Battle of Weiden
Location Tyrol, Austria-Hungary
Date March until May 1920
Armies Involved Austro-Hungarian Army (Kaiser Karl I), Soviet Army (General Josef Stalin),
Result European Alliance Major Victory
Victims EA: 5996; Big 5: 999,673

Bold: EA Armies Italic: Big 5 Armies


With new supplies from Russia, Soviet troops were able to build a bridge across the Danube, allowing them to march into Austria. The Kaiser, Karl I was in Vienna when he heard that Bruck, a small town on the road to Vienna had fallen. The Kaiser fled with is troops to join the core of the Army in the mountains. By March, the Soviet commander, General Joseph Stalin, was enjoying himself in Schobrunn. With most of Austria still fighting, Stalin did not have time to enjoy himself. He set his troops back on the road, across the Semmering Pass in the Alps to Klagenfurt. His troops crossed into the Tirol, where the Austrian Kaiser Jager Alpine troops were waiting for the Soviets. In the high Dolomites, the Soviet troops, inexperienced to high mountains were suffering defeat after defeat. Stalin decided to retreat to safer grounds, and to invade Bavaria. In May, after losing many soldiers in the Dolomites, the reduced Soviet army crossed into Germany.

Austrian Strategy

Kaiser Karl I knew the weakness of the Austrian Army in firm, flat land. They were no match to a larger Soviet army. However, he knew that most Soviet troops were used to flat land, while most Austrian troops, especially the Kaiserjager troops, knew the Austrian Alps well. After consulting his generals, he decided to destroy all bridges in Hungary to hold off the Soviet troops, who had no construction materials, and to give his troops time to retreat to the Alps. General Stalin crossed the Danube in January 1920, and by March 1920, his troops were in Vienna. He decided to move on the mountains, were he knew the Austrians were. The Austrian aviation spotted the Soviets and advised the army in the mountains. The battle lasted two months, and while losing very few troops, Kaiser Karl I inflicted a huge defeat on the Soviet army.

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