Just an archive page for the first turn of Game of Nations. Not much else to it.

A few more quick rules

Next to the map you post with your nation on it, put some basic information about it in the following format:

  • Country Name:
  • Capital (and Largest City):
  • Other Cities:
  • Religion:
  • Language(s):
  • Ethnic Groups:
  • Government:
  • Literacy Rate:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • Economy:
  • Military Strength: (Scale from one to ten)
  • Anthem:
  • Motto:
Save the map file you make in the following format:

GoNN[Insert your claim number here]T[Insert Game turn number here]

Rules for making maps

  • Mark international borders in black
  • Cover up rivers (mostly because the current nations did it and I want it to be consistent)
  • Add your nation to the table at the bottom

Aksum (Fires)

Game of Nations, Aksum
  • Country Name: Aksum
  • Capital (and Largest City): Aksum
  • Other Cities: Zoskales, Mazabar, New Cairo, Sheba
  • Religion: 48% Aksumite Christianity, 23% Sunni Muslim, 18% Jewish, 9% Traditional Aksumite faiths, 2% Atheist/Agnostic
  • Language(s): Ge'ez, Hebrew, Arabic, English
  • Ethnic Groups: 69% Ethiopian, 19% Arabic, 6% Jewish, 5% European, 1% other
  • Government: Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 99% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Celkur
  • Population: 187,657,000
  • Economy: Strong capitalist economy, though some industries (such as healthcare) are nationalized
  • Military Strength: 7/10 relatively strong and well funded, but extremely ineffective recently
  • Anthem: Monarch's March
  • Motto: For the glory of Aksum

Federal States of Columbia (LightningLynx89)

  • Country Name: Federal States of Columbia
  • Capital (and Largest City): Philadelphia (New Amsterdam)
  • Other Cities: Toronto, Chicago, Indianapolis, Franklinton, Detroit
  • Religion: 82.3% Christian, 10.7 Irreligious, 5.7% Jewish, 1.3% Other
  • Language(s): English, French, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Indian languages
  • Ethnic Group(s): 88.2% White, 10% Black, 1.8% Indian
  • Government: Federal republic
  • Literacy Rate: 99.8% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Federal dollar
  • Population: 124,601,060
  • Economy: Strong capitalist economy, recovering from an economic crash in the mid 2000s
  • Military Strength: 6/10 had to cut back during the crash, but is climbing back up
  • Anthem: Hymn of the Federation
  • Motto: Vita, Libertas et Felicitatis Indagatio (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness)

Republic of Estibordo (Reximus55)

  • Country Name: República do Estibordo (Republic of Estibordo)
  • Capital: Venâncio
  • Largest City: Algeriz
  • Other Cities: Mascarenhas, Góes, Fiolhoso, Torre do Oura, São Bráulio
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (84%); Protestant (7%); Aboriginal Faith (5%); Other (4%)
  • Language(s): Portuguese; Aboriginal Languages
  • Ethnic Groups: Mixed (54%); White (31%); Aboriginal (13%); Other (2%)
  • Government: Parliamentary confederation
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Estibordan Porção (EPR)
  • Population: 25,634,215
  • Economy: Mixed-market economy with many nationalized sectors
  • Military Strength: 6/10 due to regular fighting with Western Neighbor
  • Anthem: Um Propósito Comum (A Common Purpose)
  • Motto: "Liberdade e Prosperidade" (Liberty and Prosperity)

Cascadia (Yellow)

  • Country Name: Cascadia
  • Capital (and Largest City): Seattle
  • Other Cities: Portland, Vancouver BC, Spokane
  • Religion: 57% Christianity, 30% Jewish, 13% Other
  • Language(s): English
  • Ethnic Groups: 80% White, 12% Black, 8% Indian
  • Government: Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 97.5% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Dollar
  • Population: 14,895,354
  • Economy: medium capitalist economy
  • Military Strength: 5/10, does not normally enter wars
  • Anthem: "Cascadian Honor"
  • Motto: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

East Asian Federation (KK)

