Tushori Corporation
Timeline: Age of Darkness

OTL equivalent: Western USA/South Bay Area
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
San Jose
Other cities Fresno
  others French, Spanish, Regional dialects
  others Catholic and Orthodox Christianity
Legislature Corporate Oligarchy
Chief Executive Officer Walter A. Haas Sr.
Area 52 683 km²
Population 662 146 (100AC) 
Established 25AC
Currency Tushori Credits

The Tushori Corporation is a North American nation bordering the ADOS Laboratory for the Amplifying of Society to the north, Republic of California to the southwest, and New Deseret to the east.


The nation began when the corporate leaders from before The Collapse banded together in the hopse of recreating the economic environment they had envisioned. The disaster had brought all of them to financial ruin, but they were determined to create the perfect corporation which could stand the test of time. Trading every good imaginable, ethical or not, employees became adept at trading and shrewd exchanges. At the same time, knowing the value of public relations, the Tushori were renowned for always keeping their promises and never stooping to the level of a thief or swindler. One of their most successful business decisions was the joint Chimera Project. When scientists from Ados-lan split and joined the corporation, they brought with them valuable scientific information and with it papers on the biotechnology discoveries. Over time, the project grew into a three-way venture between the Ironfist Empire, Ados-lan and the Tushori to breed a perfect, disposable super-soldier using a mixture of human and animal genetic elements thought to be necessary for effective combat. However, the rejection of the female version sparked a furious search for a way to market these unwanted biological oddities. Noticing the apparent attachment certain individuals had for these surprisingly attractive creatures; however, the Tushori determined that the most effective way to get rid of the excess stock was to market them to the red light and home labor industries. Creating a viral marketing campaign, the Tushori single-handedly created a new class of creature, neither human nor animal: the Plave. A contraction of "Pet-slave", as they were derogatorily called, the Plave class was seen as something of an anomaly akin to the "peculiar institution" which had so afflicted the United States during the 1800's; however, as the new Chimeras were, according to Ados-lan scientists, "not entirely human", there was very little initial objections to the treatment of the Plaves. It was partly for this reason that the Plave's Rebellion began.

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