This is also an alternate geography.

Columbus accidentally ends up in Wales

During a storm where Christopher Columbus is about to return to the Iberian peninsula in the late 15th century, he ends up landing in the Welsh port of Cardiff in 1596. Columbus gave the Welsh the idea and technology of Colonization and Seafaring. Very privately to the Royals of Wales, but a Scottish spy has infiltrated Cardiff and escaped with the ideas without being caught.

The Rise of the Two Celtic Empires

The revolution of Wales and the formation of the Welsh Empire and Scottish Empire

While Spain and France set sail for the New World in the early 1500's, England heard about Wales preparing its conquest and colonization on the New World. When England find out, the Welsh revolts against the English and gave the Spanish and French more time to colonize the New World. England is unable to hold on to Wales and Wales became strongly and literately an Independent Celtic Country. Once Wales and Scotland both defeated England, England, Scotland and Wales signs The Treaty of the Shepherds (Mae Cytundeb y Bugeiliaid). England has lost five out of six of their army during the Welsh revolution. England became a puppet state of both Wales and Scotland, yet remains an independent neutral country. Cornwall became the first colony and member of the Welsh Empire. Isle of Man became the first colony and member of the Scottish Empire. That Revolution was intensive but fast as Wales uses a stronger strategy to occupy London with a little help from Scotland and a single help-out from Spain. England is heartbroken and disillusioned at the start of the renaissance period.

The Aztecs, the Spanish and the Welsh

Once Spain conquered the Aztecs in 1521. Wales declared war on Spain. the intensity between Spain and Wales is high and Scotland gave wales a boost which causes France to help out Spain. In 1527 Spain and France are defeated by two very organized Celtic Empires. Spain signs a capitulation and Wales gained Catalonia from Spain while Scotland gained Portugal from Spain. Wales than gained New Spain from Spain and renamed it to Mexico. Wales signs The Treaty of Montezuma. With the once liberated Aztec's in the mid 1540's.

Ain't no Country big enough, ain't no Island small enough

Wales and Scotland go to war with each other after setting their dominance in the New World in the 1570's. During the Scottish Welsh war, Portugal gain independence from Scotland, while Mexico gain independence from Wales. Portugal left the Scottish Commonwealth in 1579 for peace and colonize the American Continent. However Mexico remains part of the Welsh Commonwealth. The war is expanded from Europe to the West Indies. Wales may have lost the war against Scotland yet they continue to fight in many wars until both countries sign the treaty, due to their treatment of English rebels at the start of the 17th century. Wales and Scotland became best friends as they continue to colonize the American continent and two countries always takes risks and push the limits but very cautiously. However, both nations adopt the English language after Wales freed the Aztecs from the Spanish.

Hardened Wales, Tougher Scotland, Neutral England

Holy Rome - Conquered and Italy's bailout

At the start of the Industrial Period in 1698, Wales, Scotland, France, The Nederlands, Portugal and Spain continue its colonization on the World. The Holy Roman Empire has collapsed after defeat against both Wales and Scotland. Wales gain Germany, while Scotland gain Italy. Soon, Italy declared its independence from Scotland and also left the Commonwealth. As for Germany is unable to declare its independence from Wales until 1798.

Asia and the Pacific - The Force to be Reckoned with

The age of colonization continues to the other half of the world from the 18th to the early 20th Century. The Asian countries have hard doubts when defending themselves from the Europeans (Until the Guerrilla Warfare was discovered in Scottish Indochina). China lost its southern half to Wales. India would be part of England, yet remained Neutral towards it's opposite empires and

The Twin Continents - New Land, New Hopes, New Nations

The discovery of both Australia and Zealandia gave the trio Empires of the British Isles a chance to colonize the twin continents. In 1798 Germany gains Independence from Wales and left the Welsh Commonwealth. In order to seize for more land as the Prussian Empire. Prussia renames back to Germany after the loss of Bismarck I.

The discovery of the Polynesian groups on the Zealandia continent are the Maori, the Samoans, the Tongans and the Fijians as well as the New Caledonians (Racism not intended). The Aboriginals in Australia was also discovered as it's own group. However the Aboriginals and the Polynesians have a very strong immune system because of Asia after the Black Death of the mid evil era. These natives roam the land both hot and cold.

The Colony of New Zealand was under the Scottish crown. New Caledonia was never influenced by the French, but by the Germans. The Tri-Pacific Islands of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji were also under the control of the Scottish crown. New Caledonia renamed to Stuttgart after a German Victory over the French.

The Murder of Albert Einstein

Early 20th Century money bubble

With the English was a late empire in the late 17th century, it became one of the most wealthiest Civilizations. So wealthy that the United Kingdom never came around, because of their failed attempt of stopping both Wales and Scotland becoming separate Empires.

In 1925, Albert Einstein was murdered backstage by Joseph Stalin at the World Expo in Wellington, New Zealand. The idea of Nuclear never comes to past. The great depression of 1929 still comes around. That both Scotland and Wales never went to the great war. Adolf Hitler rise to the power in 1934, which could threatened the British isles.

The Cold, is colder than you think

After the Allies victory over the Axis in 1945, The United States of America became a first pick in World Domination. But the Soviets are one step ahead. Japan became the Empire of the Rising Sun. A three-way warfare became intense in early 1991, but short. The result was an Allied victory, the USSR reverted to Russia and the Empire crumble and became under Welsh occupation. Over-Industrialization has reached it's doorstep worldwide by the end of the millennium. Eco-Industrialization has became in law in 1998. However, 9/11 still occurs. Trump never became president, nor does Hillary Clinton. But Bill Belichick became President of the USA.

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