  • Country Name: East Asian Federation (Members: Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japanese Siberia)
  • Capital: Beijing
  • Largest Cities: Shanghai (city proper) Tokyo (metro)
  • Other cities: Beijing, Seoul, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Busan, Kyoto
  • Religion: (TBD)
  • Languages: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Korean
  • Ethnic groups: (TBD)
  • Government: Federation
  • Literacy rate: 99.9% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Yen
  • Population: 1,562,300,000 (estimated)
  • Economy: Highly advanced and developed post industrial capitalist economy, major sectors include electronics and medicine. However, many see a bubble growing, and early signs of a collapse are already showing.
  • Military: 9/10 One of the strongest in the world
  • Anthem: Kimagay
  • Motto: "To a brighter future, for a better Earth, humanity advances forward"

Kingdom of Galicia (Belial)

  • Country Name: Kingdom Of Galicia
  • Capital: Santiago de Compostela (Largest City) A Coruña, Nosa Señora
  • Other Cities: Vigo Gijón Bilbao
  • Religion: 88% Roman Catholic, 2% atheist/agnostic, 4% Protestant, 3%, 2% other
  • Languages: Galician (Official) Artuese, Basque, Spanish, Navarrese, Catalan, French
  • Ethnic Groups: 45% Galician, 15% Galician Creole, 10% Artuese, 13% Spanish, 7% Basque, 10% French
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Currency: Royal Riqueza
  • Literacy Rate: 98%
  • Population: 22,345,911
  • Economy: Strong Capitalist Economy that possess many global companies and is a prominent player in world trade. These corporations are massively corrupt though, and often exert influence over the weak government.
  • Military Strength: Six - Strong enough to maintain control and protect its overseas dependencies and to protect itself from the recent threat from the south.
  • Anthem: Esta fermosa terra (This Beautiful land)
  • Motto: Porque Deus, Rei e País (For God, King and Country)

Aghoristan (Kost)

  • Country Name: Aghoristan
  • Capital: Varanasi
  • Religion: Hinduism. Official: Aghori
  • Languages: A lot of. Most in use: Hindi
  • Ethnic Groups: A lot Main: Varanasi
  • Government: Theocracy
  • Currency: Rupee
  • Literacy Rate: 18%
  • Population: 119 million
  • Economy: Low-level agrarian economy. Most of industry concentrated in east part of the country
  • Military Strength: Very strong army based on Sikhs
  • Anthem: None
  • Motto: कापालिक

Union of Socialist Germanic Republics (Vinny)

  • Country Name: Union of Socialist Germanic Republics
  • Capital: Marxstadt
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Languages: Esperanto, German
  • Ethnic groups: Flamands, Dutch, Germans, Russians, Danes, Poles, Hungarians, French
  • Government: Soviet republic
  • Currency: Arbeids mark
  • Literacy Rate: 97,31%
  • Population: 80,982,136
  • Economy: Strong mostly military industry
  • Military Strength: 7/10 strong but small number of volunteer army
  • Anthem: Auferstand aus ruinen
  • Motto: Liberstoj kuningi

Most Serene Duchy of New Venice (Oct)

  • Country Name: Most Serene Duchy of New Venice
  • Capitol: New Venice (OTL: New Orleans)
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Languages: Italian
  • Ethnic Groups: New Venetian (Mix of Italian, Croatian, Spanish, and Black)
  • Government: Venetian style Plutocracy with a Constitutional Monarch
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Population: 30 million
  • Economy: Switzerland esq
  • Economy, Corporate Capital of the world
  • Military Strength: Strong military based off Mercenaries
  • Anthem: "We hail thee Duke"
  • Motto: "Deo Juvante"

New California Republic (Lieu)

  • Country Name: New California Republic
  • Capital (and Largest City): Shady Sands
  • Other Cities: Reno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Primm, The Hub
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Language(s): English, Spanish
  • Ethnic Groups: White, Spanish, Native
  • Government: Democracy
  • Literacy Rate: 98%
  • Currency: Dollar
  • Population: 38 million
  • Economy: Free market run by Capitalists, it is currently at its peak of power as a strong economy, especially with its trade with Cascadia
  • Military Strength: 9, strong with great industry
  • Anthem: The Righteous Republic
  • Motto: NCR and proud!

