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Turkey | Republic of Turkey | Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish)

Capital: Deraliye

Largest city: Deraliye (14,160,467)

Official language: Turkish

Other languages: Avar, Chechen, Circassian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Persian, Uzbek

Ethnic groups: 48.2% Turk, 17.5% Uzbek, 9.6% Kazakh, 8.8% Persian, 3.7% Kyrgyz, 2.8% Circassian, 1.5% Chechen, 1.4% Azerbaijani, 1.2% Kurd, 5.3% others

Religions: Alevism (74.1%), Mazdaism (9.5%), Yazidism (1.0%), Others (2.1%), Non-religious (13.3%)

Demonym: Turkish

Government: Constitutional republic | Unitary parliamentary

President: Ragıp Erdoğan

Prime Minister: Akagündüz Davutoğlu

Legislature: Grand National Assembly

Republic declared: October 29, 1923

Area: 4,341,611 sq km

Population (2014): 105,492,323

Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

Internet TLD: .tr

History of Turkey



Tauri and Scythians

Bosporan Kingdom (438 BC – 370 AD)

High Middle Ages

Hun rule (370–470)

Roman rule (470–581)

Turkic Khaganate (552–744)

Khazar Khaganate (618–1048)

Great Bulgar Khanate (632–668)

Kangar Union (659–750)

Turgesh Khaganate (699–766)

Kimek Khanate (743–1035)

Oguz Khaganate (750–1055)

Karluk Khaganate (756–940)

Roman rule (833–1204)

Karakhanian Khanate (840–1212)

Pecheneg Khanates (860–1091)

Cuman-Kipchak Confederation (900–1220)

Khitan Empire (1124–1218)

Great Seljuk Empire (1037–1194)

Khwarazmian Empire (1077–1231)

Late Middle Ages

Mongol rule (1218–1259)

Golden Horde (1240s–1446)

Timurian Empire (1363–1507)

Khanate of Crimea (1399–1453)

Khanate of Sibir (1419–1498)

Khanate of Kazan (1438–1552)

Kazakh Khanate (1446–1487)

Modern period

Turkish Empire (1453-1920)

First Republic (1920-1945)

Communist Turkey (1945-1991)

Second Republic (since 1991)

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