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Flag of the Ottoman Empire

Flag of Turkey.

Turkey, commonly known as the "Ottoman Empire" was a major Islamic power in throughout Europe for hundreds of years and continued to be so in World War 1 and World War 2. The Ottoman Empire lost land gradually to its European enemies, and thus in World War 1 attempted to regain some. However, it led to its almost complete destruction with its remaining lands in the Arabian Peninsula being confiscated, and being reduced only to Anatolia, and Constantinople. It was even unable to retain its name simply being called by Europe as "Turkey". In 1923 nationalists under World War 1 veteran "Mustafa Kemal" led an an unsuccessful revolution against the Ottoman Caliphate and was hanged publicly and his supporters brutally executed. Sultan "Abdul Majid" took on the throne in 1935 and immediately began a mass modernization on the Turkish Army.

When war broke out in 1939 the Sultan did not expect to side with Germany again, however seeing its successes, it wished for revenge like its non-Muslim counterpart and joined the war. The Sultan rearmed and soon enough had a huge force of one million Turkish troops in the ground forces, Navy and Air force. The Sultan longed for revenge against the apostate Arabs of the Kingdom of Saud who had betrayed the Islamic cause during World War One and sided with the British Empire. When the Iraq nationalist rebellion was put down, he had now a broad base to begin a re-invasion of the entire Peninsula. The Turkish army, in a mirror to Operation Barbarossa, invaded Saudi Arabia with a Turkish allied army consisting of Arabs, Chechens, East African and Indian Muslims. The invasion was a successes and the entire peninsula fell to the Muslim army. Thus ending Saudi Arabia as an envoy and ally of the Allied powers. And also restoring the Ottoman Empire as a major superpower of the world.

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