Azuay (FP)

  • Country Name: Republic of Azuay
  • Capital: Guayaquil
  • Other Cities: Cuenca, Machala, Ambato, Puyo
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Language(s): Galician, Spanish, Quechua, English
  • Ethnic Groups: Galician, White, Native
  • Government: Democracy (though large parts of the north are in total anarchy)
  • Literacy Rate: 68%
  • Currency: Azuayan Peso
  • Population: 4,576,020
  • Economy: Very weak due to years of drug wars and severe corruption
  • Military Strength: 3, outdated and beaten by years of violence
  • Anthem: Glory to the State!
  • Motto: Et Stare Alta Liber (Stand Tall and Free)

Mesopotamian Caliphate (Eric)

  • Country Name: Mesopotamian Caliphate
  • Capital: Baghdad
  • Other Cities: Damascus, Jerusalem, Medina, Mecca, Dubai
  • Religion: Sunni Islam
  • Language(s): Arabic (official)
  • Ethnic Groups: Arabs (majority made up 80% of the entire population), Kurds (10%), Others (Rest of 10%)
  • Government: Islamic absolute monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 91%
  • Currency: Mesopotamian dinar
  • Population: 80,359,120
  • Economy: Medium capitalist economy, largely oil based
  • Military Strength: 7/10
  • Anthem: My Homeland
  • Motto: There is no god but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Greater Austria (Epic)

You can not claim Vienna as your capital. Much of OTL Austria has already been claimed by Vinny as part of the Union of Socialist Germanic Republics. ~Tim

  • Country Name: Greater Austria
  • Capital: Budapest (Vienna is under occupation)
  • Other Cities: Trieste, Prague, Sarajevo, Skopje
  • Religion: Catholicism
  • Languages: Czech, Slovak, German, Hungarian
  • Ethnic Groups: Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, Croat, Slovene, Serb, Montenegrin, Italian
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 90%
  • Currency:Austrian Dollar
  • Mods may finish this but I want the territory to consist of OTL Austria-Hungary not occupied by Germany, Montenegro and the Kingdom of Serbia. -Epic
  • You didn't make your own map and you picked a nation that's namesake already belongs to another nation. Therefore, the mods decided to give you your land and you can not change that. Next time make your own map. ~Oct

Zaire (Nlenhardt)

  • Country Name: Zaire
  • Capital: Kinshasa
  • Other Cities: Kisangani, Lubumbashi
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Languages: French
  • Ethnic Groups: Bantu, French, Kongo, Tutsi
  • Government: Dictatorship
  • Literacy Rate: 76%
  • Population: 109,032,332
  • Currency: American (USD)
  • Military strength 6/10
  • Motto: Together we Stand.
  • Anthem: La Zaïroise

Nevesian Federation (Ace009)

  • Country Name: Nevesian Federation (Official), Nevesia (Common)
  • Capital: Axente
  • Other Cities: Citade Neves, San Mateo and As Virxes
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (De Facto Majority), Atheist (De Jure State-Sponsored), Islam (Minority Religion), Protestant Christianity (Minority Religion)
  • Languages: Galician (Majority), Arabic (Minority), Castilian (Minority)
  • Ethnic Groups: Galician, Castilian and Al-Andalusian
  • Government Form: Military Dictatorship
  • Literacy Rate: 87%
  • Population: 99,918,966 (2013)
  • Currency: Nevesian Dollar (NVD)
  • Economy: Mixed Economy, with some small businesses flourishing thanks to recent economic reforms, albeit it has had a command economy in the past.
  • Military Strength: 7/10, one of the strongest military ground forces on the continent. Still maintains a mildly competitive air force. It has a somewhat large navy and even has a slight outdated aircraft carrier. It also maintains a small nuclear arsenal, although most nuclear missiles are out-of-date compared to Columbia's.
  • Motto: Traballadores do Mundo, Unidevos!
  • Anthem: A Internacional

Cygnia (Tim)


