Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
Republic of Turkey
Flag of Turkey
Official language Turkish
Capital Ankara
Largest City Ankara
Population 11,900,000
HDI 0.875
Republic formed 1837
Currency Turkish Lira (TKL)
Our Timeline Equivalent Eastern 2/3rds of Turkey, minus some Kurdish areas

The Republic of Turkey is in Southwestern Asia and borders Byzantia and Armenia. Oguz Turks began migrating into what is now Turkey in the 10th century. Previously, many ethnic groups had lived there, and it was part of the Byzantine Empire, and before that, the Roman Empire. Over time, the Seljuks began a front against Constantinople, the Byzantine capital. However, with the success of the crusades and the new-found power of the Byzantine Empire, all Turkish-controlled areas came to be ruled by Constantinople. (This aided Armenia's growth and consolidation.) Still, over the next few centuries, Turkish culture never fizzled out. In fact, the Byzantine Empire tempered its stance over heretical Islam and Alevism and grew to be more liberal and inclusive, fearing rebellions. However, with Greece obtaining independence in 1829, there were riots in ethnic Turkish areas. A force was sent to quell the uprisings, but the Byzantine Empire soon learned just how little control it had over the region after its laissez faire attitude. Independence was declared in 1837, which the Byzantine Empire eventually accepted. With domestic protests rife in the Empire itself, Turkey's independence helped to bring about the Byzantine Republic (or Byzantia).

Turkey has been a secular democracy since independence.



62% Vegetarian
38% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

93% Turkish
03% Kurdish
02% Greek
02% others


46% Alevi
28% Muslim
24% Turkish Ijtihadi
03% Turkish Sunni
01% other Muslim
12% Non-religious
07% atheist
05% agnostic
06% Christian (chiefly Eastern Orthodox)
03% Bahá'í
03% (Greek) Buddhists
01% Druze
01% other

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