The mass extinction event of the Cretaceous Period wasn't as bad, and some dinosaurs survived. The dinosaurs evolved larger brains and more agile bodies. By the end of the last ice age, there were five species of dinosaurs capable of human thought and emotion.

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Tyrannosaurus Sapiens

The largest (in size and population) of all modern dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Sapiens inhabit much of the world, including North America and Europe. Their arms have since become larger and able to be more effective. They possess incredible strength and intelligence. Their skulls are much harder than most dinosaur skulls, making brain surgery ineffective. Brain tumors and other problems with the brain have a high death rate.

The Tyrannosaurus Sapiens are about three meters tall with varying scale colors. This led to segregation among the populations.


Descended from Velociraptors, the Dwaftosaurus is like the Tyrannosaurus, except smaller, dumber, and work in hives. They usually hold blue-collar jobs and are generally looked down on from the other dinosaurs. Dwarfosauruses tend to be socially awkward around members of another species or sex. Despite a low social class, the Dwarfosaurus outnumbers most of the other dinosaurs.

The Dwarfosaurus mainly inhabit Africa.

Triceratopa Sapiens

Often a more pacifistic species, the Triceratopa Sapiens inhabit Norway and Sweden. They tend to look for peaceful ways to do things. There are two subspecies: Triceratopa Sapien Sapien and Tusks. Tusks are smaller, dumber, and loyal. They tend to be pets for herbivorous and even some carnivorous dinosaurs.


Banshees are descended from Pteradactyl. They have become more hominid in shape, save for their wings/arms. They inhabit Ireland, Britain, and other islands. They tend to have a foul mouth, using compulsive swearing in their vocabulary. Furthermore, their vocal cords can be a deadly weapon, acting as a stunner for other dinosaurs. Occasionally, the Banshees can have an excellent singing talent.

Alligators and Other Reptiles.

The alligator is unchanged. They tend to be kept as pets, along with snakes, frogs, lizards, and avians.
Lizards, such as bearded dragons, tend to be seen as vermin, and are usually exterminated.


Mammals were nearly hunted to extinction. Rodents such as squirrels are somewhat common. Cats, wolves, and elephants are endangered. Apes, monkeys, and other mammals are extinct. Human fossils have recently been discovered in Africa and a small LIVING group of humans was found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

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