Cygnia is in gold

  • Country name(s): Empire of the United Cygnian States, Cygnian Empire, United Cygnian States
  • Capital (and largest city): Swanstone
  • Other cities: Theodora, Campbell, Augusta, Esperance, Jayakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya
  • Religion: 43% Church of Cygnia, 21% Roman Catholicism, 7% Islam, 5% Buddhism, 5% Other, 19% Atheist/Agnostic
  • Languages: English (official), Nyungar (national), Melayu (regional, OTL Indonesian), Javanese (regional), French, Dutch, German, Hindi, Tamil
  • Ethnic Groups: 59% Caucasian, 20% Nyungar Aboriginal, 10% Malay, 5% Chinese, 2% Indian, 4% Others
  • Government: Federal constitutional monarchy
  • Literacy rate: 99.5% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Cygnian Sovereign (CYS)
  • Population: 42,538,100 (21,400,000 on mainland; 5,699,100 on OTL Sumatra; 15,439,000 on Java)
  • Economy: Strong semi-socialist NEP-style economy; major industries nationalised, but smaller private businesses and small-scale capitalism allowed; major dependence on natural resources and mining industry, as well as viticulture and agriculture
  • Military strength: 7/10 due to high tension with New Rhodesia; Imperial Navy one of the strongest in the region, supplied by many ports along the country's coastlines; National Service suspended since 1962. Possesses a joint nuclear arsenal with Estibordo to protect Australia and neighbouring countries from New Rhodesia. Mostly stored aboard the Navy's many nuclear submarines
  • Anthem: Song of the Swan
  • Motto: Cygnis Insignis, Semper Fidelis (Latin: Distinguished for Swans, Always Faithful)
    • Motto of the Imperial House: Servir, Defendre, Mourir (French: Serve, Defend, Die)
  • Other notes
    • Head of state: Emperor — currently Theodore V
    • Head of government: Chancellor — currently Dorian Brandt — elected directly by the population similarly to how the US President is elected, but without the Electoral College; head of the Cabinet, but is not a Member of Congress
    • Imperial House: House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster
    • Legislature: Imperial Congress
      • Upper house: Senate — 240 seats — 12 seats per state, four per territory
      • Lower house: National Assembly — 380 seats — one seat per Electoral District
    • States: Swanstone, Theodora, Augusta, Alexis, Auralia, North Gascoyne, South Gascoyne, Outer Pilbara, Inner Pilbara, West Kimberley, Kimberley, Kaleep, Samudra, West Java, East Java, South Java, Jayakarta, Solonia, Yogyakarta
    • Territories: Sunda-Bali, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Moluccas, Empress Alexis Land (no representation)

The Holy See of Mylapore (Nathan)

  • Country Name: Mylapore, Patriarchate of Mylapore, San Thome City
  • Capital (and Largest City): San Thome
  • Other Cities: none
  • Religion: Nestorian Christianity
  • Language(s): Greek (official), Tamil (colloquial)
  • Ethnic Groups: Tamil
  • Government: Theocratic, elected monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 99.9%
  • Currency: Tetradrachm (TRD)
  • Population: 35,000 (2015 estimate)
  • Economy: Controlled by the state, entirely made up from Church donations, museum tours, fees and sales of relics
  • Military Strength: 1/10. Entirely made up from the Cavalan Guard and the Patriarchal Secret Service
  • Anthem: The Muttu Mantra (Hymn of the Pearl)
  • Motto: Tevan Oru (God is One)

New Rhodesia (Orwell)

  • Country Name: Republic of New Rhodesia
  • Capital: Cecilsville
  • Largest City: Cape Town
  • Other cities: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Salisbury, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elisabeth, East London, Windhoek, New Horatio (OTL Lusaka), Livingstone
  • Religions: Protestant Christian, Catholic Christian, Atheist, folk religion
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English
  • Ethnic Groups: Caucasian, Sub-Saharan African
  • Government: White Supremacist Democracy, Apartheid State
  • Literacy Rate: 80% (white population, mostly, and the blacks who live in Bantustans, not the tribals)
  • Currency: New Rhodesian Pound
  • Population: 70 million - 11 million whites - 58 million blacks
  • Economy: Blacks are the workers and farmers, whites are the government and corporations.
  • Military Strength: 8/10, possesses nuclear weapons after a test in 1972, mostly white military which means it's small, great equipment; by modern standards.
  • Anthem: Rise O' Voices of Rhodesia
  • Motto: Wit Krag, Swart Arbeid (White Power, Black Labor)
  • Current Leader: Eugene Terre'Blanche 2007-present
  • Former Leader: Ian Smith 1950-2007
  • States: Cape, Natal, Basuto, Orange, Transvaal, Swazi, Upper Rhodesia, New Drakensberg, East Nyasa, Nyasa, Bechuana, Namaland, South Angola, Zambia, Territory of Madagascar

