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Duchy of Tuscany
Ducato de' Toscana
— Duchy of Italy
Timeline: Triunfa, España!
Flag Tuscany Coat of arms of the House of de' Medici
Flag of the Duchy of Tuscany Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Tuscany
Tuscany Provinces Blank
Map of Tuscany and it's sub-divisions
Capital Siena
Largest city Siena
Other cities Pisa, Lucca, Prato
Language Italian, Tuscan
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism
Ethnic group Italian
Duke Giovanni de' Ottaiano
  De' Medici
Governor Enrico Rossi
Area 22,990 
Population app.10,000,000 
Admission 1946

The Duchy of Tuscany (Toscano Italian: Ducatto de' Toscana) is a part of the United Duchies of Italy. The capital is officially at Siena, because the District of Florence is it's own autonomous region. The dukes of Tuscany are from the de' Ottaiano house, a cadet branch of the Medici.


The Duchy of Tuscany was the first region of the United Duchies of Italy. It declared independence from Spain on April 4, 1944. It then joined the Italian independence movement on September 23, 1944, and the new nation of Italy on October 6, 1946.

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