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Two Different States of Palawan and Sulu

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The Two Different States of Palawan and Sulu timeline is all about what if the two island countries (Palawan and Sulu) will became a country for a longer time?

In 1578, the Sultanate of Sulu declared independence from Bruneian Empire. It conquered the parts of Borneo Island and Southern Palawan Island. The first Sultan was Sharif ul-Hashim, an Arab-Muslim explorer.

In 1624, Palawan declared independence from the Sultanate (Sulu). Palawan became a kingdom and conquered the northern part of Palawan and Calamian Island. It also conquered the whole Maina Island.

Many arrivals of western powers such as Spanish to conquered as a territory but the two countries denied by the offer. So that it's still a powerful countries as of now...

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