United Hellenic Provinces (Deutsch)

  • Country Name: Federation of United Hellenic Provinces
  • Capital (and Largest City): Athens
  • Other Cities: Constantinople, Bursa, Tirana, Thessaloniki, Izmir, Burgas
  • Religion: 72% Greek Orthodox/Christian, 15% Muslim, 9% Atheist/Nonreligious, 4% Other
  • Languages: Greek, Albanian, Turkish (Official), Hebrew, Bulgarian and English (Recognized)
  • Ethnic Groups: 63% Greeks, 9% Turks, 5% Albanians, 5% Roma, 4.5% Bulgarians, 13% other
  • Government: Socialist-leaning parliamentary republic
  • Literacy Rate: 96% of 18-Year-Olds
  • Currency: Hellenic New Drachma
  • Population: 12,851,520 (2015 Estimate)
  • Economy: Mixed Market Socialist. Services and luxuries as main exports.
  • Military Strength: 7/10. Mandatory draft for all physically able citizens ages 17-35 for men and 19-35 for women. Military research is constant, although not a top priority.
  • Anthem: Hail, Hellas!
  • Motto: Isótita gia to Méllon (Equality for the Future)

Roman Empire (Scraw)

Um, Scraw, I already claimed Lombardy and Venetia so Milan can not be another city. - Epic

Actually, it looks like those areas are owned by Germany, not "Austria".

  • Country Name: Roman Empire
  • Capital: Paris
  • Other Cities: London (largest city), Rome
  • Religion: Western Catholicism (state religion)
  • Language(s): English, French, Latin, Italian
  • Ethnic Groups: White
  • Government: Federal constitutional monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Imperial Roman Sterling (IRS)
  • Population: 180 million (rough estimate)
  • Economy: Capitalist
  • Military Strength: 8
  • Anthem: Corona et Crux
  • Motto: E Pluribus Unum (Latin)

New Romania (AH28)

  • Country Name: Unified States of New Romania
  • Capital: Mulligan (OTL Orlando)
  • Other Cities: New London (largest city), New Rome
  • Religion: Western Catholicism (state religion)
  • Language: American Romanian (combination of Latin, English, Italian and French), should not be confused with Romanian from Romania.
  • Ethnic Groups: White, Black, Hispanic and Native
  • Government: Democratic
  • Literacy Rating: 99.3%
  • Currency: Romanian Dollar
  • Population: 200 million
  • Economy: Capitalist
  • Military Strength: 9
  • Anthem: Praise the land!
  • Motto: Let God Spirit be with you!

Sultan of Africa (Boz)

  • Country Name: Sultan of Africa
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Other Cities: Tripoli, Kartum, Al Andulas
  • Religion: Sunni Islam
  • Language(s): Arabic (official)
  • Ethnic Groups: Arabs (majority made up 80% of the entire population), Moors (10%), Others (Rest of 10%)
    Sultan of Africa
  • Government: Islamic Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 91%
  • Currency: African dinar
  • Population: 80,359,120
  • Economy: Medium capitalist economy, largely trade based
  • Military Strength: 7/10
  • Anthem: My love
  • motto" No God BUT Allah

Teutonic Confederation (Blocky)

