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Republic of Tuva
Республика Тува (ru)
Тыва Республика (tyv)

Republic of the Soviet Union
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Tuva
Flag of Tuva (1992) Coat of arms of Tuva
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Tuva (New Union)
Location of Tuva
(and largest city)
Other cities Ak-Dovurak, Shagonar
Russian and Tuvan
  others Khakas, Mongolian
Demonym Tuvan
Area 168,604 km² (13th)
Population 370,130 (31st)
Established October 10, 1961
Admission February 16, 1993
Time zone NOVT (UTC+6)
  summer NOVST (UTC+7)

Tuva (Russian: Тува, Tuva; Tuvan: Тыва, Tyva), officially the Republic of Tuva, is a republic of the Soviet Union. Historically connected to China, Tuva became a Soviet-backed communist state between 1921 until 1944, in which it was annexed into the Russian SFSR. During Glasnost and the Parade of Sovereignties, Tuva became a troubled region, with ethnic tensions between Tuvans and Russians leading to protests and the diaspora of Russians from the region. Tensions gradually calmed after 1993, in which Tuva (along with Tatarstan and Vainakhia) become one of the first new republics to be upgraded since the 1930s. Despite the growth of Tuvan culture and language in the region, the republic remains an isolated region, and one of the least-populated republics of the USSR.

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