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Tyrol was a country in the Alps. Originally under the Meinhardiner (relatives of the Habsburgs), in 1335 Tyrol fell to the Luxemburger dynasty, when Heinrich II of Tyrol died without male heirs, via his daughter who had married into this house.

1353, the first university in the HRE was founded in Innsbruck, Tyrol.

The year 1464 became important for the great findingd of silver in Tyrol, which made the Luxemburger dynasty second-richest in the HRE.

During the Twenty-Year War, Tyrol acquired the clerical territories of Augsburg, Bressano / Brixen and Trient.

The end came with the Luxemburgian War of Succession (1660-64), when France and its allies dismembered Luxemburg-Tyrol. Vorarlberg fell to Switzerland, Venice took southern Tyrol, Bavaria swallowed the rest. Even after the anti-French War, the Luxemburgers didn't get Tyrol back.

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