  • Country Name: Teutonic Confederation
  • Capital: Memel (Klaipeda)
  • Largest City: Sankt Georgburg (St. Petersburg)
  • Other Cities: Wilna (Vilnius), Riga, Reval (Tallinn), Mengau (Minsk), Warschau (Warsaw), Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm
  • Religion: 80% Lutheranism (State Religion), 12% Roman Catholicism, 6% None/Unaffiliated, 2% Eastern Orthodoxy (2016 Survey, 2% Margin of error)
  • Language(s): German (Official), Russian, Belorussian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian
  • Ethnic Groups: 97% Caucasian, 3% Other
  • Government: Fascist Military Dictatorship
  • Literacy Rate: 98% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Teutonic Mark (TM)
  • Population: 51 Million (2016 Estimate)
  • Economy: Strong, mostly industrial based economy fueled by natural resources gathered locally. Mostly capitalistic in design.
  • Military Strength: 8/10 - A quality-based, modernized army with possession of nuclear weapons. Military development is the one of the, if not the foremost concern of the regime. It is needed to keep hold over their territory.
  • Anthem: Teutonic March (De Facto/Military/Government/Civilian/Church) Gott Mit Uns (Military)

Motto: Gott Mit Uns! (Church/Military), Löwe aus dem Norden! (Military), Teutonen vor allem! (De facto/Civilian/Governmental)!

Guanabara (Victor)

  • Country name(s): Kingdom of Guanabara (official), Guanabara (commonly used)
  • Capital: Guanabara City (OTL: Ilha do Governador)
  • Largest city: Rio de Janeiro
  • Other cities: São Paulo, Salvador, Santa Cruz, Assunção, Recife, Manaus, Belém
  • Religion: 65% Roman Catholicism, 15% Other Christian denominations, 2% Islam, 2% Buddhism, 16% Other,
  • Languages: Portuguese (official), Spanish (regional)
  • Ethnic Groups: 45% Caucasian, 30% Mixed, 10% African-Guanabarean, 5% Amerindian, 10% Others
  • Government: Unitary constitutional parliamentary monarchy
  • Literacy rate: 98% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Cruzeiro (Cr$)
  • Population: 205,338,000 (estimated)
  • Economy: Strong capitalist economy, with public companies in major sectors
  • Military strength: 8/10, able of projecting its power over the continent, having local production of every weapons and armed veichles used, including naval ships, but didn't have any major conflict for some time
  • Anthem: Cisne Branco (White Swan)
  • Motto: Seja triunfante a Guanabara, pátria livre agora e sempre (May Guanabara be triunfant, free fatherland now and forever)

Guineausta (Person67)

  • Country Name: Guineausta
  • Capital (and Largest City): Joanne
  • Other Cities: Dakar, Bamako, Accra, New Granda
  • Religion: A mix between Catholicism and Animism and local religions
  • Language(s): English, Spanish, Local tribal dialects as a first or second language
  • Ethnic Groups: Nordic Europeans, Mediterranean Europeans and West Coast Africans
  • Government: Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 76%
  • Currency: Guineausta pound
  • Population: 89 million
  • Economy: Strong capitalist economy which is transitioning from mining and agriculture to heavier industry.
  • Military Strength: (Scale from one to ten): 5/10 has limited power projection capabilities due to a lack of a large navy but still has a strong local force and good air defence capabilities.
  • Anthem: I vow to thee Republic.
  • Motto: When all is dead only an idea can arise from the ashes.

Zufluchtsort (KK)

  • Country name: Zufluchstort, Land of Sanctuary
  • Capital: Die Residenz des Friedens (OTL Dar es Salaam)
  • Other cities: Nairobi, Kampala, Juba, Dodoma, Kampala, Kigali, Mombasa,
  • Religion: 75% Roman Catholic, 15% Protestant, 10% Islam, 5% other
  • Languages: German, Swahili, English
  • Ethnic groups: Mix of Nordic Europeans (Germans, Swedes, Norgewians, Finns, Danes, English) and indigious Africans.
  • Government: Unitary Social Catholic Republic
  • Literacy rate: 95% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Sanctuary shilling
  • Population: 160,057,000
  • Area: 2,440,410 km^2
  • Economy: Social Market Economy (Capitalist economy with focus on social welfare)
  • Military strength: 7/10, intensive defensive military build up on borders due to being sandwiched between four African powers.
  • Anthem: "I find refuge in thee, Land of Sanctuary."
  • Motto: "Oppression for none, Sanctuary for all"

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