the U.S and Israel leading they attack the city of Tabuk, Al Qurayyat,Sakaka,and Damascus through Jordan. With all to most rebels and nations seeing this as a invasion of Arab and Muslims land they all attack. The U.S had their sight on Baghdad and Damascus. Damascus was like Stalingrad 10 times over. After a  trench warfare with Arab human wave attacks and harsh fight in the cities The U.S lost it goals. Then a Davy crocked size nuke detonated in the city of Al Bukamal right after the U.S victory minutes ago. With this most nation left and the U.S was forced pull out for many reason. It's is unknown who set off the nuke with Jordan on everyone's hit list.


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