Repubblica d'Toscana
Republic of Tuscany
Flag Tuscany (VegWorld)
Official language Italian
Capital Florence
Largest Cities Florence
Population 2,777,000
HDI 0.955 (Very High)
Currency Euro (EUR)
Our Timeline Equivalent Region of Tuscany

The Republic of Tuscany is a southern European nation, and part of the Italian League. Tuscany has a very distinguished history. Once home to the Etruscans (after whom the nation was named), the area was later conquered by the Roman Republic. It then became an important area in the Roman Empire, as the city of Florence was settled by Romans. The Roman Empire broke up later, and the Italian peninsula fractured into various states. One came to be named Tuscany. Florence, the largest city and capital of Tuscany, became one of the first cities that went through the Renaissance. Florence became a center of the arts, as well as "humanism". Often, humanism would be linked to Christianity, mostly out of fear of being labeled heretics or unbelievers, and particularly because the pope and Rome were so close. However, secular notions became prominent over time, and to this day, the number of churches far exceeds the number needed for the religious community. However, the churches were and are works of art, visited by Christians and non-Christians alike. Most Tuscans are socially progressive, secular, and cherish their free time, which is more than most people get - around 30 hours per week, with many paid holidays in addition to that.



78% Vegetarian
52% Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
17% Vegan Vegetarian
08% Lacto Vegetarian
01% Ovo Vegetarian
22% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

77% Tuscan
12% other Italian
07% other European
04% non-European (Chinese, Indian, etc.)


60% Nonreligious
37% atheist
23% agnostic
25% Christian
20% Catholic
05% other Christian
11% Cathar
04% other


87% Italian
04% Gallo-Italic languages
02% Neapolitan languages
01% Sardinian
01% Sicilian
01% Rhaeto-Romance languages
04% others

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